Things To Consider When Buying Shoes For Flat Feet

Buying shoes for flat feet can feel like an impossible task. These are the most important things to consider in a pair of shoes if you have flat feet.

Some people say having flat feet is not pretty. I prefer to be comfortable rather than care about being pretty or ugly. This is why I don’t wear heels.

Recently, I learned how to walk with high heels. It is not hard, but it is not comfortable. I’m lucky that I don’t need them. Even if I were a short girl, I still wouldn’t wear them.

I love walking a lot and ending tired is not my goal. What else I love? Being barefoot. My feet love being bare, but most of the time, we have to wear shoes.

I think that it is weird how some people say that people with flat feet need to wear shoes more and that being barefoot is uncomfortable for us.

When it comes to choosing shoes, though, there are some things that you need to consider. If you have flat feet, then this article is good for you.

Even if you don’t, the information won’t hurt you. Also, I hope to influence you to care more about your feet and the shoes you use.

Arch Support

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The foot consists of 26 bones, which are connected by 33 joints. The bones and joints—along with more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments—set up what is commonly known as the arch of the foot.

The arch of the foot works like a spring to help the body move and absorbs its weight over all surfaces. If you have a low arch, it means that you require shoes that incorporate support for the arch and that replicate the normal curve of the foot.

To test if shoes are suitable for your feet, put your fingers inside the shoe and push them downwards. It should have a firm support instead of a soft surface. Then, move your fingers to the center of the shoe to feel the incline of the sole material. Look for shoes made by companies like Asics, New Balance or Saucony.

Custom-Made Wedges

Custom-made wedges are orthopedic medical pieces that are made with medical prescription when shoes that don’t require a prescription have resulted in tendinitis in the foot or if you are at risk of developing this condition. Tendinitis occurs in the posterior tibia tendon when the shoes you wear don’t provide the necessary support your foot requires.

The American Podiatric Medical Association says that orthopedic pieces are designed to control the abnormal movement that is caused by flat feet.

They can also be used to treat the pain in your feet and the condition of tendinitis. Depending on your foot type, wedges can also be designed to promote inversion (turning inward) or eversion (turning outside).

Specific Shoe Designs

Podiatrists recommend shoes that can control the movement of the foot and a plain sole to help stabilize the foot during that movement because these kinds of shoes offer more support for the central part of the foot.

In addition, they have a reinforcement in the heel and a piece of cardboard that goes along the shoe’s length to offer more stability.

Some examples of shoes in the market with medium to maximum control are Asics’s Gel Foundation Walker, Asics’s Gel 4 to 8 Walker, New Balance’s 659, and Saucony’s Grid Integrity ST.

Lifted Soles

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Walking shoes designed with lifted soles, which you can buy without a medical prescription, are much better for people with flat feet.

A shoe with a lifted sole helps more than a shoe without a lifted sole because the sole helps the central part of the foot to rest better and gives additional support to the foot and ankles.

This is why you feel pain when walking in shoes that have a plain sole. And remember: the arch is different in each shoe, so you will need to try a variety of walking shoes to the right one for the arch of your feet.

Custom Made Arches

Another option for people with flat feet is to get custom-made orthopedic soles. The orthopedic soles are special pieces that are collocated inside of the shoes, and they provide an artificial curve that is close to a natural arch.

With this special sole, you can pretend that you have a curved arch in your foot. The custom-made arch is made by a podiatrist based on the orthopedic requirements of the person.

If you want a custom-made arch, you will need to choose a walking shoe that gives you adequate space for the support of the orthopedic arch to be inserted.

The shoes you wear are as important as the products you use on your face. Wearing badly-made shoes or shoes that are not suitable for your feet—especially if you have flat feet—can result in lasting damage.

Therefore, it’s important to take these tips into consideration when buying a new pair of shoes for your flat feet. Feel free to add any other points to consider when choosing a pair of shoes.


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