Scorpio Love Horoscope For August

Have you've been wondering what the astrological weather is at play in your love life? Take a look at your monthly romance outlook for August that we've prepared exclusively for our readers.

Because we know how vital astrology is to predicting what’s coming and everyone wants to know about love- we’ve started our new monthly love reports here, in the month of August.

This report is just packed with all the days that are best for love and romance- what days aren’t so great and what’s going on behind the astrological scene to help you better understand it all. We will have plenty of information up ahead for you, so let’s just get right to it!

For Starters: A Few Things You Should Know

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The first thing we’ll do is to take a look at the astrological influences at play this month. This will help you to get a much better understanding of your love life than simply the regular general overview- because we will be looking at these transiting planetary energies that will influence that particular area of your life and how they will benefit you, or challenge you. You will find that, month to month- you’ll get no better advice than this!

First, we’ll take a look at your ruling planet, which- depending on who you talk to, is going to be Pluto or Mars.

For you Scorpios born in that first part or decan, from October 23 until November 1st, these influences won’t hit you anywhere all that intense, which is a good thing. We will get a bit more into the influences that will impact you a bit more further on.

For those of you in the 2nd and 3rd decans, things get a bit weirder. If you have been noticing a lot of very painful challenges this year, and you have been noticing that it seems like you’ve lost a lot: you’re not alone.

At present, you have both Pluto and Mars working some intense transits and in August- there are more still yet. However, it won’t be as bad as it was in previous months- not in love or any other area of your life.

One of the best ways to navigate these things in love? When the more aggressive energies hit you- take them out in a physical way. Now, that could be a lot of fun with a partner, certainly more fun than fighting: but, if you are single, getting into a new workout routine or something can help burn away that excess energy. The second step is going to be in not allowing your ego to trip you up. We’ll get more into that a little bit when we talk about Mercury, next, because they tie together nicely.

So, about Mercury and communicating in your love life…

This month, both Mercury and Venus- which we will get to in a minute, make some very favorable aspects to Scorpio. What this means is that the influences are right for better things. So, above, when we mention that putting aside the ego in how you communicate will help you: you will find that it truly does.

The big theme of the month for you is going to be in lowering your pride without lowering your standards, Scorpio. What will need to happen, if you are single? Be open to new and interesting options in finding love- if you’ve been closed off to certain people, ways of meeting people, or otherwise: give those a try.

More than that, you are going to find that being able to take the initiative will help- so, don’t imagine the hot guy you’re digging on is going to charge in and make the first move: but rather, go for that yourself and get things going.

If you are a Scorpio in a couple, however, these influences play out in a much harder and often times life changing way: but, the beneficial aspects at play help make sure the reward is much, much better and totally worth it.


Open up about your feelings: whether they be the hurt you feel when your partner does those things you don’t like, or how much you care and you will find that things do change. If the relationship happens to be something that needs to finally come to its conclusion- doing so will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself and what you want: which ultimately will lead to you finding exactly that.

An awesome aspect with Mercury and Jupiter will give you a tremendous boost in all things love, however- so don’t sweat things too much. You will find a much lighter and happier way of thinking just happens more regularly- and wonderfully, almost in tandem so does good luck, learning new things just seems easier, and well, your love life gets a nice boost from the positive energy by enabling you to see a better way forward and catching up with people you may have lost touch with. The possibility for an old flame to actually work out is pretty good, actually.

Of course, knowing where you stand in terms of communication, passion, and otherwise is just one part- what about Venus?

Venus enters Libra on the 29th, you’ll all find that speaking up is much easier owing to your words having a tremendous impact on all those around you: so, there’s a nice influence towards the end of the month to look forward to. This will benefit you in love, however, only if you use it: don’t hold back how you feel or what you want.

One of the more favorable transits will help increase your options in both love- AND in money, Scorpio. You will find that in general you are feeling much more like expressing those things you feel- and for many, simply expressing the more positive things brings about a renewed closeness and almost wonder to the relationship.

It can almost feel just like new love. For those singles out there- this is also great because it can mean being able to finally take the next steps with someone you already dig or just being a bit of a beacon of confidence that attracts others to you.

One to watch out for, however, hits mid-August and involves Neptune. This can have you not seeing things very clearly- sometimes in terms of seeing someone for something much better than they are: the word rhymes with “truckboys” ladies and you need to either steer clear of them and not expect more than they have to offer no matter how smooth they may seem.

