The 100 Best Songs of 2014

These songs will hit the spot whether you're looking to get nasty, snuggle with your guy or break out on the dance floor. Here's a guided tour of the best songs of 2014.

This has been a great year for music. R&B has continued to add a soulful influence to rock and pop, and dance music has never been livelier. Whether you’re looking for tracks to play in the bedroom, slow jams for making romance, or funky tracks for dancing, this year’s music will satisfy.

We’ve identified 2014’s 100 top songs, the unforgettable music you’ll still be listening to next year and the year after. We’ve even sorted them into playlists for you. Whether you’re looking to spend a Sunday morning cuddling or electrify the dance floor, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 100 best songs of 2014.

15 Unapologetically Sexy Songs for Hot Sessions Between the Sheets

Music has always been the perfect accompaniment to romance – but don’t look for those songs here. Romantic tracks appear elsewhere in this article. These songs are all about getting down and getting dirty with your guy. You know what we’re talking about.


#1 Animals – Maroon 5



This song is super hot, and so is the video. Both the lyrics and the rhythm are designed to pull you against your will into a hot sexual game. This story of obsession is a little creepy if you overthink it, but there’s no denying the sexual content. Play it loud and make passionate love to your guy.


#2 Often – The Weeknd



This irresistible song has a strident sound that combines an essential cuteness with a strong, rough beat. The result is cheeky, eerily deviant and slightly perverted. Playing this song is like bringing a new sex toy into bed for a kinky night with your partner.

#3 Drunk in Love – Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z



Beyoncé shows her devilish side in this track, both in the lyrics and in the blatantly sexual beat, and the result will give you naughty chills. Bey is utterly fierce as she sings with the sexual abandon of a girl who knows she is well-loved. This super-alluring song is sure to spice up your sex life.

#4 Na Na – Trey Songs



This tune has a deceptively gentle, smooth melody that turns out to be utterly naughty. The rhythm will take you to the top slowly. This is Trey Songs at his sexy best.

#5 You & Me – Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix)



Disclosure’s original version of “You & Me” would have made this list easily. This remix is even sexier. It lays the song over a sexy groove that builds to an orgasmic climax. The result is a daringly sexual, electric, alluring tune that’ll give you goose bumps as you get off. The sexy video is just a bonus.

#6 Menswear – The 1975



This track is an edgy synthesis of indie rock and blurry rough vocals. Unique and undeniably sexy.

#7 Partition – Beyoncé



This raunchy track is an explicit celebration of the pleasures of the flesh. What do you expect from a song focused on getting the limo driver to raise the partition so he can’t watch the singer and her guy getting dirty in the back? This song oozes spiced-up innuendo, and it gets even sexier when Queen Bey breaks into French. Meow! Bey is getting hotter and hotter.

#8 Do It Again – Röyksopp & Robyn



“Do It Again” has it all: hard-driving electronic beats, soaring synths and Robyn’s unique pop charisma. Put this track on repeat, because you and your man will be inspired to do it again and again. Norwegians rock!

#9 Dark Horse – Katy Perry feat. Juicy J



“I’m capable of anything,” Katy Perry sings, and listening to this song, you believe her. When she asks, “Baby, do you dare to do this?” you’ll melt. This song is full of the language an unapologetically sexy woman uses to establish her sexual power and dominance. It’s a slow-burning romp that slithers between swoon-inducing emotions, proving once more that Katy can keep you on the edge of your partner’s lap!

#10 Turn Down For What – DJ Snake and Lil Jon



Looking to cut loose and indulge in sexually boosted pandemonium? This is the perfect cut. I defy you to listen to this song without rolling your hips in time to the beat.

#11 Two Weeks – FKA twigs



“Two Weeks” combines twigs’s silky vocals with a rumbling bass, percussion that sounds like small animals skittering across a tin roof and 1980s-style waves of glorious synth chords. Somehow the result is a sexy slow jam, a unique coalition of tone, rhythm and vocals.

