3 Denim On Denim Outfits You Need To Flaunt This Spring

Who doesn’t love a good denim outfit? Twice the denim, twice as good! Check out the best denim on denim outfits to rock this season!

Denim is a must-have staple for pretty much any season, but when the warm weather comes, it gives us some more room to experiment with more styles and looks! The good thing about denim is that it never goes out of style. Look back through all of the fashion trends and you’ll see that denim has always been on trend.

You can mix and match old denim with new denim, denim and lace, denim and leather…there are just so many choices! With workplaces heading towards more a casual than business dress code recently, you can definitely pull this look off at work—especially on a Friday when nobody can say no to jeans!

It is an easy look; you obviously don’t have to think about whether it matches, and it also aligns well with the monochromatic trend that has been hitting the streets like a wildfire. I’d stay away from the really distressed, holey denim for work, though, as I don’t think that your HR department will like that.

Popular denim on denim outfits


A classic denim on denim outfit always looks great with a pair of gold hoops or a chunky gold necklace. That’s one or the other though—not both. You don’t want to end up looking like Snooki circa The Jersey Shore. Less is more, ladies.

The denim pencil skirt is really big right now in celebrity circles. It is a mix of a classic pencil skirt look, distressed with a ripped denim skirt, usually paired with a chambray button up or maybe a denim vest.

Here are three more affordable denim-on-denim looks that are perfect for any occasion and will have you strutting your stuff this spring season!

Denim dresses

The denim/chambray button down dress is a must-have of the season. It is loose, comfortable and stylish. You can throw a long-line sweater or a light trench coat over it when it gets chilly.


Pair it with some high socks and boots to balance out the look, or throw on a hat and some ankle boots. There are so many ways to rock this look! Forever21 has a denim button down dress for $29.

Denim/chambray button down shirt


This denim/chambray button down shirt worn with a pair of form-fitting jeans is the classic denim-on-denim outfit—aka the Canadian Tuxedo. To pull this look off, wear lighter shades of denim in areas that you want to attract attention to and darker shades of denim to create a slimming effect.

For most women, the most attractive arrangement is darker on the bottom lighter on the top. A denim-on-denim outfit of the same shade is typically not as flattering.

It is also a good idea to incorporate different weights and textures of denim. Even though you are going for a monochromatic denim look, you can really give your outfit an upgrade with some fun textures. You can find this Chambray Button Down for $54.

These are the perfect pair of jeans to go with this top and they’re only $39. They are a slightly darker wash and more on the casual side with the distressed look.

It’s best to wear a tighter fit jean with this look since the chambray shirt style is usually a bit baggy. If you’re going to go baggy on top, go tight on the bottom and vice versa. If you want to dress this look up a bit, try pairing a mismatched blazer over top and accessorize with a sexy, sleek heel.

Denim skirt


At $91 on sale, this skirt is the ultimate find right here. It ships within 24 hours! This classic, cool high-waist skirt has a high back slit and heavy distressing all over. It is perfect for an all denim look, or you could easily just throw on a tank top and go!

This chambray crop top is a great pairing for the distressed pencil skirt. The shirt is going for the unfinished, scissor cut, distressed look. It is simple, so the skirt is the main focus of this outfit, but it balances the look out.

The high waist of the skirt and short top allow for a very slimming body shape and extenuate all the right places! Complement this outfit with a strappy pair or heels or colorful set of pumps, and you’re good to go.

Whether you like sporting jeans or rocking a tight, high-waist skirt, there is a way for everyone to incorporate the Canadian Tuxedo into their wardrobe this spring season.

Mixing denim has infinite possibilities; which is why the denim craze isn’t going away anytime soon. Any silhouette can work on someone if it is done right.

Skinny jeans are the easiest for anyone to pull off, but don’t be afraid to experiment. As long as you don’t end up looking like Justin and Britney circa 90s VMAs, you should be okay. Balance in the outfit is the key to giving an effortless street style vibe.

Which one of these looks is your favorite? What is your go-to denim-on-denim look? Comment below! Give us some denim inspiration!


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