I am sure we all know what they are and how they do: just don’t fall victim to convincing yourself otherwise and hold to your standards: you will find someone a lot better, anyway.

Why August can be the month you turn it all around in love, Scorpio

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Though you may be feeling a little less inclined to move towards closeness this month, Scorpio, the reason is, your soul’s craving a much more serious connection. You can definitely bridge that gap there between you and someone else if you want to: it just means working on that mental connection you have to help bring the emotional one up to speed and in doing so, improve intimacy.

You might find that though you’re really revving to go and be with someone, you would be much better served starting off as friends and letting it grow. Of course, if you already have a friend you’ve been thinking about, you’re already well on your way. Whichever the case may be, single or taken- the way forward needs to be slow. In some ways, this is excellent because sometimes, aspects of getting closer to someone are far, far too good to rush, you know?

You will find that all these Earthy influences really do help you along in that, and being better able to make the connection you want really helps to solidify your relationships with others.

Understanding how it is you relate to others will be a big factor in how it all shakes out, Scorpio: and you will certainly gain a much stronger understanding to that this month if you’re open to it.

Your attitudes about more than just how you relate to others will get a bit of a switch up, too. The way you view sex may change, also and deep healing in terms of intimacy can occur.

If you find that this is something that’s been problematic in the past: this can be a month where taking a look at that and healing those wounds can mean all the difference in your life and future happiness in love, Scorpio. Still you will find that it’s a lot easier to convey things to others now, which helps. Letting go of those past hurts will also be easier- so, get ready to unpack some baggage. It’s needed to go anyway and that is all that stands in the way of you and the love you truly deserve.

One thing you may find is that these past issues don’t always involve your romantic relationships. Who’s the voice of your harshest inner critic, Scorpio, and why? Well there is your answer.

If you have some internalized feelings about yourself based on the way that you have been treated: it may be time to realize there’s no more need to hurt. No more need to hold on to this. Heal from it, let it go and be truly open to the fact that yes, you DO deserve love. And you deserve good love. This will not only help you heal and feel better- but it’ll help work out those trust issues that have held you back or are holding you back now.

Making the most out of the August 18 lunar eclipse…

Your most powerful ally this month in finally recognizing the love you deserve- and getting it, is going to be the lunar eclipse on the 18th. This lunar eclipse is at 26 Degrees Aquarius- and brings about new discoveries, amazing things in terms of relationships and, making some big plans for the future. This is going to act a bit like a full moon, rather than the usually explosive impact an eclipse can have: so, bonus.

The first thing that this eclipse will do- well, involves the factors at play along with it. You see, the Moon makes a favorable aspect to Uranus, in addition to the Sun forming a powerfully positive trine to Uranus as well.

So, what’s that mean in non-astrologer talk you say? It means the next two weeks after it are going to absolutely rock. You will find the surprises are good, things are much more stimulating, and big, exciting changes can happen. Where this helps your love life is that any imbalances or polarities you had in them: you can correct them much more easily.

How do you do that? Get your freak on.

No, seriously- either get kinky and try some new things in the sack together, get out there and try some new things, or work on new ways of understanding and communicating. You will find that the heightened awareness all of this brings will help you to properly work with mixed signals to get to the bottom of things: and in doing so, have more confidence to put yourself out there. This just rocks.

If your relationship’s been a bit of a snoozer lately, or it’s been boring- or if the single life has hit a big old rut: this is going to be a profound influence that has you trying all kinds of fun things, and for you singles- finding odd, sort of chance encounters leading to an intense connection to strong to ignore and that never hurts.

Why Mercury is in your corner this month- and other planetary allies with that eclipse


You may not know this- but a yod is an important astrological configuration. I won’t go into all the details here: but they tend to bring about big changes, depending on how you use them and always denote karma at play. How do you use them- that’s the important thing, here. You see a yod looks a bit like a long sort of triangle- and this is the best way to understand them: grab the two poles on the side, don’t fixate on the point. In this case, we will explore those poles on the side- and that will help you know exactly what to do.

With this eclipse you are going to find that changes, new relationships, heightened self awareness and otherwise blend well with insights the moon sextile Uranus provide to you- that is, you’ll feel a little tense, but, if you focus on this, the point: you’ll fall flat on your face. It’s what I am going into next that’s going to help you make this the best month in love, yet: Mercury and Jupiter.

