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7 Reasons Why Your Mother Is Always Right

It’s a truth that no woman really wants to admit: mom really does know better. Instead of fighting it, though, embrace her wisdom.

Your mother, sometimes painstakingly, always manages to insert herself into your life, trying to help you make the best choices you can. There is good reason for it, though, because usually when she is giving you advice you never asked for on a topic she dragged out of you, her advice is right.

1. She’s been there…twice

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Almost everything you experience, your mother has already experienced. She has had bad boyfriends, job woes and style disasters all before you even existed.

Even after you were born, she went through all kinds of ordeals because raising a child and helping you to develop your identity isn’t easy.

You can trust that she knows what she’s talking about because she’s been through it and come out on the other side, strong enough to raise you to be the awesome person you are today.

2. She is always looking out for your best interests

No one wants you to be happy quite like your mother. In fact, her happiness largely rests on whether or not you’re happy. She will do everything in her power to make sure that you live the life you want to live.

She may be annoying in the way that she does things or insists that you do things her way, but she’s only doing that because she wants you to be the best you can be and would love nothing other than to help you get there.

3. She knows you better than anyone

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She knows you—sometimes better than you know yourself—so she has a pretty good idea of what you really want and need in your life. She has seen you grow from literally nothing into a self-sufficient person and, better than anyone, she knows what’s good for you.

It’s often something you don’t even realize until you eventually come to the same conclusion and realize that you should have listened to her in the first place.

4. Mothers just know

Call it maternal instinct. Call it something else. Whatever you do call it, just know that your mother, for some reason or another, just knows the right answer.

She knows when you’re going to need a jacket even if she hasn’t left the house that day, and she knows that the guy you say you love right now isn’t going to be the same guy you love 10 years from now.

She’s pretty much psychic when it comes to her children and that makes her the perfect candidate for being right when it comes to things you argue her on.

5. She sees the world differently

She has a different view of the world than you because she’s a different person and she’s a mother. Mothers will always have a unique way of looking at the world because they are always on alert for their children.

It’s that maternal instinct that gives them the view of the world that only a mother could have.

They see danger where others may not, and they look for the best route possible because a mother knows all the shortcuts. Being a mother requires that she learn the most efficient way of doing things and see the world through her unique lens.

6. She understands things you don’t

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She knows that the bad boy is more exciting, but will eventually break your heart because she understands life better. She’s probably even had a bad boy or two in her time, and it’s because of these experiences that she can understand life a little better.

Her view is biased, yes, but towards you.

She holds you on a pedestal because you are her child, and she sees the mistakes that you’re about to make before you do. This is because she wants only the best for her children.

She also sees things for what they really are when you yourself are insistent on seeing them with rose-colored glasses.

7. She would never do anything to hurt you

This is a big one. Even if your mother does something that you just know is ‘ruining your life’, know that deep down she isn’t trying to hurt you. Her main objective is to get you to have the best possible life by, sometimes overbearingly, helping you get through it.

She carried you for nine months and raised you; with that, she became so protective that when you are in pain, she will do anything to take it away, even if it means feeling the pain herself.

It can sometimes be hard to be on the same page as your mother, especially if you don’t necessarily have the best relationship, but you can always be sure that no matter what, she is usually right, even if you don’t realize it right away.

Share your stories of when you’re mother was right but you couldn’t bear to admit it below!

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