Aquarius Love Horoscope For August

Although you are the winter child Aquarius, this summer will be sizzling hot for you when it comes to the zodiac predictions for your love life. Check out our August forecast!

Have you been wondering what the stars hold for the coming month when it comes down to love, Aquarius? Well, you’ve come to exactly the right place! Here at YouQueen, we know how important love is to you. We also know how helpful astrology can be when it comes to finding that once in a lifetime kind of love and keeping it in your life. This is why we’ve put together this love-report for the month of August to help you figure things out.

As you read through this report you’ll find which days are best for love and romance, which days you should stay in and what is going to be the best approach for you to take in matters of the heart for the entire month of August. Now, let’s get to it, shall we?

For Starters: A Few Things You Should Know

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First, let’s take a look at where your major celestial players will be positioned in the skies this month. This will give a general idea of the energy you’ll be feeling over the next few weeks before we get down to the specifics and the nitty gritty of how you can make these transiting planetary energies WORK for you and help you in your quest to find that lasting love, or that unforgettable fling. Whatever you are looking for, we’ll help you find it.

First, we’ll take a look at Your ruling planet, Uranus, and where this powerful energy will be felt the most:

It comes as no surprise to you that Uranus is a planet that brings about unpredictability, progress and positive changes to whatever area of your life it happens to be influencing. This is simply the way it goes. Currently Uranus is in retrograde, however, so the influence will be felt a bit less outwardly. In fact, now is the time to take stock of where you’re at in life and decide if you are on your true path to happiness. After all, you can’t very well find love if you are walking around unhappy, now can you?

Since the 29th of July, you’ve been feeling it, and you can’t really deny that fact. If you’ve found yourself daydreaming and wondering how you got where you are or why you do the things you do each day, especially if these things don’t particularly bring you a feeling of contentment, this is all a part of Uranus being in retrograde.

There is actually a lot of Uranian energy flowing through your stars in the month of August that is going to push you into a new realm of love and romance. There’s a sort of synergistic feeling to how all of the transits are working together and you’ll find yourself smack-dab in the midst of all of it! August is going to be an exciting month for you, so settle in and hold on, Aquarius!

It wouldn’t be a love report without talking about Venus and where this lovely energy will be most prominent in your chart:

Venus starts out the first few days of the month finishing a transit through the warm and loving Leo. This is the area in your stars that rules over your relationships and one-on-one partnerships. Venus’s placement here starts the month off with a really nice warm kind of amorous feel. You aren’t typically one to need a partner, not on a personal romantic level anyway. Venus in Leo kind of changes that, pushing you to want that connection. This also starts the month of August out with relationships feeling well-balanced and harmonious.

On the 5th Venus moves into Virgo and you’ll feel your energy shift to a more serious note. You’re attracted to someone who can keep you mentally stimulated, and you want that special someone to be able to keep up with the conversation. You need a romantic partner who can match your level of intensity, if not surpass it, and someone who can keep things interesting.

You have a curious mind under this transit and you want to be with someone who you feel you can really get to know. The superficial type will simply not cut it for you this month, not that you are typically into superficial people anyway.

You’ll be wanting to transform your relationship in some way while Venus is in this area of your stars. Don’t get too hung up on the old ways you’ve approached love! Out with the old and in with the new, even if it is just a new place to go for date night—Whether you are single or happy attached, it’s going to be important to indulge the side of you that needs to evolve in your romantic life. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Next, we’ll look at where Mercury, the planet of communication and connection is positioned in your stars for the month of August:

For the entirety of the month of August, Mercury will be making its way through Virgo. In this area of your stars, Mercury pushes you to dig below the surface of any given situation or encounter until you have a firm understanding of what’s going on.

It is easy to take this need to know a bit too far, so you’ll want to guard against putting your nose where it really doesn’t belong. If someone gives you a reason to not trust them it’s best to move on rather than devote your life to unearthing their secrets.

Your mind is going to be on the more important, and perhaps darker elements of your life. Conversations can span from one end of the spectrum to another and you can learn a lot about the person you want to get closer to. Taboo topics are on the table this month, and you may find yourself divulging your deepest fantasies to the right person.

This transiting energy also boosts your ability to connect with someone special on an intellectual level. Being an Air sign, it’s is supremely important that you make a cerebral connection long before you get physical with someone. Luckily for you, connection will be a big factor this month. Take the time to not just listen, but to really hear what those in your company are saying.

