To Wear Or Not To Wear Spanx? We Have All The Answers You Need

Have you ever found yourself wanting to wear a tight dress, but had no confidence for it. We will explain to you how to wear Spanx and give you all the answers you need.

There comes a time in life when everything shifts a little bit. Your bum isn’t as tight as it was when you were a teen and you may have a few extra rolls around your waist….

You go to the gym, but it’s really hard work! So, you look for an alternative: Spanx! They’re meant for old ladies, right? Not you. You’d never be seen buying a pair—not in broad daylight anyway! Besides, aren’t they bad for your body?

And then it happens. You see a pair at the store, and you decide to try them on just to see if they work. Maybe you’re a little bored and somewhat curious to find out what the secret is behind them.

So, you choose a pair that look like they could fit and squeeze into them holding your breath for dear life. Voila! You’re hooked! But, should you stick to your guns and walk away slowly, or give in and grab a pair?

The dilemma. What do you do? How to wear Spanx anyway? We've got the answers.

Is it really damaging my organs?


There are rumours that wearing Spanx can damage your organs, and this lingers in the back of your mind. Is it really true though? Women have been wearing Spanx-like undergarments for years with no permanent damage done, so there is some reassurance that they may not be quite as harmful as people currently portray.

Can I still feel my legs?

After a few hours of wearing them, you may start to feel a little tingling in your feet, or you start to feel nothing. Should you panic? Did you read the label correctly? Maybe you’re only supposed to wear them for 5 hours instead of 6! What if the feeling in my legs never comes back!

These thoughts and doubts going through your mind are normal. It’s also possible that you bought them one size too small. The purpose of Spanx is to lift a few things and suck in other things, not cause you permanent nerve damage.

Is she wearing a pair?

Kim Kardashian wearing Spanx
Kim Kardashian wearing Spanx

You start noticing other women’s figures and can’t help wondering if they’re natural or if they’ve also fallen into the trap of buying something they’re not sure is actually good for them. Some jealousy may creep in when you know for sure that another woman’s curves are all natural.

How come she gets to look so good without Spanx and you need to suffer? Then you remember: you have qualities she doesn’t. Maybe you have beautiful hair, a beautiful smile or even better skin. Perhaps your personality is more inviting? Never underestimate the value of a beautiful mind!

What will I be doing later on?

While getting dressed for an important date, the question of Spanx is an important consideration. Of course, you want the sexy figure that Spanx gives you. You’re just not sure if you’d have to do some explaining later on when that figure goes further into the night.

Are you just going for a nice dinner and a movie? Will you be inviting him in for “coffee” afterwards? What if you really like this guy and things get a little steamy?

You can always pretend that you need to use the restroom before things get steamy. That way, you can quickly take off the Spanx and spare yourself the embarrassment of explaining why you’re wearing something that resembles your spinster Aunt Agnes.

But it makes all my good parts stand out…

Sometimes we need a little help holding things together after the age of 25. We’re women—not superheroes. It does the work your gym is supposed to do, and it only takes a little bit of ‘sucking it in’ to create a lovely figure.

I’m sure more women do it; they just don’t want to admit it! That doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to shovel in pizzas one after another and not take a walk to get rid of some of that extra cheese, though.

Spanx won’t cover everything! Spanx will, however, enhance what you naturally have to make you look even more beautiful on your wedding day or that special date that determines whether or not you two will get married.

Is it going to make me feel more confident?

Kim chilling out in her Spanx
Kim chilling out in her Spanx

Feeling like you have things together makes any woman feel more confident—whether it’s mentally or physically. Having a smoother bum will make you feel more confident—and perhaps even more daring—to approach the gorgeous guy you’ve had your eye on for a while.

What is important to remember is that Spanx will only enhance the confidence you already have. When you take them off, you’ll still be the same person inside as you were before—only with the more natural features most of us have. Confidence comes from what you do on the inside, not so much from what happens on the outside.

Would I personally wear Spanx? On occasion, why not? I don’t see why I should go all natural all the time, especially if there’s a sexy dress I want to fit into and look flawless.

However, I wouldn’t wear Spanx to bed or while cleaning. Everything in moderation is alright. Obviously, Spanx do put pressure on your organs. Spanx work to squeeze everything possible, but it’s nothing that will do long-term damage if you rely on Spanx for special occasions only.

So, the question remains: to Spanx or not to Spanx?

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