#12 Trophies – Drake



“Trophies” is a perfect let’s-pop-some-champagne-in-the-tub song. Its horn-puffed, sexy rhythm induces alternating slow and fast beats – ideal for mixing up sexual rhythms and positions. With “Trophies,” Drake cements his reputation as the king of sexual rap.

#13 Satellites – EMA



Erika M. Anderson’s eerie industrial-fuzz seduction reminds us that we live in a world of electronic sounds that creep in under our skin. This slow, kinky sex anthem is an ideal accompaniment to sex play.

#14 No More – Shlohmo and Jeremih



Jeremih created waves with his 2009 single “Birthday Sex.” This song follows in that sexy tradition. His collaborations with R&B singer Shlohmo have been puzzling but brilliant as the two have struggled to create a new tradition of alt-n-b music. This irrepressibly sexy song shows the potential of this new genre: scintillating sounds pierced with powerful vocals and a slow-groove beat. It’s a total aphrodisiac.

#15 Hold You Down – DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future and Jeremih



What do you expect from a song called “Hold You Down”? This cheeky, sexy song is a treat for R&B lovers. DJ Khaled draws the best from his collaborators, resulting in a mixed-up confection that lacks only a cherry on top to serve as a sexy dessert.

13 Subtly Seductive Songs for Slow-Dancing and Making Out

“Hold You Down” is great when you and your guy can’t wait to get your groove on, but not so fast – in music and in life, foreplay makes everything better. Here are some songs for turning up the heat slowly. To enjoy these songs properly, you’ll need headphones. Put them on, close your eyes, and tilt your head up. There – you feel it? A first kiss. What could be sweeter?

#1 Hideaway – Kiesza



Canadian singer/songwriter Kiesza has created an irresistible tribute to the dance-pop of years gone by. This joyful song combines vocal dexterity, elegant beats and a catchy melody. This song will bring out your inner dance diva.

#2 Pressure – Jhené Aiko



“Pressure” shouldn’t work, but it does. It combines a sweetly soothing melody with a slow, soul-piercing beat, all mixed into a scintillating cheery kush-fantasia tune with strong sexy vocals. This song builds and builds until you absolutely need release.

#3 Habits (Stay High)- Tove Lo



This guilty pleasure combines lovelorn angst with a breezy, super-cool beat! This hit has been remixed more times than we can count. “Habits (Stay High)” is a deceptively simple slice of life that will ease your pain whenever you’re feeling lonely.

#4 My Love – Route 94 feat. Jess Glynne



Route 94 is a prodigal DJ who has gained acclaim for his unique blends and beats. His nom d’danse has a secret meaning: U.S. Route 94 links Chicago, the home of house music, with Detroit, where techno was born. “My Love” comes across as deep house, but then there are the powerful piano thuds and the electro glow is offset by vocalist Jess Glynne.

#5 When the Beat Drops Out – Marlon Roudette



Marlon Roudette loves the sound of Trinidad’s steel drums, and the reggae instrument’s bell-like chimes are featured throughout this R&B love song. This relentlessly catchy song demonstrates why Simon Cowell signed Roudette to his record label even though the singer never appeared on any of Cowell’s televised talent shows.

#6 Touch – Bearcubs



“Touch” is so fresh and so original! Bearcub is a London-based producer who ornamented this song with an array of bass and synth sequences. The resulting rhythmic extravaganza is perfect for a slow, lazy afternoon or a relaxed ride through the city.

#7 Allie X – Catch



Allie X offers irresistible synth-pop that is sugar-coated yet sharp at the same time. The vocals float along, carrying us toward the dance floor. It’s easy to miss the darkness and cruelty of the lyrics.

#8 Midnight – Coldplay



Coldplay charts new territory with “Midnight,” a song whose gentle power will give you chills and haunt your dreams. Put this track on before a session of gentle stroking and deep breathing with your guy, or play it on your iPad while you’re soaking alone in a candle-lit tub.

#9 High – Freddie Gibbs and Madlib feat. Danny Brown



Steely and smoky, “High” isn’t exactly romantic, but it’s earthy and rhythmic enough to give you sexual chills anyway. Don’t be surprised if this track awakens your sensuality and you wind up touching yourself without really intending to. “High” combines lines about dirty sex with a dominance-induced beat.

