How to Dress Up for Your Boyfriend

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You have a boyfriend that makes you dizzy. The kind you want to keep. And, to keep things fresh, you can’t just relax and expect he’ll love you anyway, naked, in a tracksuit or in a Elie Saab gown. To quote Beyoncé, ‘Every now and then you’ve got to put that freakum dress on’. Make him feel like it’s the first date all the time. And how do you that? How do you dress up for your boyfriend? Well, here are couple of hints.


1. Don’t Be Slutty

Dressing up is not the same thing as being slutty. Men today have seen enough boobs in their existence to love you just because you have them. Trying too hard says that he doesn’t have to try at all. If you’re putting too much out there, you will seem like you have a serious lack of confidence and need a shrink, not a boyfriend.

Be a lady- it’s what he can’t see that will make him want to know more.

2. Dress Accordingly

Yes, a woman should always look good. But, you don’t wear 6 inch heels to a baseball game. Also, you don’t wear sweatpants to a restaurant. Dress to the occasion – there are times when a red dress is appropriate, and other times when it seems too extravagant.

3. Don’t Adjust to His Tastes

As Dr. Seuss once said “Today, you are You, that is truer then true. There is no one alive who is Youer then You.” And Dr. Seuss is usually right.

He didn’t fall in love with a projection of his tastes – he fell in love with you. Just because he has a bike doesn’t mean you should buy a leather jacket. Be yourself at all times. If you are a sophisticated Lady that always wears pearls and he’s a rapper, that’s not a reason for either of you to change.

4. Take Care of Your Looks


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Looking good isn’t all about putting on a pair of high heels or using red lipstick. It’s about never forgetting to put your favourite scent. It’s about always using moisturizing cream in the morning. Not skipping a wax just because it’s winter or you’re single. It’s about not eating junk food all the time and doing sports in order to stay fit.

5. The Winner Outfits

If you’re one of those women who really don’t get fashion, there are a few outfits that you can use over and over again. Things you’ll always need: dark jeans, a black cocktail dress, a white simple shirt, a T-shirt, a pair of elegant flats and a pair of heels.

All of these items can be mixed and matched, and then you just accessorize with a nice purse or some jewels. Forget about fashion – think eternal style. Don’t feel bad because it seems to you that other women are more fashionable. Fashion changes, but style remains.

6. Key

Now that you have a nice outfit, you need some other things that are the key to good looks. Pick a good hairstyle for the night – maybe some locks? Use subtle makeup, most men don’t understand excessive. They always say “dress up for your boyfriend” as if all you had to pick was a dress. No – you need to have nice nails, smell good and do your hair.

7. Underneath It all

When you take off that perfect red dress, you can’t be wearing grannie panties. Pick a sexy number that will surprise him.

If you do all this, you will certainly knock him of his feet. And that’s what you should be doing every day for the man you love.

Those who can’t do teach – same with me giving you love advice. I like jazz and the theatre, old movies that I watch while drinking wine, but most of all I like love and smiles.

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