Weekly Horoscope: February 22 – February 29

Do you wanna know what the stars have prepared for you and what you should expect in the week to come? Keep on reading our weekly horoscope because we have fresh predictions for every sign.

We have prepared a short weekly horoscope for each sign that should give you a little preview of the events that will take place during the last week of February.


You’re going to find that this week is a week where anything seems possible in some ways. If you allow yourself to sort of lean into that, you can get some things set into motion that open a lot of doors.

There may be a little bit of drama in the gossip department: shrug it off, don’t let yourself get tied into it, and ignore it- you’re above it. Instead, let yourself focus on the direction you want to go- and that’s up. The sky’s the limit, Aries. Time to fly.


An open mind about what you want, and what you need will serve you very well this week, Taurus. If you’ve been sort of drifting, this week is a good one to make some solid goals and start mapping out a much stronger plan. Open communication with loved ones is the best way forward, now, so don’t hold back on what you’re thinking and feeling.


Are you ready to take on the world, Gemini? No? How about just…a small corner of it that’s been nagging at you a bit? Sit down and think about what you can do to take the next steps. You’re not misreading the signs, and it’s time to take the initiative, get things moving, and swing those doors open wide.

You can do this- don’t question that for a second. One, two, three: and jump!



You might feel a bit drawn to musing about the past, this week, Cancer: but don’t get too caught up in nostalgia’s grasp. Take a look around, right now, in the here and now. Is it not all you want it to be? Well guess what? You have a lot more control over that than you think.

Take a chance on yourself- and go after those things you’ve been putting off. You’ll find that as you knock them off the list, it gets much easier.


If things have been feeling frustrating, like they’ve stalled at the gate, Leo- this week, you might find signs that they’re not as stalled out as you think. Little things will be showing a lot more about what’s at play than ever before: so pay close attention to your intuition and the little “coincidences” you see around you. You’ll be able to form a much better plan forward based on those things.


Starting this week, Virgo, you’re going to find things on an upward tick. The energy may feel a bit lighter, a bit less tense, and things will generally be a little bit more positive. Sure, the occasional annoyance may pop up: but, remember, things ARE getting better and don’t let them get to you and certainly, don’t let them stop you. It’s time for you to shine. Are you ready?


Taking a little look around may have you feeling a bit less tense this week, Libra. You actually have more going for you than you may think! Those things that are playing on your mind in a more negative sense- it may be a good week to consider either letting them go, or finding inroads towards reducing their influence.

Remember, not everybody who comes to the table brings much with them: how long will you let them feast at your expense?


This week you may find that things seem a little unclear, Scorpio, but, in time, that’ll be plain as day. This is not a good week for any kind of absolutes, but rather, a time when you should cool your heels and pay careful attention.

Some things are definitely not all they appear to be- but, in a few cases: that’s a great thing. In some, however: you might just find a little more than you bargained for. Proceed with caution. Sometimes, that more will be amazing- other times, not so much.


Things might just be feeling a tad inspirational this week, Sagittarius. You probably feel ready for a little boost, anyway- and connecting with others might be a little easier than it has been for the past few weeks. Go on and put that silver tongue to work- talking, that is. Well, that’s okay if you want to do that, too: romance is also favored.



This week, Capricorn, you’re going to find things seem just a bit less tense. It’s been a weird few months- I know, I am also a Capricorn. However, this week, though busy, is going to be one where things seem to open up a little more, look a bit more positive, and a whole lot more promising.

It’s about time, isn’t it? Use this influence and be open with your communications- your loved ones will appreciate warm words.


This week will be an awesome one for reflection- and a bit of socialization, Aquarius. Get out there and just allow yourself to shine a little. Go on. You’re actually pretty awesome and if you can tap into that good vibe that’s rolling through things a bit: others will see it and take note, too. This week can be as good as you make it- so, go on and live a little. Take a chance.


This week, you might be feeling just a bit more dreamy than usual, Pisces- and why not? Let yourself indulge in a little forward thinking- maybe some for-weird thinking, too. Thinking outside of the box serves you well and lining up some new dreams to chase will do you a world of good.

Give yourself the chance to think through some things and lean in to a little more optimistic way of thinking things.


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