#10 Sleep Sound – Jamie xx



Have you caught the experimental-cerebral-synth-dance-music bug yet? British producer and remix artist Jamie xx is the artist to watch in this unique field. This song is kinky and cheeky, the perfect soundtrack for two people hitting on each other and exchanging sweet words before a passionate first kiss. Don’t miss the soulful video, which features deaf children and adults dancing to the track via vibrations they feel through the floorboards.

#11 Who Do You Love? – YG feat. Drake



This highly anticipated collaboration between rappers YG and Drake features energy-boosting beats, a catchy tune and smooooth rap vocals. Who do you love?

#12 Brooklyn Baby – Lana Del Rey



This addictive track combines Del Rey’s distinctively captivating vocals with a soft beat and a catchy chorus. Some may call it a satire of hipsters, but what’s sure is that the song is another dreamy musical story by Lana Del Rey! This track belongs on any list of the best songs of 2014.

#13 Latch – Disclosure feat. Sam Smith



This sexy, soulful love song goes down easy thanks to the combined efforts of Disclosure with English singer-songwriter Sam Smith. The through-the-roof popularity of this song comes from its groovy house beats, smooth instruments and soulfully relaxing vocals. This blend ensures you’ll still be listening to this track when you hit the beach next summer.


17 Dreamy Songs for Lazy Sunday Mornings in Bed

Sometimes you just want to pull up the blankets and snuggle close to your boo all morning. That’s what these songs are about: 17 ballads that speak romance and relaxation.

#1 Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) – Mr Probs



Europe’s summer anthem has been youtubed and shazamed so many times it’s absolutely crazy! Club beats courtesy of Robin Schulz together with Prob’s husky voice and simple, elegantly powerful lyrics are the ingredients that make this track an irresistible musical delicacy.

#2 Let It Be – Labrinth



This soulful, sexy track has nothing to do with the Beatles classic of the same name. This “Let It Be” is a retro-gospel groove that is empowering without being overpowering: an exquisite blend of lyrics, tune, beat and great vocals. Don’t miss the gospel harmonies about two-thirds of the way through and the trumpet that soars over the vocals for the last minute of the track.

#3 Rather Be – Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne



Four Cambridge University grads combine classical strings with modern electronic pop! Great crossovers, great fluff, an ebullient tune and joyful vocals from England’s Jess Glynne make this a dangerously bewitching song!

#4 Rude – Magic!



You can’t listen to the lyrics of this love song without smiling, and the video is endlessly endearing. “Rude” combines a soft reggae guitar groove with a charming vocal break to yield a unbelievably catchy and entertaining single.

#5 Nobody to Love – Sigma



The lyrics are blue but the beat is fast and engaging. The result is an uplifting, energizing song that’s perfect for facing the day with a smile on your face. You’ll want to add this track to your playlist for road trips with friends.

#6 The Days – Avicii



This feel-good song is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s full of so much youthful energy you can practically hear it rushing through the guitar strings into the body of Robbie Williams to inspire his irrepressible vocals.

#7 Jubel – Klingande



The sexy saxophone riff makes this song memorable. Add that to the dreamy uncredited vocals by Lucie Decarne and you’ve got the ingredients for a hit.

#8 In Your Arms – Nico & Vinz



This upbeat number is powered by acoustic guitar and a sincere, understated vocal performance. This happy song will surely chase away the blues. Bravery, energy and the love of life will bring you back to yourself.

#9 Talk is Cheap – Chet Faker



Chet Faker is a master at combining R&B and soul-influenced electronic music. Talk is Cheap offers a soulful hum, husky low-pitched vocals and an extraordinary beat. After “No Diggity,” this is a perfect shot…and a perfect addition to the best songs of 2014.

#10 Don’t Wanna Dance – MØ



This track from MØ’s debut album features distant calling vocals and some underlying synth. The result is playful, exuberant and fun to listen to.

#11 Seasons (Waiting on You) – Future Islands



Future Islands has made “Seasons” a must for a lazy Sunday mornings. There’s a twang to the vocals, but you don’t have to be a country fan to get goose bumps from this pop song’s irresistible soaring hook. This bittersweet song will make you reminisce about people you used to know.

