Taurus Love Horoscope For August

Have you been wondering what the stars hold for the coming month when it comes down to love, Taurus? Well, you’ve come to exactly the right place!

Have you been wondering what the stars hold for the coming month when it comes down to love, Taurus? Well, you’ve come to exactly the right place! Here at YouQueen, we know how important love is to you.

We also know how helpful astrology can be when it comes to finding that once in a lifetime kind of love and keeping it in your life. This is why we’ve put together this love-report for the month of August to help you figure things out.

As you read through this report you’ll find which days are best for love and romance, which days you should stay in and what is going to be the best approach for you to take in matters of the heart for the entire month of August. Now, let’s get to it, shall we?

For Starters: A Few Things You Should Know


First, let’s take a look at where your major celestial players will be positioned in the skies this month. This will give a general idea of the energy you’ll be feeling over the next few weeks before we get down to the specifics and the nitty gritty of how you can make these transiting planetary energies WORK for you and help you in your quest to find that lasting love, or that unforgettable fling. Whatever you are looking for, we’ll help you find it.

First, we’ll take a look at your ruling planet, Venus, and where this affectionate energy will be felt the most:

Venus starts out the month of August finishing up a transit through warm-hearted Leo. This is a comfortable place in your stars for Venus to be and sets a nice tone for love in the month of August.

You’ll be feeling like spending time in the comfort of your home, surrounded by the people and things you hold most dear to your heart. Included in all of this is your desire to have someone special there enjoying the comforts of home right along with you. “Netflix and chill” is totally on your list of things to do, and you stand a very good chance of this happening.

On the 5th, Venus moves into fellow Earth sign, Virgo, and right into the area in your stars that rules over love, happiness and creativity. If Venus in Leo set the tone for love to be grand this month, Venus in Virgo sets the tone for a month filled with good feeling and all of your favorite things. So far, August is shaping up quite nicely, Taurus, and we are just getting started!

In the last days of the month, Venus will move into Libra and the mood will shift a bit. Really, though, being that you and Libra share having Venus as your ruling planet, this won’t be a huge adjustment for you, and it won’t happen until the very end of the month.

Next, we’ll look at where Mercury, the planet of communication and understanding is positioned in your stars for the month of August:

Mercury will be positioned in Virgo for the entirety of the month, placing the emphasis for connecting with someone who makes you happy. In a fellow Earth sign, Mercury enables you to really articulate your thoughts and say the things you mean to say.

This transiting energy also boosts your ability to connect with someone special on an intellectual level, while Venus is working its magic helping you to connect on a romantic level. Connection will be a big factor this month, so take the time to not just listen, but to really hear what those in your company are saying.

In this area of your stars, Mercury can push you to fill your life and your thoughts with the things that make you happy. You may start a new creative project, pick back up an old hobby, or just spend time in the company of those who bring you joy, and that’s a pretty great place to be!

Now that we know where you stand when it comes to communication and affection, let’s talk about where you will find passion—In other words, let’s have a look at Mars:


Mars, the planet we most closely associate with passion, starts out the first few days of the month of August in the deeply passionate, and more often than not, kinky Scorpio.

On the surface, this may feel a bit more edgy than you typically like,Taurus, but try to go with it and you won’t be disappointed. In Scorpio, Mars places your energy and drive on building your relationship. Commitment doesn’t seem as scary as it once did and you want to devote your time to making your most important one-on-one relationship the best it can be.

It’s worth mentioning that Mars moving through this area of your stars can also bring about conflicts in relationships. Aggression and competition can cause problems, but these issues, should they come up, won’t hang around for long, and when you fight there is always the consolation prize of makeup sex, so it’s kind of a win-win.

This Mars placement gives a great boost to your sex life, trust me on that!

After the 3rd, Mars will move into fiery Sagittarius, making your desires all the more adventurous. What this boils down to, and we will definitely go deeper into this aspect of your love life for the month of August, is the stage being set for some sizzling summer fun, both in the streets and between the sheets.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…”But that’s only three planets!” Well, you are correct there, but these are the quickest moving and most influential planets we deal with on a day to day basis, and when it comes down to love, these are the guys who will bring on the fluctuations of good days and not so good days for your sign as we go through the month. We’ll look into what the other planets are doing, as well, so don’t worry.

Why Happiness and Love Reign Supreme For Taurus In The Month Of August

Don’t you just love it when things come together, Taurus? We do too! This month you’ll have a lot of these moments where you feel like things are just working out to your benefit, and it’s going to feel pretty darn great. As you just read, Venus starts out the month in Leo, where the energy is warm hearted and accepting, starting the month off on a good foot. Venus won’t be here long, but the positive energy will continue on as Venus makes its way through your stars.

