Dress To Impress: 7 Outfits For Any Type Of Date

Every woman has difficulties finding the perfect outfit for her daily itinerary or, even worse, finding the perfect outfit for varying types of dates. Don't worry, we will help you.

According to The Telegraph, a study found that women spend a year of their lives choosing the right outfit. The reasoning behind this is simple: what woman doesn’t want to dress to impress?

Sometimes, you spend days planning the perfect outfit only to wake up on the day feeling bloated because your period has just started. Then, it’s time to kiss that awesome outfit goodbye and go back to the drawing board.

The only problem is you now have limited time. Here’s where these outfit for any type of date can come in handy.

1. Movie night


Who doesn’t love a date night where you stay in, make microwave popcorn and watch movies while cuddling. The tricky part is finding the right outfit that is comfy, but isn’t your oversized flannel pajamas.

A great outfit for a movie night at home is classic black leggings and an oversized plaid shirt/sweatshirt/boyfriend shirt with minimal to no makeup and a messy bun—cozy, but also cute and stylish.

2. Mini golf

Playing a game of mini golf is not only a fun date, but also one that makes you feel like you’re in a romance movie. However, playing mini golf in a dress or skirt is a bad idea.

The perfect outfit for mini golf is denim shorts or cropped skinny jeans and a cute tank top, tucked in, with flats or Converse sneakers. Don’t be afraid to add cute sunglasses or a hat!

3. Hiking


Spring is here and hiking dates are always great, but choosing the right outfit can be tricky. It’s the inner fight of “I want to look cute” vs. “I need an outfit that is functional for me to sweat and hike through a forest in”.

No worries: both sides can easily win with a pair of running or hiking shoes, workout leggings/shorts (both are very flattering) and a t-shirt or tank top. It’s cute, but also says that you’re ready to hike.

Needless to say, no make up or very little is a good idea for this date along with a cute ponytail and headband.

4. Dinner date


Picture this: a romantic night out in the city, enjoying a nice candlelit dinner. It sounds perfect—until you need to find an outfit. This is where it gets tricky. Your outfit all depends on where you’ll be dining.

Sometimes, a dressy tank top with heels and nice jeans or leggings works perfectly, while other times, you need to wear a dress. Some would say that a little black dress is what’s needed.

Regardless, dress to impress, but also dress for what is suitable for the place you’re going to. If you need a longer dress, just remember that a leg slit never hurts. Feel free to dazzle with a bright and bold lipstick for a pop of color to go with your beautifully done hair.

5. Family events

Whether it’s your family or his, you want to dress nicely. This always makes a great impression and can sometimes show how happy you and your partner are. If it’s your first time meeting the family (no pressure), the perfect outfit can go a long way towards establishing a good relationships with them.

We all get nervous—especially if the person you’re with means the world to you. It’s hard to say what the best outfit is for such a meeting, but jeans/leggings and a nice blouse or dressy shirt—just make sure it isn’t too low cut—is often a safe choice.

You want to look casual while making a good impression. Also, consider wearing minimal makeup and definitely make sure your hair is neatly done. You’ll not only wow them with your charm and personality, but also with your great outfit.

6. Sports games


It doesn’t matter which person in the relationship is the sports fan, if you don’t like sports, be open-minded and excited to see what your partner likes. Your choice of outfit can really help with this.

If you like the team, even remotely, then wear a team jersey (some are cute and form fitting) with a pair of jeans or leggings. This is an outing where you should feel free to wear Converse sneakers or cute flats.

If you have zero positive feelings for the teams or the sport, then wear just wear a casual tee with jeans or leggings and try to pay attention. It’s a sports game, not a runway so don a baseball hat and remember that casual and relaxed always looks great for this date.

7. Concerts


Like sport games, it doesn’t matter who loves the band, just go and have fun—in a killer outfit, of course. Some people go overboard when dressing for concerts, which doesn’t really match the date.

A great outfit would be the band’s t-shirts or a cute tank, crop top or graphic tee with skinny jeans, or even ripped jeans, with comfortable shoes. Your hair can be worn in any way that looks great and makeup is definitely a great idea for a night of music and partying.

The perfect outfit varies for every woman because we all have our own styles. However, these are all trendy, cute, flirty and fashionable outfits for these dates. Dress for the occasion and to impress, but remember: don’t let the outfit wear you; you wear the outfit.

Be fun, happy, adventurous and, most importantly, confident! If you have any great outfit ideas for specific types of dates, feel free to comment below and share them with us.

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