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4 Signs He’s Over You

by Angela |

You thought it’s going to last forever – that those kind of emotions can’t just disappear or be blown by the air of routine. But still, something went wrong and it’s done, it’s over. But is it really? Did he really forget you and did he move on? Was it really not forever? Obviously, you can’t ask him, but you can really read between the lines. Here are 4 signs that say he moved on with his life.

#1 He’s not Calling You Anymore

Sometimes when people break up, they still receive drunken, late night phone calls from ex lovers. They sometimes say they love you, sometimes they just say they want to see how you’re doing, sometimes they call you from private numbers and wait for you to answer and then they hang up. If you’re not receiving any “mysterious” phone calls, it might be a sign that all his phone lines are occupied by someone else or that he just moved on. This may not really be the case but is 80 percent true.

#2 His Facebook Profile is Sadness-free


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If he’s one of those people that post statuses or YouTube links that describe his feelings, take a look. No more sad songs or old rock and roll hits about that girl that has just slipped away? All you see are posts by his friends saying how great the party yesterday was? Or maybe happy songs you can often hear in clubs? Photos of him and a Mojito, him looking pretty darn happy? It might be a hint that his single life has finally started to entertain him and he rarely misses you nowadays.

#3 He Started Dating Again

couple having fun in bar

After a period of grief and celibacy, you started to see him in restaurants and clubs with girls. Maybe even his relationship status says he’s seeing someone? Yes, he might just be trying to get over you with a rebound girl or just searching a shoulder to cry on, but it’s probably just him leaving the past behind. A shoulder to cry on is usually found with a booty call not in a restaurant that he frequently visits.

#4 He Says “Hi” Pretty Calmly

When you run into someone who broke your heart, you’re usually quite confused and you don’t know what to do. You spill your drink, run to the ladies room to hide, fall off your chair or say something really awkward. But when the scars finally heal, you become capable of saying “Hello” without  looking like a ghost. You’re capable to act like a normal human being. If he managed to speak to you in a normal tone of voice it might mean that you no longer raise his blood pressure and that he has finally said “Goodbye”.

It’s just like that Joy Division song says: “Why is it something so good just can’t function no more? Love, love will tear us apart”. For whatever reason it isn’t functioning, there’s one thing we want to know. Why are you reading this article? Is it possible that it’s you that needs to move on? Or maybe, if neither of you two has gotten over each other, maybe it’s time you get him back? Think about it. God is love, and God works in mysterious ways.

Those who can’t do teach – same with me giving you love advice. I like jazz and the theatre, old movies that I watch while drinking wine, but most of all I like love and smiles.

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2 thoughts on 4 Signs He’s Over You

  1. I wish I read this article before. Thank you Angela so much. :)

  2. youqueen girl illustration Rosette

    Am scared to admit he realy doesnt care anymore.in the last 3months he has only called me 3times n when i call he usually doesnt answer.i have been calling because i was the one who made accusations n doubted him.bt i have decided to start dis year taking care of myself n putting myself 1st for a change.if he cant see beyond da mistake i did how much i love him,dn he doesnt deserve my love n my dedication to hm

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