Classy Winter Outfit Ideas For Any Event

A lot happens in winter: holidays, parties, family get-togethers, Valentine’s Day…. Here are some classy and stylish outfits to make sure you’re the most fashionable person in the room.

As Audrey Hepburn says, “Every girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” I have a few outfit ideas that are classy and fabulous for any event, from formal to casual, while also being very comfortable. The best part is that they only require a few basics you probably already have in your closet.

1. Suit Up: Wear a Blazer

blazer leggings boots outfit

Blazers are my go-to for a very classy and sophisticated look, but they don’t always have to be extremely fancy and dressed up. They can be quite simple and polished. Here’s how:

To start: Any color blazer
Top: A simple, solid-colored t-shirt or tank top underneath the blazer. Black always looks casual, but put together.
Bottoms: Either black pants like leggings made of thick material or dark wash jeans
Shoes: Boots always look cute with this outfit as do heels or any shoes you prefer.
Accessories: Small earrings, either peal or diamond studs. Any necklace would look nice with this as well, as would any bracelet or watch. This simple outfit can be accessorized with jewelry to dress it up.

2. The Classic “LBD”

little blakc dress winter outfit

A little black dress can also be dressed up or down. It is a classic, and you can never go wrong with it.

To start: Any little black dress whether it’s loose or form fitting.
How to dress it up: Add a blazer or a sheer black cardigan. Wear a nice coat over it. Wear with heels, tights and simple jewelry.
How to dress it down: Wear a colorful cardigan over the dress or a scarf. Wear boots or flats and add a fun necklace and accessories.

A stylish hat always goes well with this outfit, whether you’re dressing it up or down, and adds a creative touch.

3. The Britney Spears Schoolgirl Look… Made Classy

black knee high socks winter outfits

We all remember the knee high socks from the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” music video, right? Well, knee high socks can be made quite classy with the right outfit, but still have a flirty and youthful look.

To start: A pair of black knee high socks
Tops: A cute sweater that isn’t too long, or an oversized sweater that fits more like a dress.
Bottoms: If you’re wearing a sweater dress, don’t add bottoms. If you’re wearing a shorter sweater, choose a cute circle skirt or pencil skirt that comes to above the knee.
Shoes: Ankle boots with a heel always look cute with this outfit as do knee high boots.
Accessories: A fun headband or bow always adds a cute touch, but add any accessories you prefer.

4. Lace and Leather

leather jacket outfits

A leather (or faux leather as I prefer) jacket is a classic. It is edgy, but can still be made very classy. Adding lace to this look softens the edginess and adds a girly touch.

To start: A leather jacket of any color.
Top: Wear a lace shirt, such as a black lace camisole, underneath the leather jacket.
Bottoms: For a more casual look, wear dark wash jeans or black leggings of a thick material. One look that I like to wear with this is a form fitting black mini skirt over black pantyhose.
Shoes: Heels and knee high boots both look great with this.
Accessories: Choose any accessories you like. A dangly pair of earrings is fun with this, or any accessories with a touch of lace.

5. Preppy Chic

Preppy Chic Winter Outfit

This last look is perfect for going out to lunch, shopping or even work on a more casual day. And, as promised, you will look classy and fabulous.

To start: Wear a sweater over a different colored long sleeved shirt with a collar. Make sure the cuffs of the collared shirt stick out further than the sweater and are longer. The collar should also stick out above the sweater. Clothing stores tend to sell this combination together.
Bottoms: Skinny jeans and leggings look great with this, or choose a pencil skirt for a dressier look.
Shoes: I personally think boots look adorable with this—especially rain boots—but any kind of boots or heels work. Even a pair of Converse sneakers can look cute with this if you’re going for a very casual look.
Accessories: A statement necklace is perfect for this, while a nice watch that sits right below the sleeve of the collared shirt finishes the look.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for classy, yet fashionable winter outfit ideas! If you have any other outfit ideas for this season, feel free to suggest them in the comments.

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