I believe that every girl has at least once dreamt about her wedding. And I don’t mean fantasized about it, I mean had an actual dream of it. You might have dreamt about a good or a bad wedding and here’s what it all means.

1. Good Wedding Meaning

Dreaming about your wedding where everything goes as smooth as possible and you end up with the perfect man, satisfied guests and one hell of a party sounds like a good dream, right? It is a good one indeed, but does it mean good in reality?

A dream of good wedding basically falls down to the saying “you dream about the things you wish”. Every girl wants a perfect wedding, so it is no surprise that we would dream about it.

Still, this dream could mean that you are really eager to get married and afraid of being alone. That’s quite normal too. Nobody wants to end up alone, but you might be a little obsessed about it.

Slow down a bit and don’t jump from one relationship to another just so that you don’t end up alone. You deserve a good man and don’t settle down for anything less.

2. Bad Wedding Meaning

Bad Wedding Day

Just as you dream about having a perfect wedding, sometimes there comes a dream of a totally disastrous one. You might dream about marrying a wrong guy, about showing up in your pajamas instead of in your wedding dress, or even showing up completely naked. This particular dream would usually appear if you’re already planning a wedding in your life.

Dreaming about a bad wedding usually means that you are getting cold feet and having second thoughts about marriage. If you’re planning a wedding in real life, this could just be because of the stress about the whole. It’s normal to be a bit scared and to feel like you may need to reconsider, but if this dream constantly repeats you might need to think about getting married harder.

If you’re not planning a wedding and you have this dream it could mean that you are a person afraid of commitment and losing her freedom. It doesn’t only have to apply to matrimonial commitment; it could be connected to any type of commitment whatsoever. You might be afraid that you will be stuck in a relationship or a job that will make you lose yourself and your freedom.

3. Seeing Yourself in a Wedding Dress

Pretty Bride In The Wedding Dress

This dream could appear just as that, without the whole wedding ceremony in a dream. It is quite common among women, young and old, married and single alike.

This dream could simply signify a strong will to get married or a beautiful memory if you’re already married. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are a person who likes to always be in the center of attention, just as the bride is on her wedding day.

4. Superstition

There are myths and superstitions around every dream, and dreaming about a wedding is no exception. Some say that it is a really bad dream while others claim it to be a very good one.

Starting from dreams that are connected to weddings – if you dream about getting an engagement ring, it means that your partner is faithful to you. Wearing a ring is a sign of a happy marriage while losing a ring means that you’ll have a fight with your partner.

Dreaming that you are in someone else’s wedding means that you would wish to be in someone else’s place and seeing a wedding symbolizes a new beginning in your life. Good wedding means that you are happy about new things in your life, while bad wedding means that you’re not. Seeing or eating a wedding cake represents harmony and calmness and means that there is a bright future waiting for you.