#12 Blue Moon – Beck



“Blue Moon” is poignant and hopeful, beautiful and haunting, peppered with bits and pieces of folksy melancholia. It’s a lonely song at its heart, but it’s still full of love for others. It shows Beck at his best and underscores his amazing song-writing skills.

#13 Delorean Dynamite – Todd Terje



Norwegian DJ Terje gives us a retro electronic odyssey that could have come from an Alan Parsons Project album from the 1970s. This upbeat track combines juicy synth sounds with a beat that will put a skip in your step.

#14 Kelly – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart



You’ve got to love an indie-pop band with sufficient soul to call itself The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. “Kelly” combines joyful guitar play with understated vocals. This song’s like the soundtrack to a spring morning’s walk through Central Park.

#15 Give Me Back My Hometown – Eric Church



This heartfelt ballad eschews language at its climax. A blue voice that weeps over everything it has lost touches us powerfully. Eric Church can’t hide behind his persona as a rough country boy anymore. With “Give Me Back My Hometown” he is revealed as a poet. End of story.

#16 Out of the Black – Neneh Cherry feat. Robyn



Followers of Neneh Cherry’s career learn to expect the unexpected. This duet with R&B singer Robyn certainly qualifies. It’s a mellow, downtempo pop song that transforms itself into a bizarre chant. It’s the perfect way to entertain yourself while lying in bed.

#17 Tough Love – Jessie Ware



Jessie Ware has a flair for love songs. Her resonant voice can tend toward the shrill, but it’s poignant too, somehow. Every line sounds heartfelt. In “Tough Love,” that voice soars above subtly powerful hooks, expressive synth touches and echoing drumbeats. Chalk up another uniquely powerful love song for Jessie Ware.

20 Romantic Songs to Rekindle Your Belief in Love

There’s nothing like a love song to bring you closer to your guy. These tracks are here to remind you how precious love is and how lucky you are to have that special someone in your life.

#1 All of me – John Legend



John Legend knows how to get to the heart of love. He expresses it through a passionately tuned blend of vocals, beat and melody. The video wraps it all up with a bow and hands it over like a Valentine’s Day present. Pure perfection!

#2 You and I (Nobody in the World) – John Legend



Yes, another John Legend song. When it comes to romance, he’s just that good. This song is about empowering yourself and fighting for true love. You can relate to that no matter who you are, where you live and what you want from life. Find that perfect guy to love you all the way to old age’s finish line. Oh, one more thing: The video will surely make you cry.

#3 Your Girl– Tourist



“Your Girl” is based on a lovingly mesmerizing sound and beat. Add a blurry, sexy background vocal and you’ve got a romantic hit.

#4 Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran



This is what love means. This is what romance is. Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” is a masterpiece of a love anthem. ’Nuff said.

#5 Dear Darling – Olly Murs



There’s nothing more romantic than the moment a man breaks down and confesses his love. In this song Olly Murs lets his guard fall and begs his ex to return. The powerful vocals carry the song, but honestly, it’s the lyrics that make this one special. Turn off the music and just whisper the lyrics, Olly – we’re ready to forgive everything.

#6 Dernière Danse – Indila



This irresistibly listenable pop song was number one on the French charts for weeks. It quickly gained listeners from all around the globe and gave this year a sweet touch of Indila’s operatic, earth-shattering vocals. We don’t speak French, but it sounds romantic to us.

#7 Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande and The Weeknd



Ariana Grande has never sounded sexier than in this sweet love song. This collaboration with The Weeknd plays to her vocal strengths and combines her plaintive voice with a danceable chorus. Don’t miss the super-sexy video.

#8 Simplethings – Miguel



“Simplethings” was selected as part of the soundtrack to season three of HBO’s “Girls.” The tune combines elegant simplicity, tinned guitar riffs, midtempo percussion and vocals that display a confident sexiness. Miguel reminds us of the joy of simple things in a world of status symbols, money, empty achievements and lust for the limelight.

