5 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

What fun is life if you can’t go out every now and again to enjoy it? Entertainment doesn't have to be expensive, as long as you follow these 5 tips.

Whether you want to see a movie, your favorite singer or band in concert, or attend any other of the hundreds of available events in your area, you should be able to do so without spending a month’s salary to make it happen.

Here are just five ways that you can save money on entertainment expenses so you don’t have to spend all of your time off sitting at home because you are pinching your pennies:

#1: Choose “off” times

If you do anything during prime time, be prepared to spend more. It’s not uncommon to see the costs of entertainment related events double or triple when they’re in high demand. But that doesn’t mean that you have to pay ridiculously high prices. Instead of going when everyone else does, go at a different, less busy time.

For instance, for movie theaters this usually involves daytime viewings or weekend matinees. Although you may not satisfy your urge to go out on Friday night, there are some advantages.

Not only will it save you some cash, but it also keeps you from having to fight such large crowds. It truly is a win/win situation (and it leaves your weekend open for an impromptu hot date that happens to arise)!

#2: Look online for discounted prices


There are a number of ways that you can save money on entertainment if you just spend a little time online. First, go to the company or event’s website and see if they have any savings listed there. Sometimes you can get a few bucks off the price simply by buying direct from them or joining their mailing list (which you can later unsubscribe to if you wish).

Second, do a search for online coupons for that venue or event. It’s possible that other sites will offer discounted prices by going through them.

It may take you a minute or two to search the individual pages, but if you’re saving money in the meantime, it is absolutely worth it as you’ll be able to attend even more events with all of the cash you save!

#3: Ask if they offer savings to specific groups or people

A lot of businesses offer discounts but they don’t advertise the fact. Therefore, you’re not going to necessarily know if you can save money unless you ask specifically about their policies.

You may find out that you’re in an age bracket that they offer lesser prices for (hey, if you’re going to be older, you may as well get some benefit from the wrinkles and worry lines, right?). Some agencies also give discounts to people that belong to specific groups such as veterans, active military, certain auto insurance companies, and more. Ask the question and see if you qualify.

#4: Share with a friend


If you go out with a friend, you may find saving money on your entertainment of choice much easier. Some places offer discounts when you purchase more than one ticket at a time, which allows you both a chance at a fun time out for a lesser cost.

Also, you can share other expenses as well. For instance, if you’re going to buy food and drink (which always seems to be high priced at any event), choose something you can split. Not only is this good for your savings account, but it is beneficial to your waistline as well!

#5: Be aware of hidden costs

If you find an entertainment deal that sounds just too good to be true, it may be so be sure to read the fine print. Oftentimes, there are hidden costs that make the deal not so much of a deal after all.

For example, a company may give you a huge discount on the event, but nickel and dime you on the extras such as charging you a fee for parking and other expenses that you may not find out until you get there and it is too late. Take the time to look at the asterisks and the disclaimers as it may wind up costing you much more than what it seems at first glance.

No Queen should have to spend all of her time at home with nothing to do because of money. Use these five suggestions and you don’t have to.

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