Scott Disick Quotes: A Modern Era Philosopher

scott disick quotes
Scott's comedic one liners poke fun at first world problems. Have a look at these Scott Disick quotes to see in what way he addresses serious questions.

Scott Disick really does strike a chord with Americans, but why is America obsessed? You don’t have to love the Kardashians to chuckle at Scott Disick quotes. In his own way, he seems to be telling people to stop taking themselves too seriously, and puts things back into perspective. It’s like a breath of fresh air in Los Angeles, where high fashion and name dropping became as important as putting food on the table. But should it be?

The delusion of grandeur

One of his best lines is, “I’m a big star, I don’t need to be dealing with you peasants.” In this moment, Disick has captured the feeling we get working in a hospitality job, when you’re in the weeds and trying your hardest to do everything perfectly, and someone comes in texting on their phone and barks an order at you.

You kindly ask them a question to clarify their preference and they condescendingly look at you as if you are pond scum and turn their nose up with a snarky answer. You humbly smile and get their dry, skinny, mocha frap with low fat whip.

A little part of you smiles inside, because well, at least you’re not miserable and still have a sense of decency even though you got up at 3:45am to get to work. Then you think of America as the land of the extremely disparate income earners and elitists.

Nobody is ever old for new things

How about his one liner about taking up new hobbies that will challenge him to go outside of his comfort zone? Disick appeals to our inner desire to master foreign concepts when he said, “I gotta learn to rap.” It immediately makes one apply to their top choice schools and push past their limited beliefs of what they are truly capable of. Is he trying to say we need to support the arts? I think so.

Clearly he sees a need for reciprocity among the elderly and the youth as well, why do we have to let go of our appreciation for a heavy base kick just because we are entering our early thirties? We don’t. Thank goodness, because life can get really boring without music. Disick wants us to hold onto all that is fun in our lives, our youth, and our vibrato.

The great big ego

There’s self-esteem and then there’s confidence that took too many probiotics. What do you think Disick is getting at when he says, “It’s kinda cute that Courtney wants me all to herself…I can’t blame her.” Is he just saying what everyone else with a big ego is actually thinking? Is the genius of Scott Disick that he is exposing the ridiculousness of Hollywood prima donnas?

If you really want to be a ‘prima donna’, learn how to sing in Italian and be the first woman out on stage cause that’s what a real diva does. I think we can all learn a lot from pretty boy Scott. Why do we all think we need to be so fabulous?

Who’s going to roll up their sleeves and take care of real life if we spend all our free time tweeting about how great we are? Scott Disick may be single handedly saving America’s soul as he infiltrates Twitter with deceptively smart one line jests.

In his famous quote, “The Lord would like some service in his house,” Disick reminds us that there isn’t anybody that can question the master of the house nor should they, right? He pokes fun at people who run the show like dictators and he does it well. Not only do his antics spread like wildfire, many people like his stuff and they don’t even know why. Well now you know, he’s a prodigy genius. It’s obvious.


Making fun of fashion trends

While Hollywood stars are busy arguing over trends in a futile struggle for popularity, he just straight up tells people he’s starting a new trend, because why sugar coat it right? If we are going to get people to spend more on an accessory than their monthly rent, it should be pretty awesome right? That’s right.

Dissick said, “I can’t wait to unleash my fall trend to the world, the walking stick.” Has he won the hearts of those that mock overpriced fashion trends that seem to land every college girl in debt? Is he perhaps helping fashion to become more realistic and purposeful?

Maybe you should pick your words

Nothing keeps a relationship alive like blatant honesty. Maybe that’s not what he’s getting at. Perhaps his humor is saying something more about the way we think about each other and treat each other. Check out this line I found on Perez Hilton’s site, “If I would have fallen in love with you a couple pounds overweight, this would be my ideal weight. But I fell in love with you when you were super skinny. So..”

Thank goodness he clarified that for Kourtney. She probably was so relieved to know that. Now all she has to do is stop eating for a few days and she can win his love back, right? Well maybe not. Maybe he’s trying to get us common peeps to realize acting like that is like when Californians freak out over light rain. They run for cover, buy rain boots and rain jackets for their Chihuahuas because the apocalypse has arrived.

Do we obsess over weight more than we should? Do we coat our walls and purses with mirrors to make sure we aren’t retaining water and need to ‘hold the salt’? I don’t know, do we?