#9 No Rest for the Wicked – Lykke Li



Wistful, tortured and gorgeous in its bleak majesty, Lykke Li’s song is a lesson in heartbreak. The piano is perfect, the strings lend soul, but ultimately it is Li’s powerful vocals that make this anthem inspire us to conquer sorrow and fight for love.

#10 Murmurs – Hundred Waters



Nicole Miglis’s angelic vocals mix with varying textures and rhythms in this soulful confection. The throbbing bass adds the perfect touch to this melancholic ode to love.

#11 Go – Grimes feat. Blood Diamonds



Originally written for Rihanna, “Go” has a unique deep house beat tuned up with a high-pitched clear vocal. It’s hard to listen without imagining how Rihanna’s take might have been different, but try to put that out of your mind. This version is perfect just as it is.

#12 Palace – The Antlers



Song after song, the Antlers display a keen appetite for experimentation. This time they deliver a reassuring, cuddly ballad that will relax your every muscle. Turn up the volume and give yourself to the music.

#13 West Coast – Lana Del Rey



Nobody sings a blues grind like Lana Del Rey. This pop ballad of love gone wrong is a perfect match for her breathy voice.

#14 I’m Not the Only One – Sam Smith



Heartbreaking. A cheating spouse makes a brokenhearted, lovelorn confession in this simple, heartfelt song. The piano is a perfect match for Smith’s powerful, ear-stroking vocals.

#15 Only Love Can Hurt Like This – Paloma Faith



Paloma Faith unabashedly channels Amy Winehouse in this bluesy take on the dark side of love. The brass section backs up the drums on rhythm as violins float lightly over the melody. But it is Faith’s voice that is the star here.

#16 Ghost – Ella Henderson



This addictively listenable tale of lost love does its job of making us want more Ella Henderson. Is this song so great because of her talent or because hit-maker Simon Cowell hand-picked a song for her and made sure it was produced flawlessly? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. This song’s a winner.

#17 Louder – Neon Jungle



Neon Jungle has become a megaforce in the pop world, and this cut shows why. We can’t stop listening to this edgy, triumphant power ballad.

#18 XO – Beyoncé



“XO” is an adrenalized mash note in which Queen Bey combines the bombastic power of Ryan Tedder with the sweetness of The Dream. This song speaks to lovers everywhere. It’s a reminder that we go through life only once, so we should take hold of love when we can.

#19 Let Your Hair Down – Magic



The phrase “Canadian fusion reggae band” doesn’t do much to raise the prospective listener’s expectations. But when the band is Magic, the music is…well, magic. This simple love song is sure to enchant any woman. Play the song, run your fingers through her hair and tell her how special she is.

#20 Me and My Broken Heart – Rixton



You are forgiven for thinking this was a Maroon 5 song the first couple times you heard it. Rixton vocalist Jake Roche does sound more than a bit like Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. But this song succeeds on its own merits, demonstrating that the music biz is big enough for two high-pitched pop-rockers.

19 Uptempo Songs That Will Drive You to the Dance Floor

Heartache and tears are fine, but sometimes you just want to go out, throw your arms in the air and dance. These songs are just what you need to get your groove on.

#1 Happy – Pharrell Williams



This extraordinarily happy song is one of the most compulsively danceable tunes of the past decade. If you’re not happy, give this track a listen – or better yet, watch the cheerful video. Dance. Love your life. Share the vibe.

#2 Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay



When you want dance music, you probably don’t think of Coldplay. But this song combines the band’s essential chilled-out soul with a beat that works on the dance floor. Don’t let the low-key beginning fool you…this is a dance song. From Coldplay!

#3 #Selfie – The Chainsmokers



Being dull, stupid and superficial doesn’t mean you can’t be popular! This novelty song is full of irony, sarcasm and mockery of the superficial women you’ll recognize from your last night at the clubs. The song has become a surprise hit, and you can’t visit a club or hit a party without hearing it at least once.

#4 Summer – Calvin Harris



“Summer” is so simple it takes us back to the 70s when the beat and melody balance was all you needed for a club hit. “Summer” is one of those rare dance tunes that matter because of the vocals. Enjoy Calvin Harris’s sexy voice – but don’t stop dancing!

