Top 5 Benefits of Eating Organic Food

The trend in the last couple of years is to eat organic. Organic food has become more available and we are all advised to switch to it. But why such a fuss about eating organic? Is it really that good? Check out these top 5 benefits of eating organic food and make your own judgement.

1. You Know What You Eat

To me, the most important benefit of eating organic food is the fact that you know what you are eating. You may think that that’s ridiculous and that you know what is in your food as long as you are preparing it yourself, but that’s not really true.

Vegetables that are grown industrially can be full of pesticides and a lot of other harmful substances. Oranges are, for example, sprayed with toxic copper sulfate solution that stays in the peel. Higher amount can even penetrate the peel and get to the part that we eat. Apples, bell peppers and most other fruits and vegetables are coated with wax to stay as fresh as possible. The wax itself is not harmful, but the dirt that sticks to it and is very hard to wash off, could be.

Meat you buy in a store is usually packed with both natural and artificial hormones. The animals are given growth hormones to be ready for slaughter faster, as well as calming medicines right before the slaughtering. Large amounts of those stay in the meat even after it has been processed and, of course, arrive at your table.

Hormones from the meat can meddle with your natural hormone balance and they can even increase the risk of developing certain forms of cancer. I am not even going to begin to talk about all the additives and preservatives in processed meat, let me just tell you that there is too much of them.

On the other hand, organically grown food is free of all that stuff. Organic vegetables are not sprayed with fungicides or pesticides and organic meat is not full of hormones. This of course means that organic food is safer for you to eat.

2. You Taste What You Eat

I don’t know about you but I am sometimes so tired of food that tastes like plastic. I’m sick of waxed apples and plastic tomatoes and the fact that you try three different types of food and they all taste the same.

Once you try organic strawberry and actually smell and taste a real strawberry, trust me, you will never go back to eating any other kind. Same goes for meat that’s been grown organically. You will be able to taste the full flavor of the meat itself, not the artificial aromas that are supposed to boost the taste. The easiest way to recognize organic food is that is actually has a taste.

3. You Get More Nutrients

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Organic food usually contains more nutrients than industrial food. The fact that the meat hasn’t been processed and that the fruits and vegetables haven’t been doused with pesticides, means that you will get pure proteins, minerals and vitamins from your food.

This, however, doesn’t mean that organic food is richer in calories and that you will gain weight if you eat organic. On the contrary, you will probably start losing weight once you switch to organic food, because you will get rid of all the bad stuff that’s in processed food. It is exactly that stuff that is responsible for weight gain.

4. Cancer Prevention

People that have survived cancer are often advised to start eating organic food. It is also recommended for healthy people, as prevention. Not only that you will not ingest all that bad stuff from processed food, which actually can increase the risk of cancer, you will also boost your immune system and cleanse your body with organic food.

The food we eat today has mostly become a caloric bomb without taste and without any good nutrients at all. Our bodies are not really grateful for that and every next generation tends to suffer from more diseases and have a higher rate of cancer. You can prevent this by eating organic food, so don’t even think for a second; switch to organic today.

5. You Will Look and Feel Better

What you eat is reflected in your face and once you start eating healthy organic food, you will gain a healthier, more sparkling look. Your skin will purify, your nails will become stronger, your hair shinier.

You will also feel better, first and foremost, because you will know that you have made a better, healthier choice for yourself and your family. Plus, as your body purifies and your immune system boosts, you will find yourself having more energy and strength. You will literally start feeling lighter, even if you don’t lose a single pound.

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