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Top 10 Trendy Hairstyles for a Sexy Fall 2013


From the catwalks in Europe to high-fashion America, this season’s hair trends are more chic than ever. Is your hair ready for fall 2013?

It seems that this year everything is beings embraced- from explosive volume to sleek, prim buns. Style seems to be all over the place.

From the glossy pages of Vogue, Allure and Bazaar to the NY city streets – hair has gotten more versatile than ever. And we are here to give you those crucial updates.

Are you ready for Fall 2013?

The results are in…

1. Braid escapade

Fall 2013 is all about the braids: little braids in random places, large french braids and even fish-tail braids. Braids, braids, braids.

It seems that just about every high-profile fashion company has let loose on the tight, and sometimes messy, oh so classic braid

From peeka-boo-braids to skull-to-neck braids, things sure are getting knotty. And what’s not to love about braids?

They’re quick, easy and they stay in place all damn night.

2. Sleek ballerina buns


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Ballerinas have never been so hot. With addicting shows like Dancing with the Stars, Dance Moms and Who’s Got Talent?

Beautiful women are flaunting their Cinderella buns like it was 4th grade Halloween at an all-girls-camp.

Buns are not only easy, but fresh and cool. And when I say “cool” – I’m not just referring to that cat’s meow, but the weather. Who can complain about waking up, throwing the hair back, adding a bit of gel/spray and being out the door? So careless and easy.

And let us not forget about the hair-off-the-shoulder benefit: beautiful neck, shoulders and upper-back. That’s what you’ll exemplify with your sexy, tight bun.

3. The Low Pony Corral

How many ways can we wear our low-ponies? Perhaps to the side or at the back. Maybe we can wear it bouncy, sleek or frilly… either way, the low pony is the elegant staple of 2013.

Models, stars and fashion companies are going nuts over the simple ‘do. And so should you.

It is perhaps the easiest trend to embrace this year, as it works with every hair type. Frizzy, voluminous, pin-straight and sleek – it doesn’t make a difference. Every which way you sport it is an A+.

No matter what your style, the low-profile pony will meet expectation.

Wear your low pony with some accentuating earrings and audacious eye-makeup. Go smoky or keep it simple, the pony will never disappoint.

4. Slicked back & on attack


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Remember those sexy, teased bouffants? That was last year.

This year, it’s all about taming the bouffant. The top section of the hair is still slightly teased, just a little flatter. Slicked back and on blast.

2013 is all about straight and back. Volume or sleek and straight, the rest is up to you – the sculptor and curator of your own hair motif.

Some companies are even taking it further by completely sleeking back the hair (the top straight back and the rest straight and secured).

Though fairly low-maintenance, this is a look which requires a bit of patience and finesse.

Hair is likely to shift and unfurl with humidity, so make sure that you have excellent freeze-spray and humidity-defying serum for the hair’s ends.

5. Getting wet

For a long time, the “wet look” was reserved for grunge-kids. This year, fashion has picked back up the look and taken it to new levels. The “wet look” is officially back in style.

You don’t need to feel like a poodle to get the look. Having “wet hair” is all about styling.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, scrunching the hair is officially legal again. Scrunchies? Not so much. It’s more about accentuating the face and wearing simple clothes.

Wet hair looks sexy and is reminiscent of a late-night swim or a Jacuzzi romp. The style looks especially great on women with textured and highlighted hair, as the products exacerbate the textures of the hair.

Accentuate the eyes – wet hair amplifies their intensity.

6. Raves for waves


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Unfurled waves, voluminous and slightly tresseled locks are insane right now. Va-va-voom meets a slight caress of the hand- big curls that have been slightly relaxed by the fingers are in full spirit.

This look is great for accenting the unique face-shape that every woman possesses. Yes, we all fall into some “oval” or “heart-shaped” classification, but we also bring our own look to the table. Each of us has a sculpture of a face.

And this easy-to-do hairstyle is just the compliment to your individuality.

Whether you are rocking jeans and a Tee or a sizzling romper, the relaxed, wavy hair is an easy style that looks fabulous on just about everyone.

7. Great bone straight

For a while it was all about sassy curls and intense volume. Hair stylists began challenging the norms with crazy updo’s and intricate haircuts that average hairstylists would have fainted upon request.

This season, the fashion world has backtracked: Sweet, soft locks are no longer boring.

Instead, the fashion industry has shifted focus on the simplicity of the female face. Nice brows, clean makeup, no bangs. Hair is squeaky clean and brushed back circa high school.

Natural beauties rejoice! This is an easy style that all men adore.

Get out your straightening iron and heat-protective serum. No frizz or spazzy hair allowed. That’s right.

8. No apology for androgyny

Women rise! We no longer have to sport long hair to be “sexy.” It is officially okay to cut off our coveted, lady locks.

This year, try something new and cut it off. You’ll feel liberated, cool, refreshed – and best of all, you’ll have way more time! Short hair is a breeze to prepare and guess what? It might be a time for change.

Many of us are too scared to cut it off, but why? So many sexy women have rocked the short hair – from Angelina Jolie to Miley Cyrus. Really, what are we, ladies, so afraid of?

Fall 2013 is all about pushing the envelope with short hair. Bobs, pixies, bowl-cuts and even mullets are surfacing all over the media. And why not?  

9. 60’s Hippie-Skippy


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The 60’s are known for long, healthy (somewhat wavy) hair with sexy eyelash framing bangs. A bit of volume, and high-shine.

This season, makeup artists, fashion designers and the media have gone gaga (and no, not Lady Gaga, we are not condemning wearing lobsters on your head) for the timeless sexiness radiated by this classic ‘do. 

Get shagadellic and rock and roll this style all year ’round. It happens to be one of men’s top pick’s for hairstyles. Glamour, elegance, freedom, femininity – these are the characteristics of one foxy fatale.

Originally a French design, this hairstyle screams Earthy beauty and high-fashion alike.

10. Smothered with color 

You’ve seen it, you’ve read about it- it is literally everywhere. Lauren Conrad, Pink, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Osbourne and Kat Von D are no strangers to splashing it up with color.

This year, be creative, because that’s what it’s all about. Outsmart them all. Be envied. You have the power and control to do it how you want to do it.

Make it fade. Make it rain. Hell, do something that hasn’t been done.

Colored hair has been popular for years, and this year is no exception. Each day a new crazy, hair confection is born. And boy is it tasty.

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