9 Trending Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoos are becoming less taboo, and are starting to be recognized as the form of art that they truly are. Here are some trending tattoos with great meanings.

It’s 2016: out with the old and in with the new. This even applies to tattoos; the days of tramp stamps, tribal, arm bands and Japanese characters are gone. Of course, taking a trip back to the ‘90s is always acceptable as a tattoo should be whatever you want it to be regardless of trends. However, trendsetting and following trends is still a major influence when it comes to choosing a tattoo. Here are this year’s choice tattoos to consider getting.

1. Roman numerals


This is an elegant way to remember important dates, whether it is the day you met the love of your life, your wedding day, someone’s birthday, the anniversary of someone’s death or the day you made a life-changing decision that you are extremely grateful for.

Regardless of your reason, it will be a timeless reminder formed into a beautiful tattoo that will mean something to you and to which you’ll have a strong connection. A good place for this is your wrist, ribs, collarbone, inner arm or your shoulder blade.

2. Heart beats (ECG lines)

These are also trending right now, and can be customized in various ways. Some people choose to insert a word into the line—such as fighter, family or strength—while others add a heart, treble clef, skyline or even a cross in the middle or at the end of the heart line. Some people even put important dates underneath it. Either way, this tattoo has a beautiful meaning.

heartbeat tattoo 2

It is often done as a reminder that life is short, and that we should live and enjoy life. It is also tattooed on people to symbolize the heartbeat of a special someone in your life. A good place for this tattoo would be your forearm, over your heart or on your ribs.

3. Sprawling script


This can sometimes be hard to read, but this font—like cursive or lettering—looks like it is straight from a typewriter and is the latest font used for tattoos. Sprawling script is particularly used for words and quotes as it makes the quote legible, but is not so easily read so it provides the wearer with some secrecy to the meaning—not to mention the lettering is also really elegant and dainty.

4. Arrows

arrow tattoo on her leg

Beautiful, elegant, and more than just a simple arrow design, these tattoos are not only simple yet intricate, but also have various meanings to them. Five arrows are considered to be a bundle, and shows courage and strength. This is a great tattoo to get with friends to show that you will always have each others’ backs and be strong, or you can get all five for yourself.

An arrow going through a diamond symbolizes courage and moving forward in life, whereas a solitary arrow shows defense and protection from harm. Arrows show strength, unity, courage and positive vibes, and are beautiful minimalist tattoos that incorporate some good old-fashioned tribal elements. Some great spots for them are behind your ear or on your wrist, forearm or collarbone.

5. World map


This tattoo has recently been given a new look. Instead of the map just being outlined like the original trend, it is now trending due to the new technique of water coloring. Whether this tattoo is colored in or simply outlined, the meaning is the same: The world is your playground where you wish to live your life traveling and exploring, not sitting in one place. Some good placements for it are your shoulder blade or your wrist.

6. Feathers

Feather tattoo 13

Elegant and gorgeous in almost every location on the body due to feather designs being moldable and flexible. It symbolizes freedom as birds are perceived to be free creatures due to their ability to fly. It can also symbolize a connection that is more spiritual to various cultures and religions. A great place for this tattoo would be your ankle, foot or ribs.

7. Infinity symbol

Family infinity tattoo

These symbols represent a constant feeling that will never end. Typically, words are integrated within the symbol, which help to convey what will always be. This can be a person’s name or something as simple as a word like ‘faith’ or ‘hope.’ Sometimes, a feather will be dangling off the infinity symbol or will be part of the symbol. A great place to put this is on your wrist or shoulder blade.

8. Bird silhouettes


This tattoo is extremely popular even if it’s just five birds flying. However, some tattoos involve 15 bird silhouettes elegantly placed. This tattoo means freedom and the ability to just do as you do. It also looks good almost anywhere; it just depends on the flow and design you want to get.

9. Mandalas

mandala tattoo 4

Mandalas are a very spiritual tattoo with deep meanings. Often, they are created to be the focal point during meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism. They help to provide a higher level of awareness and are made from the inside out, which gives them a very symmetrical and floral look. They look best on flat surfaces of the body due to their design, so the back is the best place for them.

All of the mentioned examples are trending and very meaningful tattoos. They are not just tattoos that everyone wants; they are tattoos with value and probably a story behind them that changes from person-to-person. More trending tattoos are compasses (the imperfect stamp looking ones), skylines, small mountains, trees, animals, anchors and finger tattoos that are small but elegant. If there are any other tattoos you think are trending, feel free to share them below!


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