In Virgo, you feel the down to Earth and affectionate Venus energy in a really positive way. Virgo rules over your happiness and this is where your “love” lies. Relationships and love are two separate things, really. Yes, you need both to build a great, loving relationship, but right here is where it all starts. You’ll be able to take the time to spend with those who matter most to you and to develop a real relationship.

You tend to prefer a partner who has a good bit of stability to begin with, but when Venus transits through Virgo this is enhanced and you tend to attract just the type you desire. You may not want to settle down right now, and in fact, you can have a grand time flirting and just putting your energy out there.

You want to flirt with someone who will reciprocate and who won’t demand 100% of your time, attention and commitment. This may sound kind of like a tall order, and yet under this transiting energy it is totally possible to find someone who fits the bill! What could be better? Probably not a whole lot!

If you are already in a relationship, this month you’ll want to spice things up a bit. You are one of the more sensual signs and you really appreciate the little things that your partner does to make you feel good. You should never stop flirting, even if you’ve been married for 52 years. It’s transits like this that keep that spark alive and help to remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

In the month of August, the energy is ripe for making vast improvements in your relationships and the general feel is just better, even if things weren’t “bad” to begin with—Now they can be great.

How You Can Get The Most Out Of The New Moon In Leo

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The New Moon in Leo, happening on the 2nd, promises to bring a hint of excitement and adventure to your life in more ways than one, Taurus. This New Moon brings the opportunity to start something new or make some improvements in your home life. You are a creature who loves comforts and your treasures mean the world to you. Use this great energy to start something that will make your domicile an even better place to be. Your home is your sanctuary, so do what you can to make it feel that way.

This New Moon occurs right at the exact time Venus, also in Leo, and Uranus will be positively aspecting one another. What this means is a fresh start that will allow for you to follow your dreams—Just don’t get too lost in your dream world.

Venus and Uranus making this positive exchange of energy at the time of the New Moon is no coincidence. August is a month of fresh starts and improvements to your life that feed your happiness. Keep an open mind to new possibilities and you’ll find a myriad of opportunity ahead of you, both in love and in your personal life.

Another awesome event that coincides with this New Moon is the aspect it will be making with Saturn that will soften the sometimes difficult Saturnian energy. This is really great considering this sets the tone for the weeks to come. The aspect with Saturn here is even more emphasized because, well, when we have the New Moon making this aspect that means the Sun is as well, and in Leo this is a pretty powerful kind of energy.

This aspect reminds you to go after whatever it is that you want most and to accept nothing short of what you know you deserve in life. With this New Moon in Leo, romance is highly favored and the feeling of warmth and being wanted is definitely there.

Along with the New Moon making an aspect that lightens up Saturn a bit, there is also an aspect with Lilith, the black moon, that poses a bit of a challenge. This forces you to choose between what is comfortable and that which is more dark and daring. You may be forced to make a choice—choose happiness here and you won’t be disappointed!

Ways Mercury Is Really On Your Side This Month

Mercury is also going to be hanging around this area of your stars, as well, only Mercury will be here for the entire month, start to finish. Mercury here will be making several positive aspects that reinforce the good vibes that are moving through your stars.

On the 4th, Mercury and the transiting Moon will make a connection, making it easier to feel the connections you have with others on an emotional level. Sharing feelings can be a positive experience and you’ll even feel more in-tuned with your own emotions.

Just a few days later, on the 8th, Mercury and Pluto share a positive exchange of energy, all in Earth signs. Deep conversations that help you to better understand yourself and your intrinsic motivations in life open your eyes to parts of life you’ve not yet explored. This energy is also great for personal evolution and growth and can be a marker for leveling up in life, or in your relationship, so to speak.

Later in the month, Mercury and Jupiter make a direct connection that lasts from the 21st-24th, all in Virgo. This fantastic energy brings forward feeling of optimism and hope for the future, as well as helping you in connecting with your partner, or yourself, on a spiritual level.

Lastly, Venus and Jupiter make a direct connection in Virgo on the 28th. This is one of the most positive energies you can have in transit through your stars and is a great marker for growth in love and romance. The world is your oyster right now, Taurus, and you should totally take full advantage of it!

How To Harness The Power Of The Full Moon In Aquarius

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On the 18th the Aquarius Full Moon illuminates the area in your stars that rules your karmic path and your reputation. This energy will be rather intense and you can use this time to bring an end to any of the things in your professional life that just aren’t working for you. Has work gotten in the way of your love life? If so, now’s the time to fix that.

