Sexiest Male Athletes On Instagram

Abs, biceps and glutes, oh my! Whether you support your favorite sports team because of the game or the sexy athletes, here are the sexiest male athletes on Instagram.

It’s no surprise that we fall in love with sports and the men playing them. Watching muscular thighs run across the 40-yard line, tight glutes walking up to bat and defined abs flexing during the backstroke is enough to make us drool.

These athletes look good while they’re working and even during their down time. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the sexiest athletes during the off-season, be sure to check out our favorites below.

@BRADYQUINN (Brady Quinn)


Followers: 8k

This sexy Notre Dame grad is a football quarterback who’s played for the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos and New York Jets.

His model good looks definitely got him noticed both on and off the field. On his Instagram, you’ll find him teeing off on a golf course, sending gifts to military families and suiting up for his job as an NFL game analyst.

@ALEXANDERWENNBERG (Alexander Wennberg)


Followers: 18.2k

If you’re used to the common stereotype that ice hockey players are huge and aggressive men with missing teeth, you clearly haven’t been watching the players hit the ice.

Alexander Wennberg is a professional ice hockey player with the Columbus Blue Jackets. This Swedish native has gorgeous blonde locks and bright blue eyes.

If you’re looking for a sexy man in a dashing suit and with a charming smile, his Instagram is your final destination.

@ADAMHENRIQUE (Adam Henrique)


Followers: 19k

With all the equipment used to hit the ice, you’d never know Adam Henrique was all muscle until you saw him out of it.

Another professional ice hockey player, Henrique plays for the New Jersey Devils. Always seen with a gorgeous smile, on his Instagram, you’ll find pictures of him hitting the ice or posing with kittens and puppies.

@DAVIDLEE1982 (David Lee)


Followers: 19.2k

You probably head to the beach and see guys pretending that they know how to play volleyball, but if you want to see a truly sexy professional, David Lee is the way to go.

This Olympic gold medalist stands at 6’8,” and has played in more than five countries. With an adventurous spirit, you’ll find pictures of him surfing, snowboarding and free diving when off the court.

@TYSONCHANDLER (Tyson Chandler)


Followers: 156k

If there’s one thing you can guarantee about basketball players, it’s that they’re tall. Tyson Chandler, a center for the Phoenix Suns, stands at a tall 7’1”.

A perfect match, this sexy basketball player held a spread in GQ while also posing nude for the cover of ESPN’s magazine.

Occasionally updating his fans via Instagram, you’ll find him posing with his other celebrity friends like Justin Bieber, Marlon Wayans and fellow basketball player Steve Nash.

@RYANLOCHTE (Ryan Lochte)


Followers: 456k

Swimming might be a great sport because of the skill and training that the athletes have, but we might be particularly drawn to it for the shirtless bodies.

Ryan Lochte, a five-time Olympic gold medalist, proves that he might be one of the best athletes in and out of the pool. The world has taken notice of his great physique and handsome face, and will continue to as he models for Ralph Lauren Polo.

@TIMHOW1 (Tim Howard)


Followers: 526k

This 37-year-old New Jersey native shot to fame in the 2015 World Cup. Helping the USA get farther than most anticipated, Howard blocked an impressive 15+ shots in one game.

The perfect cross between charming and intriguing, he can be seen on his Instagram showing off his collection of tattoos, dressed to the nines in a tux and bow tie or showing off his skills on the field.

@TEAMVIC (Victor Cruz)


Followers: 650k

Victor Cruz initially joined the New York Giants in 2010; just a year later, he helped the team in his first Superbowl win. Cruz initially gained fame for his skills as a wide receiver, but we soon took notice of his lean physique and adorable smile.

On Instagram, you can find him posting selfies with dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History, creating custom suits or representing his hometown of Paterson, NJ, with another Paterson celebrity, Fetty Wap.

@EDECK87 (Eric Decker)


Followers: 871k

Having made his start on the Denver Broncos, Eric Decker now plays as wide receiver for the New York Jets. This 29-year-old from Minnesota can be seen on Instagram, playing exhibition wheelchair rugby matches, exercising to keep that body right or posing for pictures with his gorgeous wife Jessie James.

@EDELMAN11 (Julian Edelman)


Followers: 888k

This New England Patriot has been playing with the team since 2009, and has since won his first championship in 2015. A fan of many things, Edelman can be found posting pictures of his favorite fellow athletes, signing autographs for his fans and making trips to ice hockey games.

@MARCHISIOCLA8 (Claudio Marchisio)


Followers: 1.9m

This sexy Italian native is a professional footballer who has never played for a team outside of Italy. Whether you follow Italian sports or not, you might have seen his thick brown hair and gorgeous green eyes grace the field during the World Cup.

While almost all of his posts are written in Italian, you’ll grab all the context clues you need in his English hashtags, but who really cares for the caption when his gorgeous face is in the picture?



Followers: 2.5m

This power forward for the Los Angeles clippers lets us know that there’s a lot of power behind those muscles. Standing at 6’10”, Blake Griffin is never one to shy away from showing off his dunking capabilities.

Gracing our televisions while on the court and in those hilarious Kia commercials, he shows up on our Instagram feed with pictures of him on the court, hanging out with other celebrity friends or adorable Throwback Thursdays.

@CP3 (Chris Paul)


Followers: 4.8m

Chris Paul started his career on the New Orleans Hornets but has made an even greater name for himself as the point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers.

When off the court, you’ve probably seen him pop up in a Nike or State Farm commercial. With his love of family and basketball as his main focus, his Instagram is filled with pictures of him on the court with his friendly rivals or spending time with his gorgeous family.

@DWYANEWADE (Dwyane Wade)


Followers: 6.6m

We have Miami fever when it comes to this sexy athlete. Dwyane Wade has played as shooting guard for the Miami Heat since he was first drafted in to grace the court.

Recently married to the beautiful Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade posts pictures of his wife, NBA friends and hilarious memes to his Instagram.

@CRISTIANO (Cristiano Ronaldo)


Followers: 57.5m

If you’re a huge football (soccer) fan or own a television, there’s a chance you’ve seen Cristiano Ronaldo on it. This 31-year-old Portuguese native plays for the Portuguese national team while also playing for the club team, Real Madrid.

With a long list of honors and awards, Ronaldo is the most followed athlete on Instagram. With sun-kissed skin and hard muscles, you’ll find an abundance of selfies or action shots on the field.

If you didn’t watch sports before, I’m sure you’ll want to now! If you’re in the mood for some more sexy men, be sure to check out our other posts on the sexy men of Instagram!

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