How to Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On

Powders, blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks can diminish any imperfection, as well as, accentuate every beautiful feature of your face. But if you exaggerate and apply excessive amounts of makeup, you will end up looking like a clown and making an extremely bad impression. To look naturally beautiful, check out the following suggestions on how to tell if you have too much makeup on, and apply them regularly.

Emphasize Only One Feature of Your Face

If you have accentuated both your lips, eyes and cheeks, that is definitely a sign that you have too much makeup on.

When applying makeup, you should always pick one feature you wish to bring out the most, and concentrate only on it. Never on your whole face! If you highlight your eyes with a stronger shade, avoid putting anything on your lips or opt for neutral and natural color. If instead, you wish to accentuate your lips, then stay away from dark or colorful eye shadows, and apply just a little mascara on your lashes.

Balance is very important and you will never want to overpower your look with excessive amounts of different colors.

Wear Foundations That Match Your Skin Tone

foundation makeup

If you have an obvious foundation line on your skin and your face looks like a mask, you have absolutely exaggerated.

Foundation is supposed to improve your complexion and even out your skin tone, but not to make you look as if you have applied it with an extra thick paint brush.

When you finish putting foundation on your face, make sure to always wipe off the excess by gently passing a soft tissue over your face. While doing it, concentrate on hairlines, eyebrows, as well as on the area above your upper lip.

Choose foundations that exactly match your skin tone – they should neither be darker nor brighter. There is nothing worse than noticing that your face and neck are two different colors.

Choose Eye Shadows According to Your Skin and Hair Color

Wearing exaggerated eye shadows during the day is another way to tell that you absolutely have too much makeup on.

Feel free to experiment with colors and play with more extravagant shades in the evening, but never overpower your eyes during the day.

Opt for natural and easy eye shadows in the daytime, and make sure they match your skin tone, and your hair color.  The best is to limit yourself to 2 different shades and apply only a tiny dash of mascara on the tips of your lashes.

Your intention is to look natural, fresh and pretty during the day, and never to seem as if you have spent the whole night out without even taking your makeup off.

Be Careful With Your Lipstick

female lips and a brush with lipstick

If you have lipstick on your teeth, than you certainly have too much makeup on. Double check your whole face immediately and wipe off all the excess.

  • When putting on your lipstick, apply only a thin coat of color using an appropriate lip brush.
  • Defined lips may be attractive, but never exaggerate with the liner. Make sure it matches your lipstick and always use a good lip brush to blend it up well.
  • When you finish highlighting your lips, use a soft tissue to blot your lips and remove the excess lipstick before it gets on your teeth. You can also pop your index finger in your mouth and lightly press your lips against it. The excess color will remain on your finger.


Never go out without first looking into a mirror and always check your makeup in a natural light if you have the possibility to do so!

Did these suggestions work? Tell us about your best tip on how to tell if you have too much makeup on. Write in the comments and let us try it.

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