4 Ways to Make Your Hair Healthy

Your hair seems to have life of its own. You’ve tried everything! Or have you? We will give you some advice on how to once and for all make your hair look and be truly healthy.

We do our best to torture our hair with dying, ironing, curling and God knows what more. We need to give life back to our hair. There are some common mistakes women make when it comes to hair care. There are numerous hair products out there that promise us healthy looking hair and I know you’ve tried most of them. They make your hair look healthy for a while but then your hair turns too greasy or too dry. Then, you switch to another product and another and another and your hair is still not really healthy, not to mention the money you’ve spent. We are here to tell you how to finally make your hair look healthy and stay healthy.

1. What’s Your Skin Type?

Dermatology Consultation Woman

It would be best to see your dermatologist and ask him to determine your skin type and tell you which shampoo to use. Basicly, baby shampoos usually do the trick but not for everyone. Treat your scalp with care.

2. When to Shampoo

Young woman washing head with shampoo

Many people shampoo their hair daily. This is not good for your scalp and your hair. Your shampoo may be intended for daily use but it is still invasive. Shampoo your hair only when it is greasy. The grease actually helps your hair by creating a thin layer of film around it and keeping the moisture in.

3. Which Hair Mask is Good

This may come as a shock but you do not need all those expensive products. Simple almond and coconut oil will do wanders for your hair. They are cheap and can be found in every drugstore. You can use them separately or you can mix them together. They literaly feed your hair, make it stronger and even help the growth. These oils will not make your hair greasy.

Apply oil on your hair from the root all the way down 3 times a week. Leave it on for one hour and shampoo it out. Say goodbye to split ends and dry hair forever.

4. How to Dry Your Hair

Beautiful woman in white towel wipes her wet hair with a towel

Avoid using a hair dryer whenever possible. When you must use it, apply some heat protection product that will keep the moisture in your hair.

We hope you will try our recipe for healthy looking hair. Best solutions are often the simplest ones. As you can see, keeping your hair healthy is neither difficult nor expensive. Be persistent and long lasting results will come.

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