Now that we know where you stand when it comes to communication and affection, let’s talk about where you will find passion—In other words, let’s have a look at Mars:

Mars, the planet we most closely associate with passion, starts out the first few days of the month of August in the deeply passionate, and more often than not, kinky Scorpio. Your focus and drive may not be all about romance for the first day of so of the month because there are things to get done and goals to meet.

Your competitive edge is sharp as you enter into August and you are feeling determined to succeed. This can be great for your professional life, but can actually interfere with your love life. Try to not give up one important area of your life for another—Balance is the key.

One thing that I can say about this Mars placement is that it gives a great boost to your sex life, trust me on that!

After the 3rd, Mars will move into fiery Sagittarius, making your desires all the more adventurous. In Sagittarius Mars ignites your personal drive to make things happen that can benefit the world as a whole. Your dreams may seem larger than life, but you are feeling confident that you can accomplish them. You may even meet someone who lights your fires in a group you are a part of, or a new group you’ll be connection with.

You will definitely have a full social calendar this month, making it all the more important that you remember to take time to balance your day to day life. You don’t want to burn out before the month runs up.

What this boils down to, and we will definitely go deeper into this aspect of your love life for the month of August, is the stage being set for some sizzling summer fun.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…”But that’s only three planets!” Well, you are correct there, but these are the quickest moving and most influential planets we deal with on a day to day basis, and when it comes down to love, these are the guys who will bring on the fluctuations of good days and not so good days for your sign as we go through the month. We’ll look into what the other planets are doing, as well, so don’t worry.

Why This New Moon Will Be A Big One For Aquarius

The New Moon in Leo on the 2nd brings with it the chance to start something new when it comes to love. You’ll be able to find a way to either freshen up your current relationship or start a new relationship altogether. New Moons are wonderful for getting a fresh start, and this New Moon is particularly important for you.

As I mentioned a bit earlier, Uranus is in retrograde and pressing you to make changes that will bring about feelings of contentment and happiness in your life. And the New Moon in the area of your stars that rules of close relationships is here as backup to ensure that you have the opportunity to do just that. But wait, there’s more…

This New Moon occurs right at the exact time Venus, also in Leo, and Uranus will be positively aspecting one another. What this means is a fresh start that will allow for you to follow your dreams—The synergy here acts as a powerful catalyst to make things happen! This is not just exciting, it’s pretty epic, so don’t squander this opportunity.

Venus and Uranus making this positive exchange of energy at the time of the New Moon is no coincidence. Keep an open mind to new possibilities and you’ll find a myriad of opportunity ahead of you, both in love and in your personal life.

Another awesome event that coincides with this New Moon is the aspect it will be making with Saturn that will soften the sometimes difficult Saturnian energy. This is really great considering this sets the tone for the weeks to come. The aspect with Saturn here is even more emphasized because, well, when we have the New Moon making this aspect that means the Sun is as well, and in Leo this is a pretty powerful kind of energy.

This aspect reminds you to go after whatever it is that you want most and to accept nothing short of what you know you deserve in life. With this New Moon in Leo, romance is highly favored and the feeling of warmth and being wanted is definitely there.

Along with the New Moon making an aspect that lightens up Saturn a bit, there is also an aspect with Lilith, the black moon, that poses a bit of a challenge. This forces you to choose between what is comfortable and that which is more dark and daring. You may be forced to make a choice—choose happiness here and you won’t be disappointed!

Achieving The Perfect Balance Of Individuality In A Relationship

Everyone knows that you, of all people, are someone who values independence and personal freedoms above all else in life. The only problem with that is how it can sometimes make dating and relationships seem a little more difficult than they should be. This month, though, there is a lot f great transiting energy that can help you to find a good balance between independence and your relationship.

With the Sun in Leo until the 21st, the spotlight is going to be on personal relationships and partnerships in your life. You feel most comfortable when you are in the company of the one you love or the one you’d perhaps like to give loving a shot with. The amazing thing that you’ll find this month is that your fierce independence doesn’t come off as being intimidating, as it sometimes can, to a partner.

The Sun positively aspecting Uranus on the 16th highlights your quirks and the things that make you who you are. This energy can also attract people to you who are also independent and unique. You need a partner who thinks outside the box and a relationship that’s custom built for your needs and desires, and this month promises better luck in finding that.

Venus and Mercury are working their magic in close conjunction with Jupiter, opening the communication pathways and making it easier to express yourself openly, also. Things won’t be perfect, but they could be pretty darn great for you when it comes to love in August. Be yourself and don’t try to put on airs for anyone.

