Copy Her Style: Miley Cyrus

Whether you love it or love to hate it, everyone knows Miley Cyrus’ style. She could be in denim shorts, a white ensemble, or red lipstick. We love her look!

Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed, but she certainly can be emulated. Her transition from good girl to wild girl was a little bumpy at first, but now that she’s settled into her own image, she’s a bad girl with deliciously good clothes.

I’m here to show you some of my favorite looks of hers.

#1 White Clothing


I don’t think I realized how much white that Miley actually wears. After doing a simple search of her personal style, a lot of this color popped up.

And, I know, basically anyone and everyone can wear white on a daily basis. But she wears a fair amount of it to let you know that this is one of her best colors.

She could be in a ballroom gown, or nearly nothing. Miley loves her whites.

A theory I have is that she is trying to make herself look shapelier without having to put on more weight. White is a good color for girls her size and for girls who want to accentuate certain body parts.

For example, when I want my butt to look bigger, I wear white pants. When I want my hips to look bigger, I wear a bodycon white dress (also helps the butt).

I feel like she wears a lot of white because even though she likes having her small yoga-esque body, she still wants to be shapely. White gives her a nicer looking figure.

#2 Denim

Miley subtly reminds us that she’s still a Southern girl at heart. Denim, a Southern trademark, is seen frequently on her hot bod.

Miley likes to incorporate Denim into her look because it can be nice and casual or dressed up with a classy shirt and accessories.

Many of us wear it daily, but in order to look like her, try denim with a cool pattern painted on/sewn in, or wear it with a really trendy shirt. Even do double denim.

And whoever said double denim was a fashion disaster simply just didn’t look cute in it.

#3 Shorts


Adding curvature to her body, Miley likes to wear high-waisted shorts (more denim).

I consider high-waisted shorts to be every girl’s best friend. You can be bony, you can be curvy, you can literally be anything and high-waisted shorts will give you curves/add to the ones you already have.

I know high-waisted anything is already the trend but look for unique pairs, maybe on Etsy, for example, and stand out like Miley in your cute bottoms.

#4 Jumpsuits

I find jumpsuits to be flattering on any figure. What I appreciate with Miley is her willingness to wear jumpsuits with a range of patterns. Whether simple or elaborate, she knows how to work them well.

If you find jumpsuits to be too much fabric for you to do at one time or maybe too hot, etc., try a romper. Either way, they’re more exciting with a fun design and an open mind.

#5 High Fashion

I think that all of America knows by now that Miley isn’t afraid to try new things. That’s what high fashion is all about: new trends and show-stopping looks.

While everyday fashionistas like us may not be able to just go and fetch things off the runway like Miley, try searching the online boutiques and see what you can find there. There is a lot of trendy things out there that we love and can splurge on!

#6 Red Lipstick


One of the most important things to style is makeup. Whether you wear a lot or a little, it’s something that is a part of your personal trademark.

Red lipstick makes your lips look plump and sultry, yet mysterious, still, making others wonder what kinds of secrets you have hidden behind your sly smile.

Miley frequents this color a lot, giving her youthful face an edgy glow to go with her fashion sense. Try red on yourself. If hers is too bright for you, look for a deep red. It’s a little more demure but equally seductive.

Miley speaks to the many different fashion senses within all of us. I think that is why she is very popular worldwide. She knows how to wear a pair of denim shorts. She’ll wear something straight off the runway. Miley has made herself relatable to styles across the board. Her fashion sense is unique and influential.

How does your style compare?

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I’m a college student living in a sweet paradise land filled with palm trees and smoothies. I love to write about all things important: high-waisted shorts, A-line dresses, and dressing for your body type. I write about other things too. Hope you enjoy!

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