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8 Fabulous Ideas for Short Haircuts

Sleek Short Haircuts We Absolutely Love

Short haircuts are a perpetual source of empowerment and motivation. Today we are witnessing unpreceded come back of different short hair such as bobs, undercuts, pixie and more. And what is even more fascinating, this time they have come with a great vengeance and shorter than ever before.

Between unique styling techniques, the inclusion of vibrant shades to make them bolder, short haircuts have bounced back. Continue reading to see some creative ideas for short hairstyles that will inspire you to take a razor!

1. Wonderfully Wavy.

This beautifully dishevelled pixie haircut is a straightforward way to maintain a little bit of hair length at the front while maintaining the front very short. It is an ideal style for all face shapes. Any hair type looks great too.

How to Style:

  1. Start by blow drying the frontal pieces with a round brush.
  2. Scrunch the shorter lengths of your hair until all the moisture evaporates.
  3. Add extra movement with a flat iron if necessary.

2. Faux -Hawk Fairy.

 If you need an edgy blend, then you would want to blend loosely cut top and chopped sides to come up with a beautiful and modern take on a faux hawk. This is an ideal look for women with heart-shaped faces. It also rocks most hair types, but it is specifically flattering on women with curly hair.

How to Style:

  1. Start by blow drying the frontal pieces with a round brush.
  2. Set the hair with hairspray.

3. Silvery and Short.

This is among the best short haircuts for anyone who wants a fashionable and trendy look. It is a suitable style for all hair and face shapes.

How to Style:

  1. Bow dry your hair in different directions using a flat brush to create movement.
  2. Hold down any flyaways using a finishing spray.

4. Dimensional designs.

This needs a bold and daring lady. So, if that is you, you should opt for this super short design with tapered skin fade and a design. Anyone with rectangular and squire face can rock this style. It is tight and simple cut that works pretty good with natural textures.

How to Style:

  1. Since this is a right look, it doesn’t require much styling. Use pomade to hold any flyways to keep it looking fresh.

5. Foxy Fade.

 A modern version of the traditional fade haircut, this look features tapered hair at the sides but still maintains shadow in the fade. This technique of fading allows enough length on the crown for enhanced movement if needed.

The style complements all hair types and faces shapes. However, rocking this look needs some confidence. However, the feeling of having it is exciting, so go for it.

How to Style:

  1. This is one of the super short haircuts and easy to style. Using oil, run the fingers on your hair to give it an extra shine.

6. Radically Asymmetrical.

Here is yet another short haircut that emphasises on sides that are trimmed to a shorter length and a long sidecut. It is a unique look you should try this year. It is an ideal look for women with diamond and round face shapes. Any hair texture can be cut and appropriately styled to work with this hairdo.

How to Style:

  1. First, blow-dry your tresses and then utilise a flat iron to create movement and softness. You can also include some waves an exciting look.

7. Modern Mohawk.

In this haircut, the sides are tapered and left soft with varying lengths. It looks great on squire, oval and diamond face shapes. It works well with natural hair textures. Women with wavy and curly hair also look great on it.

How to Style:

  1. Use a curling iron to create a "hawk." You can style it loose or tight, whatever way you want it.
  2. Use texturizing hair product to add grit to the hair.

8. Textured Box Bob.

This is amongst trendiest short hairstyles in 2019. This is a modern take on traditional box bob. It is advisable to use a razor to trim the hair since that gives it more texture and volume.