How to Burn Calories Effortlessly

To burn more calories effortlessly might seem like a goal that’s beyond our capabilities and quite impossible to realize. We always imagine that losing weight includes torturous starvation, exhausting gym activities and awful sweating, but the fact is that you don’t always have to put on our gym suit and follow a tiring diet in order to burn more calories: all you have to do is just adhere to certain dietary and lifestyle changes, and you will immediately notice how easy it can be to lose some more weight without excessive efforts.


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Add a little more movement to your daily activities, count calories once in a while, follow a correct diet and the problem is solved! Follow these no-brainer tips below to discover how easy it can be.

Step 1 – Burn Calories With Simple Day-to-Day Activities

Take the stairs instead of an elevator (80 calories in 10 minutes)

It will tone and strengthen your leg muscles, tighten you buttocks, and speed up your metabolism!

Walk whenever you can (150 calories in 30 minutes)

It is the most efficient exercise to eliminate extra fat, increase you energy levels and burn fat. You can add intensity to your walks and torch a few more calories by speeding up once in a while and by oscillating your arms whenever you can. If you have the possibility to avoid flat sidewalks, do it! Walking on uneven ground like sand, grass or gravel, requires more energy and muscle involvement and will make you burn more calories.

Ride the bike (250 calories in 30 minutes)

Riding the bike instead of driving the car or taking the bus will improve your heart health and help you build muscle mass. Cycling at an intensity that allows you to talk will make you burn 250 calories in 30 minutes!

Dance (55 to 250 calories in 30 minutes)

Stay fit with music! Dancing will boost your mood, increase your heart rate and involve all your upper and lower body muscles. Slow pace will allow you to burn 55 calories in 30 minutes, while fast movements will help you eliminate 250 calories.

Clean and vacuum the floor (110 calories in 30 minutes)

It’s not much fun, but these activities will absolutely give an extra tone and definition to your arms, shoulders and upper back muscles. Just by using the vacuum cleaner you can kick away 110 calories, while ironing will allow you to burn 40.

Sweat in a sauna for 15 minutes

Girl in sauna

Sweating will benefit your respiratory system and your heart, circulation and skin. It will not make you burn extra calories, but it will help you eliminate excess fluid from your body and expel toxins, which are one the major causes of a slow metabolism.

Have fun and make love (up to 250 calories in 30 minutes)

These pleasant activities will light up your “enthusiasm cells”, kick start your energy level and accelerate your metabolism. Making love just for 30 minutes will not only make you burn 250 calories, but it will relieve stress, improve your immune system and keep your skin healthy!

Step 2 – Eat Foods that Make You Thin

Burn more calories effortlessly with fat burning foods

Thermogenic foods are difficult to digest and your body needs to use its fat reserves in order to process them. The result is that you will actually burn more calories that these foods contain! Good fat burning foods are eggs, lentils, almonds and walnuts, citrus fruits, artichokes, carrots, broccoli, spinach, oats, salmon, and poultry.

Eat more frequently and eat spicy

With small and low calorie meals, 5 times a day, you will avoid unpleasant hunger attacks and your body will burn more energy to digest. Try also adding some more hot spices to your food if you like them. Some studies have in fact shown that chillies speed up your metabolism by increasing your body’s heat and accelerating your heart rate.

Eliminate fat with soluble fibre

Foods rich in soluble fibre like oat bran, lentils and soybeans, will not only regulate your intestinal transit, lower your glycemic index and reduce bad cholesterol, but also help you lose weight! Soluble fibre, in fact, absorbs water and breaks down in the intestines forming a gelatinous substance (similar to chitosan – guar gum), which traps carbohydrates and slows down the assimilation of sugars. It also binds to fatty acids, preventing them from being absorbed, and prolongs the stomach emptying time. That way, food is digested more slowly and the sense of satiety is increased.

Drink more liquids to stay in shape

Relaxed girl with cup of tea

  • Water will eliminate toxins and increase your metabolic rate.
  • Green tea will help you burn fat more efficiently. (More on the benefits of green tea)
  • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar taken before each meal will speed up your metabolism.
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