#5 I Got U – Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones



Deep house beat, beautiful female vocals, sexy background vocals and a cheerful entertaining melody. This song’s got it all. Don’t think, just dance.

#6 Fancy – Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX



Charli XCX contributes a catchy chorus to Iggy Azalea’s celebration of female empowerment. Azalea’s polarizing music is impossible to ignore. And you’ll probably find it impossible to keep your seat when the DJ cues this one up.

#7 Freaks – Timmy Trumpet and Savage



“Freaks” has all the makings of a novelty song like LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” But there’s a real song here too, buried under the SFX and trumpet solos. “Freaks” sounds like a marching band trying to tear down a dance club, and that’s okay with us.

#8 Problem – Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea



This exuberant, gotta-dance tune is a collaboration between two of the year’s most exciting and listenable artists. Grande’s voice soars, while Azalea’s raps prevent the song from sounding like it came from Madonna’s 1990s back-catalog. Hat-tip to Big Sean for the urgent whispered raps that add a little much-needed testosterone to the mix.

#9 Shake it Off – Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift tells off her naysayers in this undeniably entertaining uptempo dance tune. We love the trend of augmenting the electric bass with a real tuba. It’s just one of the ingredients that make this song so addictive.

#10 Come Get It Bae – Pharrell Williams



Miley Cyrus and Tori Kelly add uncredited vocals to the irrepressible funk of Pharrell’s ode to putting a hot, throbbing machine between your legs. When Pharrell asks, “You want to ride my motorcycle?” you know he’s not talking about a real motorcycle…but yeah, why not take a ride anyway?

#11 Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj



Female empowerment is where it’s at in this compulsively danceable effort from three of music’s biggest stars. This song is evidence that Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj could form a heck of a pop supergroup if they ever find their solo careers fizzling. These girls tease us, please us and make us get up on our feet.

#12 All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor



Meghan Trainor has suffered a stream of criticism in the wake of the “All About That Bass” song and video, but the bottom line is that this cheerful tune is all about empowering women. You are perfect just the way you are – so let’s hit the dance floor! Trainor’s message of self-acceptance is wrapped up in an infectious beat to form a powerful (and extra-cute) whole.

#13 Wrapped Up – Olly Murs feat. Travie McCoy



There’s nothing like having a crush on someone. Olly Murs knows just what that’s about, and he’s expressed it in one of the year’s most danceable tunes. We’ve all felt it…now we can dance to it!

#14 I Will Never Let You Down – Rita Ora



The Calvin Harris-produced “I Will Never Let You Down” is a summer single so resplendent and brimming with vintage 80s pop brio that it’s like a shot of joy. Irresistible.

#15 Jealous (I Ain’t With It) – Chromeo



Montreal funk veterans Chromeo created the biggest hit of their career with this uptempo dance tune. It’s got everything you need to get you moving: synth-pop, guitar and cheerful vocals. On your feet, everyone!

#16 Boom Clap – Charli XCX



The beat makes this a dance tune, but it’s also a soulful love song. “Boom Clap” is so touching it appears on the soundtrack of “The Fault in Our Stars,” a movie with so much emotional power it draws tears and smiles from anyone who wanders past a theater where it is playing. This goodtime song won’t make you cry, but it will probably make you dance.

#17 Party Animal – Gucci Mane (Hudson Mohawke Remix)



Load this track into an old-style boom box, roll down the car windows and drive. Rap was never so danceable.

#18 Belly of the Beast – Gazelle Twin



Freaky vocalist Elizabeth Bernholz sets the tone for this terrifying yet beautiful track about a fight for what’s yours. The low-frequency beat and synth touches make this song eerie and unforgettable, unscrupulous and daring. Yeah. We’d dance to that.

#19 Stolen Dance – Milky Chance



This unconventional German duo has turned a rolling guitar line into a great hit! Milky Chance hasn’t hit the big-time yet, but if this listenable, danceable song is any indication, they’ll be headliners soon. You’ve got to check it out.

