5 Reasons Women Fail to Reach Their Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

No matter their goals when it comes to weight loss and fitness, women often struggle to be successful. Consider 5 common reasons why this is.

If you find that you often fail to reach your weight loss and fitness goals, consider some common reasons why many women struggle. If you do, you’ll overcome these obstacles in your own journey and finally reach your own weight loss and fitness goals.

How long have you been working out and trying to lose weight? Do you feel as if you’ve been battling an extra 20 pounds for years, or for your entire adult life?  If so, you’re certainly not alone! Many women work out for health reasons and to keep from gaining weight, but others have specific fitness goals they’d like to reach, and yet they find that reaching those goals can be very elusive.

Why is it that women work so hard to reach certain fitness goals but seem to find that they’re always out of reach, or that they can reach those goals but aren’t successful for very long? Many women lose weight and get down to a certain goal weight but then put the pounds right back on, or they will hit the gym faithfully for several months and then get discouraged and stop going altogether, and may even repeat this cycle year after year.

Consider the most common reasons why women struggle to reach their goals and to stick with their weight loss and fitness plans for the long-term.

#1 Goals are not clearly defined

Set your goals high and dont stop till you get there

Really, what are you fitness goals?  To lose “a few pounds”?  To “get back into shape”? These ambiguous goals are not much motivation for any woman. On the other hand, if you note a goal of losing 25 pounds, you can then take the necessary steps to do just that; you know how many calories you need to burn every day or every week to lose one pound, and then the next, and so on.

#2 Goals are not broken down so they’re more manageable

If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, you’re likely to get overwhelmed before you even get started, since it will take some work and some time to reach that goal.  However, if you break that down into manageable steps, you’ll be more successful. Tell yourself that you want to lose five pounds, and then when you reach that goal, tell yourself that you want to lose five more pounds, and so on. If you concentrate on smaller goals like this, you won’t get overwhelmed and you’ll be more likely to reach that larger goal in no time.

#3 You haven’t written out the steps needed to reach your goals

What do you need to do in order to lose those first five pounds? You might have a vague idea of working out and cutting out calories, but unless you create more specific steps for yourself, chances are you won’t reach that goal.

These steps should be as specific as possible. “Going to the gym” is probably needed to reach your fitness goals, but what will you do once you arrive?  Will this include cardio for a certain amount of time, resistance training, certain classes, or something else?  “Cutting out sugar” is also a good step, but how will you do this and how much every week? When you write out specific steps that are needed to reach your goals, you’re more likely to stick with those steps and they’re more likely to be effective for you.

#4 Discouragement or boredom sets in

Pretty young woman in the gym

Goals take time to reach, which is why it’s not unusual to get discouraged or bored before you reach them! Having to visit the gym day in and day out, or watch what you eat and how much for weeks on end can make anyone feel discouraged and bored. This is one big reason that women give up on their goals after so many weeks or months, even if they’re seeing results.

The best way to avoid this problem is to keep your routine interesting, and to find ways to reward yourself along the way. Switch up your workout choices and learn to cook new and tasty dishes that fit into your eating plan without getting in the way of your goals. Try something new and different every few weeks or even every week so you don’t get bored and never get discouraged with your goal planning.

#5 Women tend to go it alone

No one can do the work for you, but having a friend or partner help you with your goals can make it that much easier to reach them.  A friend can encourage you when you want to skip a workout or splurge on foods that don’t fit into your healthy eating plan. A friend or partner can also remind you of your reasons for wanting to reach those goals, whether it’s concerns over your health or just wanting to look better overall.

If you don’t have a friend or partner on speed dial who can be tough and encouraging with you when you’re trying to reach your goals, it’s time to get one! Be sure it’s someone who will give you the encouragement you need and that you can count on when the going gets tough. This will help you to be one of those women who does reach her weight loss and fitness goals, and who stays at those goals permanently.

What works to help you reach your fitness goals?  What encouragement and advice would you give to other women?  Share in the comments below!

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