5 Ultimate Spring Fashion Tips to Make You Look Slimmer

Pastels, crop tops, skirts galore! Look slimmer and feel confident with these 5 necessary spring fashion tips!

Whether you live in the cold north or the warm south, spring is fast approaching. Here are a few fashion tips to help you find some suitable clothes to look slim and pretty like spring flowers.

#1 Pastels That Fit You

A staple of spring is the beautiful pastel color. Pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel yellow, it’s not spring without it.

Unfortunately, not all pastels go with all skin tones, and wearing the wrong one can make you look strange, and a strange looking color definitely won’t look slimming.

For example, to me, a pastel green looks better on fairer tones, while pastel purple (lilac) looks better on olive tones. And I love the pastel yellow on darker tones.

I sincerely believe that just wearing a suitable color can aid you in the quest to look slimmer because it can’t do anything but help you. Then, you can get into all of the high-waist, skinny jean, and crop top choices.

Just start with the right color.


#2 Long Skirts

I am a long skirt girl. I love its class and its flirty undertones. This is why I am so absolutely happy that I’m seeing more and more long skirts around.

One of the reasons that long skirts help to slim is because, for the ones that are high-waisted, they hit your torso at its smallest point. Then everything else below will be nice and slimmed out.

Other than being slimming, I love long skirts because, well, I love fabrics and patterns. So if I fall in love with a fabric or pattern, I’ll love it even more when there’s more of it.


#3 Matching Ensembles

Other than having trendy designs, matching tops and bottoms are great for creating the illusion of you looking slimmer. Whether the top is like a button-down shirt or like a bra, matched with high-waisted shorts or a skirt, you’ll always look cute.

Although many times your stomach will be out since the tops of these combinations are usually cropped, it will actually look smaller because all of the attention will be on your cute matching outfit! (And the proportions remind one of an A-line dress).

These kinds of outfits are always a plus to me because they look nice, feel nice and can be matched with other things if you don’t necessarily feel like being all matchy.

{PICTURE: us.asos.com.jpg}

#4 Button-Downs

Surprised to see this potentially boring item on the list? Don’t be. Spring, actually any season, is all about patterns, because they really do make an outfit.

I get most of my button-downs from H&M because they are perfect for my body. I’m a little bigger on top and I love that when I do button my shirt, it doesn’t look like it’s about to rip open.

Aside from these button-downs actually fitting my top half, they come in at the waist and back out at the hips. H&M makes theirs for hourglass figures. They are so perfect. I have some basics, some with stripes, even one with a delicate flower pattern.

Invest in a couple of these. You’ll get a lot of use out of them, being able to match with a lot of different bottoms. Nothing’s better than a button-down that you can actually button and still look slim in!

(And just to be clear, I am NOT recommending any of those flowy, box-shaped button-downs that stores like Forever 21 have. Those make you look even bigger. Get a button-down that has a curve when you’re not wearing it).


#5 Accessories

If you find nothing to work clothes-wise, you can always depend on accessories. Large accessories can be incredibly slimming.

For example, if your face is feeling bloated one day, get a big pair of sunglasses to make your face look smaller. Or if you’re bloated all over, you can find a nice big belt to cinch your waist and let you go about your day.

Or, if you want to hide all together, find a really, really big hat. No one will know who the hat lady is. Haha.


But all jokes, aside, I keep all of my general slimming rules in place. Focus on the smallest part of your waist. Don’t wear anything that’s too tight. Oh, and wear a smile on your face. If people are looking at you smiling, they will think you look amazing (because you do).

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