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How to Seduce a Sagittarius Man

by Mina |

Learn what the characteristics of a Sagittarius man are and use them to your advantage! Here’s how you seduce the flirtatious Sagittarius!

You’re into horoscope and astrology? Well then, this one’s for you! If the guy you’ve got your eyes on is a Sagittarius he’s probably going to share certain characteristics of that Zodiac sign. It wouldn’t hurt to try and approach him according to what it says about him.

Here’s some general info about Sagittarius that might give you an idea of what they’re all about:

  • their ruling planet is Jupiter
  • their element is fire
  • basic trait: I perceive!
  • strengths: honest, forthright, excellent communication skills, intellectual, lighthearted
  • weaknesses: prone to change, restless, has a sharp tongue and a flirtatious nature

No wonder you’ve fallen for a Sagittarian, they definitely have that little something something that makes everyone and not just the ladies go crazy! That something is a kind of a zest for life that not many people have, especially not these days.

You’ll rarely find him alone.


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Usually, there’s a crowd there and they’ll always loves the show almost as much as he’ll love putting it on for them. He’s a true people person, so if you want to get close you’ll simply have to work your way through the crowd and get your chance. But don’t take your time, he’s not the one to dwell on anything for longer periods of time. Not even relationships!

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Yes, a Sagittarian guy is a complete and total flirt! This is where his enticing personality, sharp tongue, openness and sarcasm come into play. And boy does he have game or what? But you probably know that already seeing as how he’s already caught your eye. The way to catch his on the other hand may not be as easy as you’d think.

Yes, he’s a flirt, yes he’s super talkative – but, the way to truly spark interest in a Sagittarian is with brains!

You don’t want to be just one of the girls he casually talks to. There are many of those. He’s probably bored with them by the end of the conversation, and being bored is what makes him run for the hills!

So, he may be surrounded by women and leading a somewhat promiscuous life but the way to really get him into thinking of settling down is to charm him with a sharp mind. One that can be compared to his.

Once you’ve got him NEVER try to tame him completely. His independence will always remain the number one thing in his life, and he’ll respect you the most if he sees you appreciate your own independence as well!

When he sees you’re the type of girl who can measure up to him in optimism and the undisputable will to live life to the fullest without conforming to anyone or anything, only then will he find a permanent place for you in his heart.

The thing with a Sagittarian man is that although he may be a bit of a gamble as a boyfriend, he’ll never ever be dishonest. Deceit is not in his nature, and he will always be upfront with where he stands and how he feels, even to the point of unintentionally hurting you with his frankness.

He’s the kind of guy that can dream up the most amazing things, and just when you thought he’s stuck in fantasy land, get up and make it all happen. So, you better learn now to keep up pace ’cause getting him to slow down is not an option!

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One thought on How to Seduce a Sagittarius Man

  1. youqueen girl illustration mrs pisces

    im a pisces woman n im madly in love with a sag man…..he is my everyting a girl cant want eventho pisces and sag not compactiable im still love my baby i dont know whether if its true or false but we do get along sometimes n then again we dont…he like flirting n spending time with his ex which i hate alot i talk to him about it n he try to stop but still i dont trust him he is honest but sumtimes i cant get off this dude he is so sexy with sweet pink lips n nice ass lol i love my sag guy n will never stop oh i forget to mention we are getting married next year n im av his baby………….<3

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