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Egyptian Makeup Tips

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The ancient Egyptians loved makeup. I mean – really loved makeup. They believed it has all sorts of benefits, from cosmetical to medical, and even religious. In ancient Egypt makeup was also used to show status and every wealthy person paid big ancient bucks for it. Not to mention they adorned the statues of their gods with, wait for it, makeup. Centuries after the Egyptian pharaohs, YouQueen shows you how to be a queen – Egyptian style.

Ok, before you begin, we’ll have to go back to basics. The Egyptian believed that facial hair was a sign of sloppiness and laziness, so make sure you are hair-free, before going to the next step.

That out of the way, it’s time for:



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If you want to look like an Egyptian queen for a costume party or Halloween, apply foundation to your entire face, including eyelids for a more noticeable look. If you end up looking like a waxed figure you’re still good – it’s a costume!

While exaggerated everything is perfect for those occasions, taking a pack load of makeup and putting it all over your face isn’t the way to go for an everyday kind of look. If you want the style but not the ‘mask’ opt for doing your normal foundation routine, it’s the next couple of steps that’ll make the whole look simply ooze Egypt!

Skin Color

Strive for bronze.  It is impossible to imagine an Egyptian woman without that wonderful, bronze skin tone. Cover your face, neck and ears with some intensive bronzer. Try to cover it equally, because it is meant to look like your natural skin color, not just your makeup. If you’re unsure as too which brand or type of bronzer is going to give the best results check out the top 5 bronzers according to one of the most popular YouTube makeup gurus!

Okay now that you’ve got the brand chosen, note that the most important thing when using makeup a couple of shades darker than your skin tone is to cover your neck, cleavage and shoulders too (if they’re showing that is). The last thing you want is to have that awkward make up line showing somewhere along your jaw line. It’s the number one makeup no-no!


Ok, this is the most famous step of all – creating the recognizable Egyptian eyeliner look. For that you’ll need, obviously – black eyeliner, although you can use other color eyeliners too. Apply it generously to both of your eyelids, connecting the ends, to mimic the shape of an almond. For a full Egyptian look, you may want to blacken the inside of your eyelids as well, especially the lower one. The best way to do this is by using a black eyeliner pencil.



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Make sure your eyebrows are plucked, since this type of makeup is all about the arch. To achieve the biggest arch possible, you’ll need to darken your eyebrows and, basically, draw to achieve the biggest possible eyebrow height.Be aware that, although Egyptian makeup on the other parts of your face should be heavy, the makeup on your eyebrows should remain thin and precise.


As you have notices, the real focus of Egyptian makeup is the eyes. To really make your eyes the center of attention you will need the right kind of eye shadow. Forget the soft colors. Egyptian makeup was made to repel and stand out in the sun. Besides, any type of apricot, or grey makeup may look too weak in contrast to your other heavy makeup. Colors like purple, midnight blue, and emerald green are the best choice. Be free to use some glitter, it will resemble the sparkle of minerals the ancient makeup was derived from. Don’t use dark greys or browns, as they may look like to much, against your bronze tone.

For the last touch apply some translucent lip gloss to complete your Egyptian makeup.

Centuries have passed since the falling of the mighty Egyptian civilization, but makeup gives you an interesting way to bring it back to life. Creating a fun, different look with these tips should be easy, but, to make sure you’re clear on how to master the Egyptian makeup skills – we’ll leave you with an awesome video tutorial that’s got it all covered!

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