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5 Steps to Organize Your Work

by Sarah |

We are all facing some lack of time, when it comes to our work. It always seems that there is too much work and too little time. But then again, there are people working two or even three jobs and managing to organize themselves. Follow these 5 steps and learn how to organize your work and be as efficient as possible.

1. Don’t Be Late

Lots of people think that if they are 10-15 minutes late that it doesn’t change anything. Wrong. First of all, when you’re late you’re more likely to be stressed out and that is certainly not a good way to start your work day.

Get up little earlier and give yourself enough time to do everything you need in the morning. Organize your time depending on your morning routine. When you’re 15 minutes late for work that’s, at least, half an hour of delay that day.

Think about it, when you’re late and stressed out you’re more likely to forget things like your car keys. And when you get to work, you’ll probably need to explain why you’re late, or your colleague will ask you something and you’ll need some time to tell the story, which all leads to stress, bad start and all in all a not very efficient day at work. If you want to be efficient, be on time.

2. Prioritize

You will probably have more than one thing to do in the day, so you will need to prioritize. Look at your day’s schedule and decide what is the most urgent and the most important thing to do, and do that one first. After that, start doing the things according to their priority.

Don’t forget that in order to do good work, you need to feel good, so if you are hungry take a lunch hour and then return to your work and continue. You’re not doing any good to yourself or your work if you think about eating or going to the bathroom. Tend to your needs and then return to work.

3. Make a Plan

If you want to organize your work, one of the most important things to do is to make a plan. It is not a bad idea to do this at home, before going to work, or make it the first thing to do when you arrive at work.

Sit down, look at the things you’re supposed to do that day and make a plan. Schedule a lunch meeting instead of an office meeting and have your lunch while still doing your work. Make a list of priorities and check everything that has been done. This will boost your confidence and give you the extra energy to keep working.

4. Try not to Be Interrupted

Yes, I know, it’s hard and sometimes it’s not up to you, but you can do your best to try not to be interrupted when it is up to you. For example if your colleague just phoned and said she’s coming to bring you some new tasks for that day, don’t start the new task just so that she could see you work.

When you are working and someone interrupts you, your IQ actually drops 10-15 points, and you need a certain amount of time to continue your work after being interrupted. Whenever possible avoid this and you will have better results.

5. Don’t Worry That Much

pretty cheerful business woman in an office environment holding laptop

A lot of working people think that the company will be ruined if they don’t finish their job in the exact minute they were supposed to. Well, unless you are the CEO, this is usually not true. So relax a little. No one is going to die if you turn in your report a couple of minutes later.

If someone is giving you the amount of job you are absolutely sure you cannot finish in one day, stand up for yourself and inform them that it simply can’t be done. This is not about those things one can, but doesn’t want to do. I’m talking about when someone gives you hundreds of pages to read and review in one working day.

If it’s simply impossible, say it. At least you’ll prepare them for a possible delay. You will save yourself the stress for next eight hours trying to convince yourself that maybe it could be done, just to realize that you’ve failed in finishing it.

After all, your work is not your whole life, and if you lose all your nerves doing it, well that’s not going to bring anything good. If you’re always nervous and stressed out, both you and your work will suffer.

I’m a free spirit who likes to travel, cook and fly. Licensed paraglider pilot, I spend all my spare time flying. In the meantime, I like to share my recipes and travel experiences.

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