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3 Ways to Prevent Him From Cheating

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You are afraid that he will get board of you and eventually cheat. Or, you are dating a man with the history of cheating. You want to do everything in your power to prevent that from happening but you are not quite sure what is effective enough. I will give you 3 steps, you should follow them to prevent him from cheating.

You are with the guy you really like. You have a solid relationship. You are intimate with each other. Maybe you are too intimate. Maybe there is no more mystery. But you are afraid that he might cheat on you. This idea grows in your mind and now you are starting to intensively think about what you should do to prevent that from happening.

1. Take a Look in the Mirror

I know that we girls stop paying too much attention on what we look like around the house. He loves you for who you are and there is no need to put makeup and sexy outfit on while you are lying on the couch and watching a movie or reading a book. Wrong! He does love you for what you are but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to be reminded on why you caught his eye on the first place.

Every once in a while put on his favorite sexy lingerie, do your nails, hair and start cooking diner or cleaning the house. Play a sexy housewife. He would most definitely appreciate it.

2. Pay Enough Attention to Him

You may be too busy to show him how much you care and you think that by now he should know. No one should guess what is going on in your heart and mind. Like us girls, men need constant attention too. You must find a couple of minutes in your schedule for him. Ask him how his day was, tell him that you are proud of him, and tell him that he makes you happy.

3. Alpha Male

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Now ladies, this is very important. Things have changed recently, but for centuries, men were the only ones to put food on the table and to protect their land and women. This need is in their genes. No matter how successful you are, no matter how independent you feel, you should never ever make him feel like less of a man. He must be the alpha male, the provider, and the one you turn to when you are in any kind of trouble.

Just be careful not to become too needy. Too much of this can be a bad thing. You might look incapable of tying your own shoelaces and this will put him off. Balance is everything.

So ladies, there you go. To put it in simple words: treat him the same way you want to be treated because no matter how tough they might look, they still have feelings.

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