Man Reveals: 7 Hot Outfits Guys Like To See On Women

Have you ever wondered what outfits guys like the most? We’ve compiled a list of the top seven outfits that guys go crazy for—according to our male contributor.

Although the average guy doesn’t know a whole lot about women’s fashion, he knows what he likes and he knows what he thinks women look good in. Some outfits are just so classic that pretty much all guys agree they look great.

Maybe those outfits have been glorified and sexualized in men’s minds, or maybe they really do look that good on all women, but from a guy’s perspective, here are seven outfits that are always attractive.

1. Short skirts


Skirts are just really sexy. I don’t think there’s a straight guy in the world who would disagree with that. We have no idea how comfortable they are to wear, what occasions they best suit and what you can wear with a skirt. All we know is they are suggestive and we absolutely love it. Short skirts are pretty much the sexiest things girls can wear in public.

If you don’t often wear skirts, or if you don’t particularly like them, you might want to give them another shot. When guys think about skirts, we don’t think about the tight, business casual skirt that a woman working in an office might wear.

We’re thinking about Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe (although I think that white outfit is a dress), and Jessica Alba. Free flowing and stylish is how we like it best.

2. Crop tops

Showing off that sexy midsection will turn heads everywhere you go. Guys absolutely love crop tops. A belly button piercing is not necessary but adds a bit of cuteness to an already successful get-up. Loose fitting crop tops are not as sexy as tight crop tops. Having the pants or shorts down rather low makes it sexier, too.


Crop tops for going out are definitely good. As guys generally see it, looking hot is looking hot. No matter what the location may be, few guys will think to themselves: why is she wearing that here of all places. All they’ll notice is your midsection and how good you look wearing what you have on.

3. Sundresses


Of all outfits guys like, sundress has a special spot. We love the way a girl looks wearing a sundress. The thinner the material, the better. If the underwear is visible through the material, it will drive men wild. I can remember visiting New York City in summer a few years ago and thinking, WOW, I wish the girls back home would wear sundresses. What was popular at the time back home was super short jean shorts, which are also nice, but they don’t really stimulate the imagination.

The sexiest part of a thin sundress is that it almost looks like you’re looking at their body through a veil. Being able to make out curves and the underwear line gives guys just enough to fill in the details themselves with their imagination.

4. Spaghetti strap


Anything that shows a lot of skin is generally attractive, but spaghetti straps in particular draw a lot of attention to the bosom and neck. They’re very casual but sexy. We also take notice of what type of bra you’re wearing if we can tell. We might use our imaginations a bit for that as well. While hanging out at home with your partner, a spaghetti strap with no bra is super hot.

5. Skimpy cotton shorts


We love that lounging at home look if it entails a short pair of thin cotton shorts. The shorter, the better. The relaxed look of nighttime clothes can be quite sexy in the right circumstances. Long pajamas with a large t-shirt don’t exactly fit the bill, but revealing night time clothing definitely does.

6. Costumes

Pretty much any kind of costume that is tight, revealing or makes you look cute is totally hot. It obviously hints at a role play fantasy and, of course, guys love that. The school girl, the beer maid, the nurse, Santa’s little helper—anything like that will definitely turn some heads.

Whether it’s Halloween or not, guys still love costumes. Why you’re dressed up as whatever it is you’re supposed to be will probably not be the first thing that will come to our minds when we see you. Most likely, we’ll be stunned because you’re looking hot in your outfit.

7. Uniforms


Any kind of feminine uniform, namely airline stewardess, fits some kind of fantasy for us. We might think of how we’ve always wanted to date a flight attendant. Obviously not all uniforms count. Delivering pizza in a hat and long pants isn’t that appealing, but generally, guys love the fantasy involved with uniforms.

Some guys like certain styles more than others obviously, but most of the guys I’ve talked about this with agree. Short skirts are definitely the number one hottest thing a girl can wear around town.

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I’m a Florida native who can’t help but get myself into romantic trouble everywhere I look. During football season, I allow my weekends to be consumed with sports. During the long months in between, I focus most of my energy on trying to find the perfect match. So I’m here to share some of my knowledge with you, because I know deep down you’re just like me.

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