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10 Tips on How to Get a Guy to Ask You on a Date


Is there someone you’re really interested in, but he hasn’t asked you out? Would you like to know how to catch his eye (and attention) so he just won’t be able to sleep at night until he has asked you out and you’ve said “yes”?

Being single and not having a love interest can be hard enough. But, when you have a person that lights your inner fire and he hardly knows you exist, it can be tortuous.

It’s like standing at the window of your favorite store when it’s closed and has no hours listed on the front door and not knowing when, or if, the owner is going to return. You’re so close to the purchase of your dreams but you just can’t get past the locked doors to cradle your precious merchandise in your loving arms.

So, how do you get your guy’s attention and convince him to open the door and invite you in without making a nuisance of yourself by banging on the window and placing your face against the glass?

Here are ten tips that will make him want to get to know you better without you even having to ask:

#1 Make sure he knows you’re available

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Some men don’t ask women out simply because they lack the courage to do so. The greater the likelihood that he thinks you’ll reject him, the less the chance that he’s going to make a move, whether he wants to or not.

One way to ease his mind and let him know that his odds of a “yes” answer are high is to make sure he knows that you’re available. If he thinks that there is someone else who has your attention, he probably won’t put himself out there.

How do you do this? When you talk, make reference to the fact that you’re single. You can do this easily by talking about things such as cooking or grocery shopping for one.

When he learns that you’re not involved with anyone else, it may give him just enough gumption to ask you out.

#2 Don’t always be available


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Even though you want him to know that you’re available for dating, you don’t want him to think that you’ll drop everything to go out with him (even if you will). If he thinks that he has you wrapped around his little finger, he may not sense any sort of urgency in taking you on a date.

Also, if you act like you’ll forego anything and everything to be with him, it may weird him out. He may not want to date you for fear that it won’t work out and you’ll be a class one clinger.

Let him know that you have your own life and the right guy would just complement it. Talk about your interests to show that you have other priorities in your life and if you choose him to be one of them then it’s going to be his lucky day.

#3 Let him know you’re interested

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Just as your love interest may not ask you out because he isn’t sure if you’re available, he may also be holding out if he questions whether or not you’re interested in him. If you’re not and he makes his move, he risks some major rejection coming his way.

So, you’re going to want to do something to let him know that you’ve got your eye on him. Pay him a compliment about how his shirt brings out the color in his eyes or act a little jealous when he talks to other women.

The more he knows you’re paying attention to him, the quicker he’ll realize that he’s in your sights.

#4 Don’t be too interested

Although you want him to realize that you’re interested in him, you also don’t want to appear too interested. Remember that most men like a little bit of a challenge. By appearing a little nonchalant, you’ll likely make his interest stronger.

If you’re in a social setting, make sure you spend some time with him, but not all of it. Move along and socialize with other people too. When he sees you hanging out and enjoying other people, he’s going to want to regain your attention and keep you all to himself.

#5 Laugh and joke with him

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Men like women they can have fun with. A lot of great relationships start out when the two people involved are laughing, joking and having a good time. Because you enjoy each other’s company so much, you spend more time together, feelings emerge and a beautiful relationship begins.

If he has fun with you, he’ll crave more of that; especially if he’s used to women that spend all their time nit-picking him or being all negative. You’ll definitely shine in his eyes and he’ll realize that he wants more of the good days that you have together.

#6 Laugh and joke without him

It’s very important that he sees you have a good time without him. If you think about when you’re attracted to someone else, it’s usually when they’re around their friends. Why? Because they’re having a good time and that’s a very attractive quality.

For that reason, he needs to see you laughing and joking when you’re with other people. It shows that you have a fun-loving personality and others recognize that in you too. It will also likely increase his desire to be the one that makes you laugh the most.

#7 Ask him questions

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The quickest way to a man’s heart is to let him talk about himself as much as he wishes. In fact, that’s pretty much the quickest way to anyone’s heart. It’s a great feeling to have someone truly interested in the things you have to say and he’s no exception.

When you’re with him, ask him questions to find out more about him. Find out if he has siblings or has any great stories to share. Ask about his greatest accomplishments or his beaming moments.

Do this one little thing and a date request may be right around the corner. After all, it will give him more time to tell you all about himself.

#8 Answer his questions vaguely

If he stops talking about himself long enough to ask you about yourself, answer his questions with due care. He may want to know a little more about you, but he doesn’t have to know about everything that has happened from birth until now in the next five minutes.

So, when he asks you a question, give a vague sort of response that isn’t too detailed. If you get all emotional, he may decide that dating you would put him in the middle of a lot of “feelings conversations” that most men would rather cut their right arm off than to have.

#9 Let your eyes do the talking

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Nothing can say “I want you” more than just the right eye contact. He can be all the way across the room and you can let him know that you’d like to get to know him better with eyes that are seductive and commanding.

To get ‘the look’ down pat just lower your chin, tilt your head slightly, put a little smirk on your face and blink a couple times as you look him dead in the eye. He’ll be so engulfed with your desire to make him yours that he’ll have no other option but to ask you out and find out if the fire is as hot as he thinks it is.

#10 Let your body do the talking

Just as your eyes can bring about a date request from the man of your dreams, your body can too. No, you don’t have to throw yourself at him to get him to notice you. Some simple, seemingly innocent gestures will do the trick.

When you’re close to him, let some part of your body brush up against his, almost if by accident. Or, if you’re talking to him, rest your hand lightly on his forearm when you’re making a point. Let him feel the heat that is radiating out of your body to his. He’ll get the picture.

If there’s any attraction at all from your guy to you, doing these simple things is sure to set the date ball in motion. Where it rolls from there is up to you.

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