Best Beauty Gurus To Follow On Instagram

Ever wonder who those gorgeous women are with flawless foundation, crisp cat-eyes and luscious lips on Instagram? Make sure you follow these lovely ladies.

Beauty vlogging was an imaginary thing until these women took it to a new level. Vlogging might be a foreign word to some of you; it’s a combination of video and blogging.

These vloggers have created successful careers, especially on Youtube, with their tutorials and reviews of makeup brands and products.

If you’re a lipstick junkie or hoarder, you’ll need to get your newest makeup look or products from inspiration from our favorite beauty vloggers on the ‘gram.



Followers: 50.3k

If you’re in the mood for some lipstick swatches, Emily Fox is the way to go. Whether a lipstick collection chooses to carry four shades or 30+, you’ll probably find a beautifully-made video featuring all the swatches on her lips.



Followers: 291k

Jackie Aina has a bright and vibrant personality that you’ll most likely fall in love with. Always dishing out beauty tips to make our lives easier, Jackie hosts a series on her channel called “Fix It Fridays.” Here, she tackles common makeup mistakes and tips like choosing the right foundation, finding a powder with no flashback and blending lighter lipsticks with a deeper skin tone.



Followers: 337k

Building your makeup collection can be expensive, and no one has time to spend their hard-earned money on something that doesn’t work. Tati, also known as GlamLifeGuru, takes some of the most ridiculously priced items and puts them to the test. After all, who wants to spend $90 on nail polish that doesn’t work? Maybe if it can last 90 years and grow a money tree in our backyard, we’ll think about it.



Followers: 468k

If you’re into beauty, as well as home décor and fashion, Teni is the girl for you. While she features an abundance of different makeup looks on her channel, you’ll find detailed tours of her home as well as her travel diaries, where she features her style on her many fabulous trips.



Followers: 668k

Chloe Morello is a down-to-earth vlogger who’s not afraid to have a bit of fun. Participating in the crayon makeup challenge while poking fun at full body contouring is Chloe’s way of showing that makeup should always be fun.



Followers: 873k

Denise keeps it short, sweet and to the point. With a collection of one-minute videos, she makes applying quick and fast makeup possible for the woman on the go. If you’re still struggling to perfect that cat-eye liner, make sure her tutorial is on your list of things to watch.



Followers: 1m

Ellarie’s eye looks and lips are things of beauty. Unafraid to go out of the box, she’s known for creating bright and bold looks. With full lips and a perfect cupid’s bow, Ellarie is known for her lip videos on Instagram while also collaborating with Colourpop Cosmetics to create a lipstick.



Followers: 1.1m

If you’re looking for a bit of Miami fever, KathleenLights is your South Beach babe. Kathleen shows a bit of everything ranging from dramatic makeup looks, lipstick swatches and affordable vs high end makeup. Possibly having some of the funniest stories, her popular KatChats videos feature tips for overcoming anxiety, dealing with high school life and awkward boy stories.



Followers: 1.2m

If you’re heavily into lipstick and looking for makeup tips and tricks, Raye Raye has an endless supply of ideas. Whether you’re trying to get rid of hyperpigmentation, apply makeup to your oily skin or looking for the best drugstore brands, she’s the perfect beauty vlogger for you.



Followers: 1.2m

You might think that there’s only so many different makeup looks you can do, but Shannon proves there’s an endless supply. Dabbling in makeup and fashion, her page features lip swatches, foundation reviews and clothing hauls. If you’re in the mood to be a bit envious, be sure to check out her massive collection of makeup.



Followers: 1.3m

There might be no talent as great as Kandee Johnson. A professional makeup artist before becoming a beauty vlogger, Kandee is unafraid to show her skills at transformation. She has transformed herself into the Statue of Liberty, Barbie, Snow White and even Elsa from Frozen.



Followers: 1.5m

Whoever thinks makeup isn’t fun has never checked out LustreLux or Katie. Constantly cracking jokes, Katie has gained a huge following with her bold looks and likable personality. Also, we can’t help but love catching a glimpse of that major rock on her ring finger or her adorable dog, Zoe.



Followers: 1.7m

Recently returning to YouTube, Shayla is a beauty vlogger whose fame has grown on Instagram. Always showing off her glowing skin and curvy figure, Shayla features tutorials on winged liner, skincare tips and clothing hauls.



Followers: 1.8m

If you’re looking for the girl who can rock any hair color, Nicole Guerriero is the one. Constantly in a rotation of brown to blonde to black, we only wish we could pull off all these colors. Always coming through with the hair and makeup videos, we can’t help but stay tuned for her adventures in her car ride chronicles.



Followers: 2.3m

Grav3yardgirl, or Bunny, is fun, crazy and everything in between. While she reviews makeup brands and shows her first impressions, she’s the resident queen of “As Seen on TV” products. It’s hard to know whether that curling iron or spray paint nail polish really works, so she tries them out for everyone to see.



Followers: 2.4m

Desi Perkins slays all day. Whether she’s keeping it sharp with a cut-crease, creating looks with the hottest new palette or showing us the best of festival fashion, we’re drawn to her gorgeous face and superb makeup skills. Not afraid to laugh at herself, you can always be sure to find some hilarious bloopers at the end of her videos.



Followers: 2.6m

With a bubbly personality that shines through, Jaclyn Hill covers all of her bases with colorful makeup looks, monthly favorites to showcase her favorite products and girl talk videos to give her followers a glimpse into her life.



Followers: 2.9m

Chrisspy has taken fabulous to another level. She always shows out in her extensive wig collection while always dazzling in the hottest clothes and perfect winged liner. Chrisspy’s Halloween looks are a hot commodity, and every October, we can’t wait until her newest look comes out.



Followers: 3.2m

There might not be a better word to describe Carli Bybel other than sweetheart. Not only does she include an abundance of makeup and hair videos, but she also shares her lifestyle changes, like recently going Vegan. With a very huge following both on Instagram and YouTube, Carli’s video on the Kylie Lipkit and glosses was featured on Kylie Jenner’s personal Instagram account.



Followers: 3.6m

If you’ve seen posts about the “Power of Makeup,” you can thank Nikkie. This Netherlands resident is a constant enforcer that makeup is anything you want it to be. A fan of bold makeup, Nikkie tackles recreating bold celebrity looks from their music videos. If you want to check out how the “Power of Makeup” started, check out her YouTube video, which currently has 29 million views.

Makeup is fun and can quickly become a way of life. If you’re just starting in makeup or are a seasoned professional, we’re sure you can take something from one of these fabulous beauty vloggers, so make sure you follow them for ideas and tips. While you’re at it, be sure to follow YouQueen’s official Instagram page for daily inspiration and things we love.

In the comments below, let us know who your favorite beauty vlogger and what kind of videos you most like to watch!


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