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How to Stop Hair From Frizzing

by Nella |

Hey, girls. Did you know that, according to recent studies, the first thing men notice about a woman is – no, not that, shame on you! – it’s her hair.

Apparently, guys like women with beautiful, healthy hair more than they like any other body part. Indeed, many companies own their existance to this interesting fact. Alas, sometimes hair has a will of it’s own, and Youqueen finds out how to turn that will into something that can thrill.

First and foremost, think twice when choosing a hairstyle.

There is no point in sporting an impressive, complex hair style if frizzing makes it look like a sloppy mess. Picking something less demandable will make it easier for you to control and shape your hair.

Trim your split ends regularly.

Do not wait until they become too obvious to ignore. Trim them as soon as possible to avoid undercover frizzes that will ruin your hair as soon as it dries. Trimming your split ends every three months will help you control hair from frizzing and make it look fresh and neat.

Don’t wash your hair every day.

I know, for us girls, having problems with greasy hair, it sounds like a cruel joke, but look at it this way – greasy hair can, for once, prove useful! Natural oils from your hair will help reduce hair from frizzing.

Hair Wash 4

Adequate conditioner.

Find a conditioner that works for you and stick to it. Finding the right balance of moisture will keep your hair shiny and healthy without frizzing or excessive greasing. The tricky thing is too much moisture will, actually, add to frizzing, since it can close the cuticles of your hair and make it prone to swelling. Deep conditioning on weekly basis helps, but don’t overdo it.

Try not to shampoo too much, as it encourages frizzing.

Using cold water will be helpful because it will reduce “swelling” and keep your hairstyle in line. Too much shampoo is also bad for your skin and can lead to dandruff. If you wash your hair frequently choose a milder shampoo.

Avoid blow drying your hair.

Two reasons – it will make your hair dry and dry hair is easily influenced by static. That’s why brushing your hair, especially after blow drying produces that fluffy frizzed look we all fear. If you do use a blow dryer don’t throw it around pointlessly, use strokes from the top of your head down, make gravity your ally. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. It’s not healthy for your hair and almost deadly for your hairstyle.

When it comes to products you should use – it’s all about the moisture. Avoid products that contain alcohol, they will make your hair dry and brittle. Use silicon based products instead.

It would be the best to wash your hair before bedtime and leave it to dry.  That way, tomorrow morning, your hair will be both clean and lubricated with natural oils and less likely to frizz. Enjoy!

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    I have curly hair and that routine doesn’t work for me at all.

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