How to Make Your Hair Smell Good: Freshly Scented Hair

There is nothing more attractive than beautiful hair flowing in the wind, spreading a sweet smelling scent. You too can learn how to make your hair smell good.

Everyone remembers people whose hair smells great. It is much more attractive than the smell of grease or sweaty, stale hair. If you smoke or work in a kitchen, chances are your hair might smell a bit on the stale side, but there are plenty of tricks on how to make your hair smell good instead!

First of all, if your hair does not smell too good, try and figure out why this might be the case. Do you smoke? Is your hair prone to getting greasy quickly? Do you work around cooked foods? Any of these things might cause smells to ‘stick’ to your hair and linger for hours.

If possible, reduce or quit the smoking (it does more damage than just some bad smelling hair), wash your hair regularly with good scented products (every other day or a couple of times a week is usually about right) and if you work as a chef, wear a hair net or wash your hair after a long shift.

Sometimes your pillowcase, hats or even your brush can be blamed if the stale smell is lingering for some time. Keep your bedding washed regularly and smelling fresh, as well as head wear such as headbands, scrunchies and hats and wash your brushes/combs occasionally.



There are so many great hair oils available on the market. Not only can they help condition hair, but they also ensure leaving sweet smell on the hair. Oils can come in a range of scents, including lavender and rose. Simply brush the scent through the length of the hair strands and leave it work its magic.

You can use normal essential or fragrance oils, but hair oils are better as they are made specifically for use on hair, and therefore, they are more delicate and have fewer chemicals that can be harsh. Be careful not to use too much, even on naturally dry hair – a little goes a long way with oils.


Some people choose to spray perfume to add fragrance throughout their hair or spritz it through their brush before running it through their hair. There are special hair perfumes available. As for regular perfumes, be careful. Very occasionally, you can use it just before heading for a night out, but do not make it a habit.

Perfumes can be filled with strong chemicals which can be damaging to hair follicles if used too often. They can dry out the hair and cause breakages. You might be left with hair that smells good, but start a whole heap of new problems in the process!


Sweet shampoos

So many shampoos and conditioners come in great smelling scents. Shop around and pick one that has a smell that you are keen on. Have some fun trying new products and working out which one you like best. Remember, they often smell different on your hair than how they do when you take a quick whiff from the bottle lid.

Scented products

If you use serum or hairspray, choose a scented one, as there are lots available. This also goes for dry shampoo, there are some sweet smelling ones to choose from, and all of these products create great smelling hair that lasts.

Dry shampoo is highly recommended if you’re on the go a lot and need a quick fix. Not only does it help hair look fresh, but it leaves a nice smell as well. Once a month, aim to use a leave-in conditioning treatment or deep conditioning mask for your hair and opt for a product that smells delicious – this will get deep into the hair follicles and leave your hair smelling great for hours on end.



Good hygienic practices are very important if you want a long lasting good smell for your hair. This is especially important if you exercise regularly or are prone to sweating a lot. Sweat left on hair can make it smell.

As the day goes on, your hair becomes oilier and greasier and sweat begins to turn stale. This cannot be helped, but a few ways to make a nice scent last longer is to take time in the shower to ensure that you have a clean scalp.

Work out whether a hair wash in the morning or evening is best for you and how often your hair type needs it (depending on factors such as your hair type and your lifestyle).

Hormonal changes, stress or over active sweat glands can cause smelly hair, so ensure that you massage products into the hair and scalp thoroughly and try and aim for a healthy lifestyle – eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise, avoid stress and sleep for around 8 hours a night.

Your hair, just like your skin, teeth and nails, are a great indicator of your internal health status. If your hair is dull or smells, simply adjusting your lifestyle and adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet or minimizing stress can see drastic and positive results.


Sometimes smelly hair can be a fungal infection, often spread when you share combs/brushes or from direct contact with pets. See a doctor for further guidance and there are pills available to clear this up. If in doubt, check with your GP rather than letting the problem persist.


Treatment rinses

Lemon hair rinse is a great way to make hair smell good while also getting rid of dandruff. Squeeze fresh lemons and spread all over your hair and leave to soak in for up to ten minutes. Remember to condition well afterwards as lemon can be drying.

If you have light hair, lemons can also lighten it further, which is great for freshening up blonde tones. If you want to add extra scent to the mix, go for honey – another great smell and with good conditioning properties. Rose water is another sweet smelling rinse for your hair that helps keep it moisturized.

Lightly spritz it on to a hairbrush and brush through the hair. It is great for frizzy hair types especially. If you would rather make your own, mix half a cup of distilled water/rose water/witch hazel and add 5 drops of essential oils. You can keep this in your handbag and spray from time to time over your hair. Make sure you shake it well and only use a light spray to avoid product build up.

There’s nothing better than a nice, fresh scent wafting from your hair. As you can see, keeping hair smelling good is not too difficult. How do you avoid smelly hair? Have you got any extra tips to share with fellow readers? Comment below and let us know!

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