16 Awesome Remixes to Make You Listen With New Ears

Even the greatest songs get tired after repeated listenings. We are lucky to live in an era when talented producers and DJs can reconfigure existing songs to conform to bold new visions. At their best, remixes not only breathe new life into old songs but surpass the originals in emotional content.

#1 Animals – Martin Garrix (Oliver Heldens remix)



Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens started with a piece of art, then transformed it by spicing it up with a techie deep house vibe.

#2 Love Sublime – Tensnake feat. Nile Rodgers and Fiora (Duke Dumont remix)



Assign Duke Dumont remix duties and you’ll get a bouncy dance-floor essential.

#3 Bound 2 – Kanye West (Sigma bootleg) Kanye West



Sigma beefed up the drum and bass to add warmth to Kanye’s collision of rap and sweet romance. The result is even better than the original.

#4 Stay With Me – Sam Smith (Throttle remix)



Imagine being pulled by a thin thread of melancholy in the washing machine of love. This song will pull at heartstrings you never knew you had. A backing gospel choir and smooth, velvety vocals and there you go – a true hit!

#5 Pushing On – Oliver $ and Jimi Jules (Jesse Rose “Live From the Villa” remix)



Jet-setters will long remember “Pushing On” as the most frequently shazamed single of Ibiza’s 2014 dance season. This sexy, reworked version from Jesse Rose may guarantee the tune a spot on next year’s dance floors too.

#6 Prayer In C – Lilly Wood & The Prick with Robin Schulz (Robin Schulz remix)



Listen to this tune just once. You will fall in love with it and hum it all day long – wait and see. The remix balances the super-catchy melody with a peaceful, balanced beat. Fantastic.

#7 Jungle – X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons feat. Jay-Z (Jay-Z remix)



You probably remember “Jungle” as the unofficial anthem of the 2014 World Cup. Jay-Z’s rap makes the remix even more provocative.

#8 Gecko (Overdrive) – Oliver Heldens x Becky Hill (Matrix & Futurebound remix)



Dutch super-producers Matrix & Futurebound have transformed this song into a club hit that will keep everyone jumping.

#9 Frontin’ – Pharrell Williams feat. Jay-Z (Disclosure rework)



You won’t be able to stop playing it. Disclosure gives Pharrell’s song a special zest, spirit and charm.

#10 Tennis Court – Lorde (Flume remix)



This track is completely epic. Flume killed it! Can you believe this remix generated more than a million streams in just 24 hours?

#11 Left Alone – Flume feat. Chet Faker (Ta-ku remix)



Ta-ku transforms “Left Alone” into something powerfully and unexpectedly aggressive and turbulent – an explosion of the senses! This song is the perfect soundtrack to activities that engage your senses and leave you wrung out, covered in sweat. Maybe you can think of something.

#12 Red Lights – Tiësto (Fred Falke remix)



This song is upbeat but somehow completely benign, without a shred of aggression. It’s a real smoothie that incorporates a magical beat and a perfectly matching colorful melody.

#13 My Love – Route 94 feat. Jess Glynne (Patrick Hagenaar Colour Code Club remix)



Raise your hands up and dance. That’s the only reasonable response to a perfectly realized dance tune. Don’t resist. Just do it.

#14 All of Me – John Legend (Tiësto remix)



“All of Me” is a model of perfection. It’s hard to imagine that a remix could spoil such a simple, clearly presented love song. In Tiësto’s hands the song becomes more intense but no less heartfelt.

#15 Often – The Weeknd (Kygo remix)



This song started sexy, and Kygo’s remix makes it spicier, more savory and ultimately more pleasurable. It’s a perfect appetizer for hot foreplay.

#16 Minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] – Aphex Twin



This quirky, frothy concoction is the brainchild of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin. James played the original version of the song at a festival in 2007 and it has been under wraps ever since. The “Minipops” in the title is apparently a reference to the Korg Mini Pops synthesizer. Take time to listen to this freaky, misbalanced, silly track…it will grow on you.

What Do You Think?

That’s our list of 2014’s 100 best songs. What did we miss? Drop us a line in the comments.


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