How to Dry Your Hair Fast in 3 Simple Steps

Every now and then, a girl finds herself in a situation that she is late and needs to dry her hair really fast. Here are 3 simple steps to help the girl achieve this.

1. Dry Your Hear With a Towel

drying hair with towel

In order to get your hair dried as quickly as possible you need to start the drying part as soon as you’re done with the washing part. A towel helps a lot here.

Don’t just wrap your wet hair in a towel and get out of the bathroom. Squeeze the excess water from the hair first, and then dry it up a bit with the towel. Basically, you’ll be wiping your hair and letting the towel soak the water from your hair.

Still, don’t be too harsh while doing this, because your hair is weakest when it’s wet and you’ll damage it if you wipe like a maniac with the towel. Press the towel couple of times against your head and your hair – it can absorb only so much water anyway.

2. To Blow-dry on Maximum Heat or Not?

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Whenever you’re in a hurry, you’re probably thinking about blow-drying your hair on maximum heat in order to speed the whole process up. The decision about doing this is really only yours, but here are some pros and cons.

Of course, you’ll dry your hair faster on maximum heat, but you also risk burning both your hair and maybe even your skin if you accidently touch it with the blow dryer. This really causes a lot of damage to your hair so make sure you avoid doing it except in really urgent situations. If you do decide to do this, make sure you apply heat resistance spray before you start blow-drying your hair, in order to protect your hair a bit from all that heat.

3. How to Blow-dry Properly?

Blow-dry hair

Blow-drying your hair is not really rocket science, but there are some tricks when it comes to drying your hair fast. Learn them and shorten the time you need to dry your hair.

First of all, don’t do anything else while blow-drying your hair. Don’t watch TV, because you’ll tend to drift off and blow in only one place that’s been dry for a couple of minutes already. Take the TV and your computer off, and just dedicate the time to drying your hair.

The fastest way to dry your hair is to lower your head and let all the hair fall over your face. Keep your head this way and just blow-dry. Your hair will disperse this way and it will be easier to dry it. Furthermore, drying your hair like this will pump up the volume of your hair, so, you’re in for a double win.

Whatever you choose to do have in mind that blow-drying damages your hair, and you shouldn’t do this often. Don’t hold the blow-dryer too close to your hair or your skin, because you risk burning it. Always apply conditioner and heat resistance spray before you start blow-drying your hair.

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