Sexiest Male Singers On Instagram

Music is pleasing to the ears, and there’s nothing more pleasing than having a sexy man sing to you—sexiness and talent in one beautiful package.

Whether they’re trying to make sure the neighbors know your name or they’re bringing sexy back, these male singers have us feeling a little parched, and our thirst is only quenched when we check out their Instagram for more attractive shots of them. These are the sexy singers gracing our Instagram feeds.

@ROBINTHICKE (Robin Thicke)


Followers: 553k

Robin Thicke initially gained fame by writing for some of the hottest musical talents in the world, including Usher and Christina Aguilera. In his first bid to fame, we heard Robin Thicke with a smooth and soft croon in his hit “Lost Without You.” With a thick head of brown hair and green eyes, we’d be lost if he disappeared from our feed.



Followers: 1.2m

Sam Hunt is new to the country singing scene and quickly rose right to the top. This down-to-earth singer was a college quarterback for UAB before dabbling in country music.

Hunt received multiple nominations for his first studio album, including American Music Award, Billboard Music Award and Grammy Award nominations. With a simple combination of jeans, white tee and fitted cap alongside his dark features and rugged beard, Sam Hunt has worked his way into our minds.

@USHER (Usher Raymond)


Followers: 4m

Usher is no stranger to the music scene, and we’re no stranger to the contour of Usher’s abdominals. Since the early ‘90s, Usher has released single after single while also introducing the public to his dancing talents.

Possibly a blessing in disguise, the artist has showed off his rhythm and soulful voice many times while wearing a tank top or, as we prefer him, shirtless.

@TREYSONGZ (Trey Songz)


Followers: 6.2m

Trey Songz, better known as “Mr. Steal Yo Girl,” might sound cocky, but he has the talent and the looks to back it up. Starting out in the early 2000s, Trey Songz started out as a smooth talker before he transitioned into his role as a ladies’ man. With sexy tattoos, toned abs and a chiseled chest, we’re sure Trey will make sure the neighbors know his name.

@ADAMLEVINE (Adam Levine)


Followers: 6.6m

This sexy musician is no stranger to baring it all. Adam Levine, the lead singer of the band Maroon 5, has bared his soul in many of his songs while also going bare in a few of his magazine shoots.

After becoming a smashing success with his group, Adam Levine went on to collaborate with many other artists, including Eminem, Gym Class Heroes and R. City.

When we’re not fawning over his mass sex appeal while he judges on “The Voice,” we’re checking out his Instagram page with pictures of his gorgeous wife and Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo.

@NICKJONAS (Nick Jonas)


Followers: 6.7m

If any celebrity shows that the “glo up” is real, it’s definitely Nick Jonas. Starting off as a teenager in the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas quickly proved that he was an important part of the group, but his potential soared when he started his solo project.

Not only did he drop the curls, but he also gained a body full of muscle. We’re checking his Instagram for sexy workout pictures or dashing pictures of him on the red carpet.



Followers: 26.6m

If there’s one singer who’s proven his dancing skills are as good as his vocals, it’s Chris Brown. He’s glided his way across state, and sang his way onto every major radio station and has looked amazing while doing it.

With a body full of tattoos, Chris Brown has kept it sexy with his killer dance moves and sweet with his adorable smile. Dabbling into an even more artistic side, his feed is filled with artwork and pieces from his clothing label.

@JUSTINTIMBERLAKE (Justin Timberlake)


Followers: 27.3m

Be honest: Justin Timberlake was one of the best, if not the best, members of *NSYNC. His sweet demeanor, blue eyes and frosted tips soon got the attention of fans everywhere.

Even then, he was cute, but he said “Bye, Bye, Bye” to that Justin and *NSYNC and brought “Sexy Back” when he reappeared as a soloist. Quickly ditching the classic boy band moves and adopting a smoother approach, he showed us that his rhythm wasn’t just a fluke. With his own classic sound, Justin Timberlake continues to show us that sexy isn’t going anywhere.

Not only do these men go down as some of the sexiest men alive, but we can’t help but listen to their voices every time their songs play on the radio.

Isn’t it every woman’s dream to be serenaded? Well, quit dreaming, and make sure you check out their Instagram for pictures of them. While you’re at it, be sure to stop by YouQueen’s official Instagram for daily inspiration and things that we love.

Let us know down below who the sexiest singer on your Instagram feed is, and which one of their songs you have on repeat!

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