Add Some Elegance to This Summer’s Beach Attire

Modern beach attire is a casual affair; cutoff denim shorts and straw cowboy hats abound. This summer, try adding some glamour to the mix with these fresh options.

If we’ve seen the look once, we’ve seen it a thousand times; the cutoff denim shorts, the straw cowboy hat, the flip flops…it has almost become a worldwide beach uniform for the masses.  A trip to just about any beach in the world will likely turn up scores of beach goers wearing this very uniform. Sure, it may be serviceable, but it is not a good recipe for standing out in a crowd.

This summer, mix things up a bit and add something fresh to the mix that will be sure to get you noticed!

Adding a bit of glamour to your beach ensemble is not only elevates your mood, it will also take you from the beach into the bar, to dinner, and beyond!  Here are some of our top tips on how to keep things glam for your trip to the seaside.

#1 You Can’t Miss With A Maxi


Maxi dresses are probably the most perfect invention ever when it comes to dressing glamorously for the beach. Not only are they super-comfortable, they are quick and easy to take on and off, and once on, you are instantly dressed.

No more feeling overexposed in over air-conditioned restaurants or getting caught-out feeling underdressed. Choose one with a neckline that covers the straps of your bathing suit, and nobody will by any the wiser that you just came in off of the beach. Simply add a change of shoes (remember, flats are usually best with a maxi; try a pair in metallic gold or silver to really punch things up a notch!), and add some glam accessories to your beach bag, and you will be ready for anything.

#2 Once You Try a Caftan, You’ll Never Go Back


Caftans are by nature glamourous. They seem to invoke a sort of vintage bohemian glamour that fits perfectly with days and nights spent on the beach during the warm days of summer.

You can choose to go with a vintage caftan, or purchase one of the many new varieties that are out and about in the retailer’s collections today. Whatever you choose, you will soon learn that this particular item of clothing has endless possibilities, extending far beyond the reach of the beach.

Wear it loose and flowing at the beach, paired with a floppy hat and a pair of Jack Rodgers sandals. Try it with a skinny belt to transition to cocktail hour, or add a waist-cinching Obi belt and a pair of heeled sandals for evening.

#3 Don’t Neglect The Accessories


Just because you are going to be spending time out in the sand, salt, and sea air doesn’t mean that you have to completely forego accessorising.

The beach is a great place to take advantage of all of that costume jewellery that has been poling-up in your dresser. Pile on an armful of bangles, try out some of those arty bohemian-inspired earrings that you have not gotten around to wearing yet, or wrap one of the many forgotten scarves sitting in your wardrobe around your hair.

Not only do accessories work remarkably well with the bohemian caftans and sarongs that are so popular with beach aficionados everywhere, they also take your beach look from functional to intentional. After all, just because you aren’t wearing a cocktail dress and a pair of stilettos doesn’t mean that your ability to style your loo has to suffer.

While the longer, languid beach days of summer definitely signal a move to a more relaxed, carefree style, there is no reason why fashion lovers still cannot have the options and creativity that is afforded to them during the rest of the year.

The following three styling tips are but a few of the ways that a touch of glamour can be added to something as simple as a trip to the beach. Adding just that touch of glamour not only means your beach look will likely take you much farther than jus the beach, it also means you are going to feel incredibly good doing it.

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