How Aquarius Man Secrets Helped Me Finally Win His Heart

Aquarius man can be incredibly mysterious, and if you are involved with him, then this is no surprise to you. Here's how I managed to finally win his heart!

Aquarius men are known for being incredibly mysterious, and if you are involved with an Aquarius man, then this is no surprise or secret to you. I am so in love with my Aquarius man, but for a long time, I did not know how to make my relationship work with him.

I am so glad that I found Aquarius Man Secrets programme. It helped me understand how to make him feel loved, and how to make him happy!

What I love the most about my Aquarius man is how open-minded he is. If an Aquarius man is in love with you, believe me, he ONLY has eyes for you – no matter what your birth chart compatibility says!. However, there are some other negative qualities that can make loving (and keeping!) and Aquarius man difficult.

I Didn’t Know How To Give Him Space

One of these is just how much an Aquarius man loves his personal freedom. My boyfriend has a very demanding job, and there are many times when he comes home exhausted and not very talkative.

Some days, when he has some time off, I would want to go to the beach or on a nice date with him, but he would opt to go play sports with his friends or be by himself.

My Aquarius man said he just needed space at times, and there were many times I did not feel like a priority. However, Aquarius Man Secrets taught me that just because an Aquarius man wants some time to himself, that doesn’t mean he does not love me.

Aquarius sign with birth date

He just likes to have time by himself after feeling overwhelmed at work. He likes to go hiking and biking by himself for a few hours on a free day and I had to learn to accept it.

I decided to enjoy my free time more as well, and his independence taught me how to enjoy my independence as well. We live in an apartment with a pool, and I would take my favorite book and read and go for a swim. I would go to the farmer’s market and meet my girlfriends for a cup of coffee.

Another Aquarius man secret I learned from Aquarius Man Secrets that made me feel better about my boyfriend wanting alone time was that he is a very loyal person.

If you’ve ever dated an Aquarius man, you know that he has the habit of taking his sweet time before committing. He is afraid of jumping to something, but once he decides that he wants to stay with someone, he is committed to them.

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I Would Freak Out When He Would Pull The “Disappearing Act”

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Another big issue I had with my Aquarius boyfriend was that he would pull a “disappearing act” occasionally. When we first started dating in college, there would be times when he would text me all the time, and want to meet up for lunch or for a cup of coffee between classes.

Then at times, he would disappear and seem very different! I talked to my friends about it, and I just kept thinking that maybe he has lost interest or met someone else.

Eventually, he would come back and start asking to see me again, and we would text back and forth for hours. Even after 3 years of being together, there are times when he will disappear for a while.

After about a year of dating, we graduated from college and we both started new jobs. Normally my Aquarius man would text me while he took breaks at work to see how my day was going or to tell me about something that happened in his life or on the job.

However, there were random days where he would not text me at all, and then if I texted him, he would be short. Then, the next day or after a couple of days, he would come back and surprise me with flowers and ask me to go to dinner with him! It was confusing and frustrating at times.

So, what gives? Anna explains it perfectly in her book Aquarius Man Secrets—an Aquarius man tends to retract when there is a lot going on in his life. Looking back now, the different times when he would “disappear,” there was something else happening in his life that would make him feel overwhelmed.

For example, the days where he would “disappear” during college, he was helping to take care of a sick family member and was worried about passing one of his classes to graduate.

There are some days where he still disappears even now, but I know there is something else happening, and that if he wants to talk about it, he will come to me.

I do not need to push him to talk about it or to spend time with me because everyone handles stress in their life in a different way. This is his way, and I love him enough to accept it. I also know that he will always come back because he always has.

He Chose To Go To Vancouver Without Me, And It Broke My Heart

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It can be difficult for a dependent woman to be with an Aquarius man because they are incredibly independent and self-sufficient.

I am the type of woman who likes to take care of her man and spend time with him, but I needed to understand that the Aquarius man is one who can take care of himself.

At first, I was a little put off by this and thought since he didn’t really “lean” on me, that maybe he didn’t want to or felt like he could. Was I the kind of girlfriend he wanted?

If you’re hungry for Aquarius man secrets, you should definitely get your hands on Aquarius Man Secrets. She really spells out just what kind of man he is and how to handle him.

The most important thing a woman needs to understand is that he is incredibly independent, and you cannot expect him to always be there. Just like he can take of himself, he expects you to be able to do the same.

There was one weekend when my boyfriend has decided he wanted to go on a trip to Vancouver by himself, and at first, it didn’t seem to make much sense.

By day, my boyfriend works in healthcare, but he is also a brilliant artist. I know when he does not get to be creative, he starts to feel depressed.

Everyone has some way or releasing stress and everyone has hobbies that they love to do and that makes them happy. For my boyfriend, he really enjoys playing sports and making art.

We fought about the fact he wanted to go because I felt hurt that he did not want to take me. The thing you will learn about Aquarius men is that when they have their headset on something, they are going to do it.

This can be both a blessing and a curse, but I knew he would end up going on this trip regardless of if I agreed. Was I willing to stay with someone so hard-headed?


Yes, because he is loyal and a good person. As Anna’s book points out, another Aquarius man secret is that he is very caring. They are humanitarians at heart and are always there to help take care of those around him.

I decided to accept that he would go on the trip, and I would spend that weekend working on my own project, which was helping one of my friends decorate the nursery for her baby that was on the way.

When my boyfriend came back, he showed me a beautiful mural he worked on while he was in Vancouver. He worked with children at an elementary school up there to help teach them art, while he and the other mentors painted with the students, creating a gorgeous mural.

I felt so overjoyed to know not only did he get to be creative and that he felt happier, but that my Aquarius man also touched the lives of those other students and taught them how much happiness art can bring.

I wouldn’t have been able to have made this relationship work without Anna Kovach’s book. I had tried reading so many different relationship books and dating sites. I asked my friends and other relationship gurus for advice, but it never made me feel like I could fix my relationship.

My Very Own Happily Ever After

Paris wedding

After I read Anna Kovach’s book about Aquarius man, I knew that there were a few simple lessons I could learn to make my relationship work and keep both my myself and my man happy.

I am so glad I could learn from her book and truly understand my Aquarius man because he proposed to me last month! I am beyond excited, and he did it in the most romantic way.

Anna had it right when she talks about just how charming they can be. My boyfriend (now fiancé!) proposed to me at a rooftop restaurant, with the whole skyline sparkling with the city’s sparkling lights.

This whole experience just showed me that with a whole lot of love and patience (and the right advice, thanks to Anna Kovach!), you can really make your relationship work.

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  • Thank you for the insight. I have read some of Anna’s material but i also appreciate your candid examples of how that plays out day to day. Biggest thing I have learned is that I’m going to have to get over it and work with it.