Aquarian Full Moons push us to think outside the box and find solutions to our problems in the least likely of places. Don’t get too hung up on the old ways of handling whatever problems may be in your life. Accept progressive thinking and you’ll be able to advance though life much more easily.

This particular Full Moon, although powerful in and of itself, also has your ruler, Venus, making a major aspect with another of the more powerful celestial energies—Pluto.

You’ve had Pluto knocking around in the area of your chart that rules over your spirituality and how you perceive the world for quite some time. This transit can make you feel rather broken down in some instances, and no-doubt you’ve gone through this in one way or another.

What happens on the 18th though, this will be one of the peaks of Pluto tearing down the negative associations you’ve had over the years. Venus will make an amazing connection with Pluto in this fundamental area of your stars right at the same time the Lunar energy is at its peak.

The involvement of your personal planet suggests two things: First, now it a perfect time to rid your life, or your psyche, of things that no longer serve a purpose when it comes to finding total happiness, and also, that this is a period where you can get closer to that special someone than you have before. There is a possibility here for twinges of insecurity or a fear of things taking a turn for the worse—Ignore those thoughts! That’s just fear talking to you, and fear is truly only an illusion.

When Venus and Pluto make this great connection, the potential for there to be some crazy love happening in your life is huge….HUGE. Pluto not only does its work by tearing away the negatives in your life and stripping you down to your rawest form, the planetary energy also can bring some intensely intimate experiences into your life.

How Mars Is Spicing Things Up Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

With Mars in Scorpio until the 3rd there will be plenty of energy there for the physical side of things, should that be where your head is at. Really, the beginning of August gives you the best of both worlds and will allow you to kinda choose which path you’d like to start the month out heading down. It’s truly a luxury to be able to pick and choose which direction your love life will go, so be certain that you take FULL advantage of it!

As I mentioned earlier, Mars starts the month in the area of your stars that rules over your relationships, and with this transit comes a fiery, powerful surge of energy into your one-on-one encounters. There is always the potential for Mars to bring trouble, I mean, being the god of war and all, it’s kind of what we expect.

After the 3rd, Mars will position itself in the area of your stars responsible for your darker side. This can bring out any pent up anger, disagreements in joint financial situations, or competition in your most intimate connections. The flip side to this is being able to harness this powerful energy and use it to generate passion you can then put into your life in a great way.

Be passionate, sensual, and don’t be afraid to go all in. Put all of your energy into making your life amazing.

What To Do When Reality And Fantasy Come Head To Head

The month of August is proving to be pretty amazing when it comes to romance so far, and this can help you when it comes to making some lasting changes or additions to your love life. The main kink in the works this month comes toward the end, right around the 30th, when Saturn and Neptune square off, yet again.

Hey, it couldn’t all be amazing, right?

You are likely familiar with this energy by now, as this has been happening of and on for what feels like an eternity. Neptune aims to muddy the waters of reality and cause confusion in all areas of your life.

Mars adds fuel to this fire and can cause you to see situations through a lens that is a bit off from reality. Stay alert and do your best to communicate your thoughts and intentions clearly as you finish out the last few days of August. You can get through this relatively unscathed, but you’ve got to keep your eyes open and not let others pull the wool over them. This may be difficult in some instances, but you can do it.

One more thing that bears mentioning for the month of August is the fact that Mercury will be moving into another Mercury retrograde period in the final days of August. This can cause some confusion, miscommunication, and general frustration for you that will last well into September. We’ll talk more about this in next months forecast, just know it is coming and that the last couple of days in August have all the makings of bringing some frustrations with them.

Best Days of the Month of August for Taurus

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Here’s a run down of the best days of the month of August for your sign when it comes to love, lust, romance and fun.

August 2nd: The New Moon in Leo ushers in the opportunity to make some new improvements to your family or home life.

Also, Venus and Uranus connect in a positive way that brings about intense surprises. Expect the unexpected this day and stay open to what’s ahead.

August 4th: The Moon makes a connection with Mercury, heightening the opportunity to connect with others on an emotional level.

August 5th: Venus makes its transit into Virgo and into the part of your stars responsible for your happiness and feelings of love.

August 18th: The Aquarius Full Moon brings opportunity for some intense passion on a whole new level.

August 27th: Venus and Mercury both make a connection with Jupiter, laying the groundwork for love to grow. The only thing to watch out for on the day is indulging in too much of a good thing!

Now that you are armed with all the information you need to have the best August ever, go and do what you will, Gemini. We trust that you’ll use this information wisely. August can be a wonderful month and you could form a lasting relationship, strengthen one you’ve already got, or you could just have a simple fling and a lot of fun.

Whatever you choose, know that the stars are with you and you can definitely make this a month to remember!

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