Clever Tips On How To Decorate A Small Bathroom

Everyone dealing with small bathroom stress can enlarge the area naturally. Put these easy and clever how to decorate a small bathroom tips to good use.

Everyone dealing with small bathroom stress can enlarge the area naturally. Put these easy and clever how to decorate a small bathroom tips to good use.

Inside home and apartments, it’s difficult to rearrange the bathroom layout. A homeowner’s undersized bathroom rarely contains an unnecessary wall to tear down for space expansion.

Renters have too many restrictions in how to decorate a small bathroom due to the property owner’s demands. Therefore, homeowners and renters must accept the space as-is.

While a small bathroom will remain small, you can change the small feeling upon entry and exit. A tight space is hard to maneuver, but these tips contained in this article will expand the space visually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.



The way paint can make a space small, large, tall, or short with a color change is impressive. However, choosing a bathroom color is a big responsibility as not all colors will click.

The bathroom is a serene and relaxing spa-like environment. The best colors are neutrals like white, beige, brown, tan, and gray. Honorable mentions include pastels like purple and cool colors like blue and green.

Paint the ceiling the same color to expand the eye upward. Incorporate the color into the flooring and shower tile. A unified space looks visually larger.

A nifty trick to try is to choose a paint color in two different shades. An example is sky blue and light blue. Paint longer walls the darker shade. Paint shorter length walls the lighter shade.

For sky blue and light blue, paint the longer wall light blue; paint the shorter wall sky blue. This two-shade combination works great on rectangular-shaped bathrooms. It widens the space visually.

Get bold with paint and try vertical stripes. Vertical stripes from ceiling to floor will make the space taller. Choose two serene colors and rotate.

Thin stripes look better in bathrooms than thick strips. Paint the ceiling one or both colors to unify the ceiling and the wall’s color scheme. On the floor, match tiles to the stripes by incorporating those colors into the flooring. Splash some wall color into the shower tiles as well.

An alternate how to decorate a small bathroom tip is to use wallpaper. The best wallpapers are white or light colors. Choose a calming and relaxing design, not a stressful and confusing one. Bring some of the wallpaper colors to the ceiling, floor, and shower tile.

Supplemental accessories

Unify the accessories to the bathroom color scheme. Without making the space junky, bring flowers and wall art into the bathroom. Both bring life and character to a dull and boring space.

Ensure wall art does not take up too much wall space; that makes the space smaller. An alternative to wall art is stencils. Draw stencil drawings on the wall and paint on top for a fun result.

small bathroom decor ideas

If possible, decorate the entire wall with stencil drawings for similar results to an accent wall. Less is more with decorative pieces. The point of how to decorate a small bathroom is the bathroom countertop must remain clutter free.

While we’re on the subject, bath mats are convenient for wet feet after a bath or shower. Unfortunately, contrasting colors turn convenient bath mats into a nuisance.

Remove bath mats completely to save space. If bath mats are mandatory, select a bath color matching flooring. That way, the bath mat blends in with the decor instead of sticking out.



A large mirror in a small bathroom sounds like a lot of space eaten up on the wall. Placed in the correct area, mirrors display larger space. Position the mirror right across the bathroom window.

The windows provide light, and as it shines on the mirror, it creates a second mirror. This provides an illusion that the bathroom is larger than it appears.

A second how to decorate a small bathroom idea is positioning the mirror above the sink and ensuring it touches the ceiling. This expands the space vertically. If the mirror cannot touch the ceiling, use bathroom light fixtures above the mirror to complete the space.

Moreover, small mirrors create the same effect. Group a bunch of small mirrors together in the same area to widen the space while being a decorative piece.

Shower doors

Do you know how to decorate a small bathroom with shower doors? What is not acceptable is colored shower doors. Colored shower doors block out the shower part of the room.

This makes the bathroom smaller. Change colored shower doors to clear shower doors. Open or closed, clear shower doors showcase the shower’s interior.

This opens the space immensely. An alternative solution is to use shower curtains. Open the shower curtains when not in use to widen the space.



Nothing says natural light like opening a window and letting the sunshine in. Natural light brightens up dark spaces in a warm and inviting way.

Light also makes the area open and airy upon entering and exiting. Light from bathroom fixtures is an alternate solution as it brightens the space vividly.

Know how to decorate a small bathroom using light. Open up bathroom windows to lighten up dark spaces. If privacy is a preference, use translucent curtains/shades or frosted windows; get the best of both worlds.

Install LED lights or wall sconces underneath vanities. Include a small countertop lamp as a supplement.

Smaller furniture

Large furniture in a small bathroom is not how to decorate a small bathroom. Large bathroom necessities make the area smaller. Opt for smaller necessities to enlarge small bathroom spaces.

Install a shower/tub combo instead of a separate shower and tub. Select small vanities with open shelves or floating shelves instead of traditional vanities. Go toward pedestal sinks instead of a vanity.

Recessed storage


To save space on bathroom storage, gravitate toward recessed medicine cabinets and storage space over medicine cabinets and storage space that stick out.

This enlarges floor space. If recessed storage isn’t possible, add narrow storage space. This storage space is tall and narrow, providing adequate storage for necessities like towels and toiletries. The vertically long, horizontally short shelves streamline the area with no room left for clutter.

Although the size won’t change, these tips will enlarge the bathroom. These tips will transform a small bathroom into the large oasis it should be.

The amazing results guarantee enjoyment and satisfaction. The best news is the listed projects fit all price ranges. Splurge or become frugal with the renovation.

In addition, let this article encourage supplemental creativity about how to decorate a small bathroom. What are you waiting on? Reinvent the minuscule space now.

Do you have additional tips on how to decorate a small bathroom? Share those tips below. Our readers appreciate shared information. While you’re sharing decorating tips, share this information with friends and followers on your social media profiles.

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