The comment on culture

And when Scott Disick decided to reveal the secret of the universe, he was on par with thought leaders of our time; he just used reverse psychology to get there. Dissick has been seen in some pretty bold costumes, seriously, look them up. Here’s his quote that really grabs the heart of a gross cultural pattern in our society, he gets people to grapple with the theories of good and evil in one sentence fragment.

Who else can say the same? So he said, “You don’t respect my religion? I don’t respect your outfit.” Stop the record. That doesn’t make any sense. Oh yes it does. It’s all perspective. If we are just going to sit and judge each other no matter how smart we think we are, we aren’t solving any problems, religious or atheist. Wow, now that’s deep.

Disick has redefined the term Sass, with his mind and what Perez Hilton calls word vomit. Well if having absolutely no filter is this funny, why do any of us curtail our words? He’s got million dollar sentence fragments and that’s more than any full time writer can say for themselves.

In the same footsteps of Larry David from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Disick captures attention with his outright disregard for awkwardness and social norms. He just says what comes to his mind because, let’s face it, everyone else is thinking it. Here is a perfect example, “I didn’t buy the piano to play it. I bought it because it looks nice.”

We all know someone that has done this right? It goes along with the jeans that have fake pockets, shirts that have pockets that are sewn shut and things that look like windows and fireplaces to give the appearance of something we’d actually like to have. Does that even make sense?

It’s like paying someone to write your book, paying someone to review the book that someone else wrote for you, and accepting an award for being a great writer. It’s a facade. But it happens all the time.

You might recall a moment when Disick decided to be like Noah from the movie The Notebook. This classic moment shows how we all subconsciously model ourselves off of what we see in movies in order to try to look more appealing. I mean, really ladies, we have to cut it out, wake up and smell the roses, and stop being other people so we can carve out unique identities for ourselves.

The movie industry is fun and all but we can’t go modeling our life and dreams around looking like some skinny actress that has a completely different bone structure than us. The quote du jour for this subject was, “I realized the main character in The Notebook is not only good looking and in good shape. He is also a professional handyman.”

Disick started acting like a handyman and fixing things that were not really broken to show the absurdity of human behaviors that do things to be more appealing rather than out of practicality. The guy is pretty darn entertaining.

Yes I did call Disick a philosopher of the modern era. And why you ask? Well take a look at this: “All the haters are just jealous, so they’re trying to bring me down. I’m young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I’m a role model – I’m the American dream.”

Is he paying lip service to one little, insignificant, minor, not that important thing? Is he saying that everyone has lost sight of the original American dream which was to live free and still uphold the community as a group, not step on each other while we try to get the best deal on black Friday?

I’m pretty sure the founding fathers would be the first ones to embarrass themselves by elbowing each other out of the way to get that 45% off on a 54 inch plasma. Thomas Jefferson would definitely give a black eye or two in the name of the American dream right? Or would he?

Disick strikes up a good point about what we make priorities in our lives when he says, “It’s a very cute idea — this love bracelet. It obviously doesn’t go with my gold accessories, but if it did, I would always wear it.” Are you still paying attention? Good. Now this is a remarkable statement that shows we’ve got our priorities in a tizzy.

We don’t know why we do what we do, when to do what we need to do, or who told us to do it. We just wear what looks right not regarding the sentimental value.

Well, he seems to know something about value and he’s making us think he doesn’t so we can pat ourselves on the back like we figured it out ourselves. I like your style SD. Very coy. Get us to realize how ridiculous some of our behaviors are so we stop taking our image so seriously.

Do we really care that much about what people say about us? Does it really ruin our day when someone makes one single comment on Facebook? Where did our backbones go? Did we sell our dignity on so we could buy a hand carved sign that says, “I’m glad we talked about this conversation,” and hang it over our mantelpiece? By the way, Disick did not say that.

I really liked when Scott replied to his wife’s mom’s comment. She said “I think my favorite day this year was when Opera came over.” And he replied “Not the day Penelope was born? You heartless wench!” He deserves a gold medal for that one. Need I point out how he just shut down one of the richest moms in the country with 9 simple words? A gifted linguist he is.

So after reading Disick’s quotes today, hopefully we can all sleep a little deeper, laugh a little harder, love a little more honestly, dress a lot more awkward, and speak a lot more rudely. If Scott has redeemed some of Hollywood’s not so proud moments, it begs the question, can we not do the same? In the words of the lovely and successful Christina Perri: “I’m only human.”

And you're welcome Scott Disick, someone finally realized you’re an absolute genius.

Thank you for reading about life lessons with Scott Disick today, and I hope to continue to provide you with spellbinding, empowering insight as your dedicated writer on YouQueen.

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