Drugstore Beauty Products Celebs Love

Despite their vast salaries and the sometimes expensive products that they endorse, even celebrities favor certain drugstore beauty products. Read on to find out which products get the stars’ approval!

You might think that with all the wealth celebrities have they would only use high end products, but this is not the case.

There are many cult beauty products adored by celebrities and the masses alike without the hefty price tag you might expect with the names associated with them.

Sometimes it's the brands that make great, simple products, not to mention those that have been around for a long time that keep celebrities buying in their truckloads. Let's take a look at just some of the top products celebrities can't live without.

Jennifer Aniston


It's that one-trick pony of the beauty world that keeps dry chapped lips at bay, and is a firm favorite of Jennifer Aniston: Vaseline! The actress is known to smooth it around her eyes to condition her lashes—a trick handed down to her by her mother.

Vaseline is great as the small tins fit into a purse and you can buy them in different flavors including cocoa butter, so they are perfect for that quick fix on the go. Vaseline can also be used when dying your hair to avoid staining your skin, so be sure to stock up on some next time you are in the drugstore.


Let me introduce you to Queen B's beauty secret: Beyonce is known for using baby oil, and swears by it to make her skin glow—especially in photo shoots. She also wears it under her fragrance to give it an extra hit.

The oil has multiple uses from hydrating the skin and making it shine on camera to softening cuticles during your manicure. You can also add a couple of drops to your bath to help hydrate your skin if it is feeling particularly dry. Let's just hope Blue Ivy has her own stash!

Kim Kardashian


Ever wondered what the secret is to Kim Kardashian's beautiful, long mane? Apart from her army of hair and makeup artists, rumor has it that Finesse's shampoo and conditioner range has a part to play in it.

Kim credits this line to keeping her hair soft, shiny, manageable and super clean. It's a brand that does the job but is fuss free, which is what keeps it so popular—especially with Kim who is always changing up her look.

Scarlett Johansson


The actress and face of many a beauty campaign swears by Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser to keep her skin looking flawless even when not wearing makeup.

Cetaphil is a product recommended by dermatologists for being ultra gentle yet effective—especially for acnaic skin types. It's unsurprisingly a celebrity favorite as it won't aggravate even the most sensitive of skins since it is PH neutral. It's definitely worth a try if you have been having any reactions from products you currently use in your routine.

Nicki Minaj


Being a superstar doesn't mean that the makeup you rely on to give you your signature look has to cost the earth. The product used to prep Nicki's eyes is none other than drugstore favorite NYX Eyeshadow Base.

This is a product used by her makeup artist when working on Nicki. It's amazing at making the eyeshadow color really pop as it gives the product something to hold onto, making the color more intense, vibrant and long-lasting.

With four shades available, you can really make this product work for you no matter what your skin tone or what look you are going for. At $7, it's a great dupe for Mac painterly.

Victoria Beckham


It doesn't matter whether you are a regular Joe or a Spice Girl-turned-fashion-designer married to a famous footballer, our need for moisturized skin is still the same!

The great news for those of us without Victoria's budget is that the product she relies on for such a task is the affordable Weleda Skin Food.

Infused with plant extracts, it's one of those great all-round products for dry skin—especially in notorious places such as the elbows, hands and feet. Victoria praises it for being simple and inexpensive and claims to “slather it on.”

Kourtney Kardashian


We all know coconut oil has multiple uses, but it has just as many celebrity fans with the first Kardashian sister being no exception.

Kourtney swears by coconut oil as a hair mask to keep her long locks shiny and healthy. Make sure to buy the raw organic version to get the best out of your treatment.

Kate Moss


Since Kate has a range with Rimmel, it's perhaps no surprise that she loves their lipstick. Kate uses shade 001 from her collection, which is a deep rich red and perfect for any supermodel.

Rimmel lipsticks are affordable and long lasting, which is not always the case with drugstore makeup. Snap one up to get the London look!

Gigi Hadid


For situations such as airport travel when we can't do a proper cleanse like we would at home, wipes are a lifesaver. Gigi adores Maybelline Makeup Wipes—especially with the need to look perfect in situations like being photographed going through the airport but then not wanting to spend the whole flight caked in heavy makeup.

These wipes are also great for carrying in your purse should you spill anything on your outfit or if you find your heels are not as clean as you thought; they’re a real all-round product for both beauty and practicality.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of super dry skin on an airplane so anything that can help avoid this is a miracle!

With flawless complexions and makeup, we can all afford to copy the celebrity skincare routines with these great drugstore buys. Who knew that looking great doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg!

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