When you’ve got the particular aspect at play here with Mercury and Jupiter: you will find that optimism and happy news comes through in a pinch and that’s what you need to focus on. It will also benefit you a great deal to occupy your mind with other things: take some new classes or something. This sounds like it doesn’t relate to love- but, it does. You are simply using up all the energy that’s going to be zinging through you rather than allowing it to create anxiety.

Additionally this brings you a lot of tact and diplomacy- which will enable you to solve so many problems. Remember I said that you need to talk things through? This particular aspect will enable you to know just what to say, when to say it and give your words a great deal of power. So, if you are looking to resolve some long standing issues within your relationship: tune in, open up, and let them know. Be open to their perspectives, too- and you just might find that issues you thought would never go away, do.

Lastly, in all of this is the most powerful aspect in all of this does have an effect on your love life and it deserves a section all its own.

The most powerful influence on your love life in August is Venus trine Pluto: transform your love life entirely.

Three words about Venus trine Pluto: hot, hot, hot. You will find that intensity and passion ger turned all the way up to 11. Because that eclipse will activate this particular trine- you’ll find the energy is just far, far more than you expected. You will feel much stronger about those you care about- especially in romance. Your sex drive, rather frankly, may become pretty overwhelming and you may find yourself ready to go pretty much any time and intimacy can be impacted a great deal.

Karma is going to play a strong central role in everything- and your chances of finding love, lasting love, because of this is great. These may be intense, highly passionate relationships from the start- so you want to be very careful about how you roll with it. Of course, that intensity will wane a little bit as the influence passes, but what remains could be the long term love you’ve been searching for.

Be careful to avoid getting overly obsessed with things, and you will find yourself really enjoying everything this influence has to offer you. And as much as this impacts your love life- you ought to see what it can do for you with money. Investments and otherwise can return high yields: but, our focus is love and it’s all good, too.

Mars in the mix again-

On the 26th, Mars will square Neptune- which may have you feeling a bit sluggish, but also might put a cramp on some of those positive feelings if you allow it to. Jealousy and lies are common under this influence- but, that doesn’t have to hinder your search for love or how you interact with your partner.

The benefit of this aspect is in it does have recuperative energies- which means you can pull back, you can rest and you can emotionally sort some things in a better way. You need to be careful to avoid any kind of jealous feelings, and definitely, steer clear of being vindictive if things do not go your way- at this time with all the karmic energies at play: any negative action you have respective of this kind of energy will come back and really bite you on the ass.

This aspect also warns again of the tendency to look at someone like they are too good to be true- and think they are true. If you know rationally that someone is just not a good idea: steer clear. You will find someone more worth your while- but, the players may be trying to play their game and you need to avoid ignoring the red flags of such.

Other possible scenarios come through relationships with others. There is a tendency to be suspicious and paranoid, jealous or vindictive. You must avoid the temptation to act against others due to such confused motivations. Even if there is some truth to the rumors or suspicions, treachery, deceitful or subversive actions will most likely come back to bite you on the ass.

Best Days of the Month of August for Scorpio

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Here’s a rundown of the best days of the month of August for your sign when it comes to love, lust, romance and fun.

August 2nd: The New Moon in Leo ushers in the opportunity to make some new improvements to your family or home life.

Also, Venus and Uranus connect in a positive way that brings about intense surprises. Expect the unexpected this day and stay open to what’s ahead.

August 4th: The Moon makes a connection with Mercury, heightening the opportunity to connect with others on an emotional level.

August 5th: Venus makes its transit into Virgo and into the part of your stars responsible for your happiness and feelings of love.

August 18th: The Aquarius Full Moon brings opportunity for some intense passion on a whole new level.

August 27th: Venus and Mercury both make a connection with Jupiter, laying the groundwork for love to grow. The only thing to watch out for on the day is indulging in too much of a good thing!

Now that you are armed with all the information you need to have the best August ever, go and do what you will, Scorpio. We trust that you’ll use this information wisely. August can be a wonderful month and you could experience transformational healing, form a lasting relationship, strengthen one you’ve already got, or you could just have a simple fling and a lot of fun.

Whatever you choose, know that the stars are with you and you can definitely make this a month to remember!

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