True love can only come when two people are unafraid to be who they are and can accept each other for their qualities, as well as their faults.

How To Harness The Power Of Your Full Moon

On the 18th the Full Moon will be happening in your very sign and illuminating just about every area of your life. This lunation comes along and joins the forces that are pushing you to stop and take stock of where you are in your life’s journey right now. It’s time to evaluate what should be your next step, both in love and in your general life.

This powerful Full Moon marks a turning point and the completion of something in your life. You know it’s coming and you know it’s time. Emotions may run a little high now thanks to all this lunar energy, so try to maintain composure.

If you find that you have been on the right path and you are pretty happy with the way things are going you can draw a lot of power from this Full Moon. However, if you haven't been traveling the path that is best for your life and success, things could feel stressful—Remember: Balance is the key to just about everything, even emotions.

This particular Full Moon, although powerful in and of itself, also has Venus making a major aspect with another of the more powerful celestial energies—Pluto.

You’ve had Pluto knocking around in the area of your chart that rules over the parts of your life that you try to keep hidden away and the things that you do that end up causing you harm. This transit can make you feel rather broken down in some instances, and no-doubt you’ve gone through this in one way or another. What happens on the 18th though, this will be one of the peaks of Pluto tearing down some of those things you’ve stuffed away and letting you finally let go of them for good.

Venus will make an amazing connection with Pluto in this transformative area of your stars right at the same time the Lunar energy is at its peak.

When Venus and Pluto make this great connection, the potential for there to be some crazy love happening in your life is huge….HUGE. Pluto not only does its work by tearing away the negatives in your life and stripping you down to your rawest form, the planetary energy also can bring some intensely intimate experiences into your life. Intimacy under this transit will require you letting someone in to the areas of your heart that make you feel the most vulnerable. It’s scary, I know, but if you can let down for walls, let go of the things you carry with you and allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of someone you trust, the rewards are pretty great. Don’t do this with just anyone, of course, but if you have the opportunity and it feels right, it probably is.

What To Do When Reality And Fantasy Come Head To Head

The month of August is proving to be pretty amazing when it comes to romance so far, and this can help you when it comes to making some lasting changes or additions to your love life. The main kink in the works this month comes toward the end, right around the 30th, when Saturn and Neptune square off, yet again.

You are likely familiar with this energy by now, as this has been happening of and on for what feels like an eternity. Neptune aims to muddy the waters of reality and cause confusion in all areas of your life. Mars adds fuel to this fire and can cause you to see situations through a lens that is a bit off from reality. Stay alert and do your best to communicate your thoughts and intentions clearly as you finish out the last few days of August. You can get through this relatively unscathed, but you’ve got to keep your eyes open and not let others pull the wool over them. This may be difficult in some instances, but you can do it.

One more thing that bears mentioning for the month of August is the fact that Mercury will be moving into another Mercury retrograde period in the final days of August. This can cause some confusion, miscommunication, and general frustration for you that will last well into September. We’ll talk more about this in next months forecast, just know it is coming and that the last couple of days in August have all the makings of bringing some frustrations with them.

Best Days of the Month of August for Auqarius

Here’s a run down of the best days of the month of August for your sign when it comes to love, lust, romance and fun.

August 2nd: The New Moon in Leo brings opportunity to start something new and fresh in your relationships—or even a new relationship itself.

Also, Venus and Uranus connect in a positive way that brings about intense surprises. Expect the unexpected this day and stay open to what’s ahead.

August 4th: The Moon makes a connection with Mercury, heightening the opportunity to connect with others on an emotional level.

August 13th: The Sagittarius Moon aspecting Uranus brings lively conversations that foster positive feelings.

August 16th: The Sun in Leo positively aspects Uranus and you’re able to find a connection with or get admiration from someone special who appreciates you for who you are.

August 18th: The Aquarius Full Moon illuminates your life and acts as a catalyst for positive changes.

August 27th: Venus and Mercury both make a connection with Jupiter, laying the groundwork for love to grow. The only thing to watch out for on the day is indulging in too much of a good thing!

Now that you are armed with all the information you need to have the best August ever, go and do what you will, Aquarius. We trust that you’ll use this information wisely. August can be a wonderful month and you could form a lasting relationship, strengthen one you’ve already got, or you could just have a simple fling and a lot of fun.

Whatever you choose, know that the stars are with you and you can definitely make this a month to remember!

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