Looking Like a Victoria’s Secret Model: What is Their Secret?

While no one can give you wings, or make your body look like you were born to be a lingerie model, there are a few tips that are quite helpful, and will make you look like a Victoria’s Secret’s supermodel. Looking good is not about being perfect, it is an attitude and the way of thinking, and a healthy dosage of self-esteem.

Women in general are aware that healthy diets and exercise are the best way to feel better about your body. However, with the following tricks, you will be a few steps closer to that magnificent Victoria’s Secret runway, and all it stands for.

Happy is Healthy

Fabulous curves and provocative lingerie is simply not enough. When you see VS angel shaking that perfect booty, you will also notice that she is smiling and flirting, looking like she has no care in the world. It is scientific fact that smiling can improve your mood, so smile and mean it. Feeling happy is sexy.

Self Help in a Bottle

estee lauder bronze goddess self tan

We all know how dangerous the sun is. Use self-tanning products that you can buy at the drug stores. There is no need to over-do it, because you want to look natural and sun kissed. Once your tan is a bit darker, your legs and abs will look more toned, and your eyes will stand out.

The next product you need is a body shimmer, or a glitter. Use it wisely: put some on your blushed cheeks and on parts of your body that you want to highlight, but avoid looking like you are drowning in a glitter bottle. My choice for a self-tan is Jergens Natural Glow, which is cheap and adjustable to your skin tone.

For glitter, Victoria’s Secret offers many various products, but Bombshell is simply great – it has that sexy summer smell and when you spray it on, it leaves traces, so you literally shine like a star, without looking like you tried too hard.

Just a Bit of Fake

nars eyelash curler

Fake eyelashes and simple removable hair clips may not be au naturale, but they are every angle’s must have. Messy and carefree curls are attractive, so feel free to add one or two clips on extensions. They will not damage your hair, just make you look prettier. Just like fake eyelashes. Even if they are fake, as long as they are not bad for your health, you are good to go.

Walk Like You Have the Wings

With your face glowing and your body in the best shape of your life, there is one thing that will make you even more angelic. The power of walk is an underrated skill. If you don’t feel comfy on sky high heels, wear flats or platforms, but whatever you wear, make sure to stand up straight and look proud. Be provocative, but don’t be trashy. Even in a turtle neck sweater and with a pair of simple denim jeans you can still be the hottest girl in town. All you need to do is believe that you are the best version of yourself. It sounds like a cliché, but to be honest, who says that clichés have to be something bad?

Find Your True Colors

Make sure to find colors that look good on you and stick to them. Every woman is different, so you need to find your own perfect shade of red or blue, even the perfect shade for the smokey eyes look. Don’t try to copy someone else’s look, make sure to find your own. The only thing you should do is experiment, but not when you are off to some glorious party. Find some time to try out make up while you are at the store, where you can ask for help.

It’s in Your Eyes

Smokey eyes will make you look more feminine and glamorous. You don’t have to stick to traditional grayish colors; you can make smokey eyes that will fit your wardrobe and your eye color the best. Lots of mascara will add even more dramatic look, but whatever you do, try not to over-do it.

These Lips are Made for Kisses

Lip glosses in rose and peach are a safe and a sexy choice for pretty much any outfit. Make sure to moisturize your skin and your lips before going to bed, and never leave your make up on. If you are in doubt about which lip glosses are the best, try traditional Lancôme or Chanel, or simply use Victoria’s Secret product. My favorite line is Very Sexy and it has all make up products that you might need.

And the Biggest Secret is…

pink body mist

Take care of yourself. Whenever you have time, visit a spa center or make your own one in your bathroom. Essential oils and candles will relax your brain and your skin. If you don’t know how or where to find perfect products for your skin, nails and hair, feel free to ask in the comment section. Remember that just like you need some time off, same goes for your skin. Just like you need food and water, so does your skin. Adriana Lima, or Miranda Kerr, are not only born stunning, they are great examples that beauty is something that you need to nurture and protect.

Cover photo: www.modeliana.com

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