How to Deal With Your Daughter’s First Boyfriend

Your little girl is all grown up now? She has her first boyfriend? Dear mom or dad: don’t panic. You knew that was going to happen some day. If you are wondering how to deal with your daughter's first boyfriend here are some tips from experienced moms and dads.

1. Talk to Your Daughter

Share your fears with her, talk about everything you think that is important. Don't treat her like a child, try to talk to her with patience even if you think she is immature. You think she is too young to have a boyfriend? Explain to her that there is time for everything, and that she is just beginning to discover herself and others. Suggest her to spend some quality time with her boyfriend but put some limits if you think that's necessary.

2. Relax

Try to accept that there are things that you can't control, especially things related to other people's feelings. Your daughter might be hurt, but you are there for here to help her with her first steps in love connected problems. Remember your first love and the way you felt. That will help you to understand your daughter.

3. Meet Her Boyfriend

Teenage Girl Kissing Her Boyfriend

Even if you are hair-raising at the thought to get to know her boyfriend, it's better to meet that boy. You will show to your daughter that you support her but in the same time you will have much more control over the whole situation. Maybe you will like him!

4. Be Careful

Yes, you have wonderful relation with your daughter, but little precaution won't do any harm.

5. Accept Your Age

Most of the parents have strong reactions  about their daughter's first boyfriend because they think that's the first sign that they are getting older.

If you feel that way just think how complicated life was when you were young in love. There is one great thing about getting older – you don't worry about silly things.

The fact that your daughter is having her first boyfriend is not sign that you are too old for love. Love doesn't know limits or ages- yours or your daughter's.

And for the end – cheer up, you have a lot of things to do. It's her first boyfriend, but definitely not the last. Save your nerves.

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  • I am 15 and have my first boyfriend whom i really like and he is really sweet and nice.My problem is that i am a bedwetter and wear diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.So far everything has been fine between us and i have kept my bedwetting a secret.Should i tell him about my bedwetting and wearing diapers for it eventually?

    • I am 16 and a bedwetter and also wear cloth diapers and plastic pants for it.My boyfriend knows that i wear them and he doent have a problem with it ,he actually thinks i look like a baby with them on and even calls me his baby girl!When i did my catholic confirmation back on September 9th,i had to wear a white,poofy dress and veil with tights and white mary jane shoes.My parents required me to wear a pair of my plastic pants under my white tights for the day and when we were alone,my boyfriend put his hand under my dress and got a kick out of feeling the plastic pants under my tights!