6 Foods That Boost Your Energy

Have you ever felt the urge to lay your head on the office desk and take a nap? One reason for this can be that you are eating the wrong food. See here which foods will give you energy to go through the day perky.

There is nothing worse for me than having to stay awake after lunch at work. I used to have a cantina at in my office’s building and the food served there was okay, but it took me hours to digest. I remember I barely kept my eyes open for hours after lunch. Then I started a little research about which foods I should eat to energize my body and stay awake.

Once I started eating the right foods my energy level increased significantly. I stayed focused at work for long hours and when I got home I could still do my chores. My body felt lighter and I felt, well, more alive.

The best things about these “energy” foods is that they will help your weight loss process and not leave you feeling hungry at the same time. You can have these “energy boosters” for breakfast, lunch and even as a snack. Eating these foods made my sleepiness/ low-energy problems disappear, plus I lost a couple of pounds effortlessly along the way.

1. Apples and Bananas

These fruits will not only keep your energy level up but are also great in preventing some diseases. Apples are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and bananas are the best sources of potassium which helps maintain normal blood pressure.  You can add those to your smoothie or just have them as a snack.

2. Veggie Soup


Make a veggie soup of tomatoes, red pepper, celery and parsley. All these ingredients will boost your energy. You can puree it and ease the digesting process. You can also puree these ingredients raw, add some salt and pepper and have yourself one amazingly tasty vegan meal.

Red peppers are full with vitamins A and C and antioxidants and celery are bursting with fibers and vitamins C and D. Like parsley it has a diuretic effect so say bye bye to swollen legs.

3. Oatmeal


There are no healthier carbs than oats. They will do wonders for your digestive system. Mix them with some low fat yogurt and sprinkle some cinnamon on it. Oatmeal makes for a great breakfast.

4. Green Salad

girl hands holding green salad

It is filled with vitamins and minerals and it digests easily. Add some cherry tomatoes, light cheese, red onions (when not at work) and cover it with some light dressing, preferably olive oil and lemon. You can eat as much as you like for as long you take it easy with the salt.

5. Dried Figs


Whenever I have cravings for something sweet and dark chocolate is not in my hands reach I go for dried figs. Dried figs help dissolve mucus and toxins from your body.

Dark chocolate is also an excellent choice for boosting your energy level. It also contains antioxidants. If you are on a diet then do not take more that 1-2 oz a day.

6. Blueberries


Not only that they will give you energy but they will help you lose weight in your stomach area. I like all berries but in blueberries I am in love. They even promote brain function. Add them in your oatmeal or smoothie, have them as a snack, mix them in your muesli, and just try to eat them regularly.

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Helen is enjoying life in the Philippines, jogging early every morning on the beach with her beautiful black labrador, Lawrence, and then spending the rest of her day in a lovely local coffee shop working from her MacBook as a remote PA.

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