Start 2014 On A High By Reading The Longest Ride

New Year. It’s a time for positivity, new beginnings and, of course, new books! Beginning 2014 by reading The Longest Ride is sure to start your year on a high.

With the new year fast approaching, chances are we’re all looking for something to bring us luck and good fortune in 2014. While there’s no magic wand we can wave to make all our lives perfect and bring us untold happiness, riches and luck, we can gift ourselves with positive thoughts and watch as they grow into happiness in the months to come. To think positive, we need something to inspire us and captivate our hearts and what could do this better than a book, we ask?

The Longest Ride is a novel that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. From the New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sparks, creator of The Notebook, The Lucky One and The Last Song, comes a novel that will inspire you, make you fall in love and break your heart all at once.

The Story…


This charming tale revolves around the two couples and follows their stories until they inevitable cross paths and bring our beloved heroes together.

Firstly, we’re introduced to ninety-one year old Ira Levinson and his wife Ruth. Ira, having been involved in a car crash, is in a critical condition. He’s struggling to hold on to both his consciousness and his mind. In his muddled state, an image of his beloved and long since dead wife, Ruth, appears before him. She’s encouraging him to hang on, to live, and  lovingly recounts their years together to him. She takes Ira and the reader back through the many joys and sorrows of their life, allows him to re-experience the second world war and remember how they held on to each other in the dark days and reminds him of the trials and wonders of family life.

Just a few miles down the road lives Sophia Danko, a college senior. Sophia is recovering from a breakup but soon enough her path crosses with that of Luke. He’s rugged, he’s handsome and he’s living a life far removed from Sophia’s privileged school life. The reader joins the pair and watches as they fall hopelessly in love. Soon enough, Sophia is imagining an entirely new and tantalizing future for herself, a future with Luke, but little does she know he’s keeping a secret that threatens to destroy her dreams.

Two couples, two generations, two entirely different sets of circumstances and experiences, yet these two heartwarming pairs are about to collide in the most unexpected and shocking of ways.

Why You Should Read It

It’s rare that a book filled with this much passion, romance and thrilling twists comes along. While books often touch our hearts by bringing a smile to our face or a tear to our eyes, it’s not often that a book can make us feel just about every emotion possible. Somehow, Nicholas Sparks has managed this feat time and time again and, with The Longest Ride, he’s successfully done it again.

This is a fiercely passionate tale that will leave you a sobbing mess yet wanting to stand up and shout as you root for each couple and are drawn deeper into their lives. There will be pages when you’re overjoyed and chapters where you wish you hadn’t bothered with mascara but ultimately The Longest Ride will leave you inspired, thrilled and warm with love.

About The Author


If this is the first you’re hearing of Nicholas Sparks, we suggest you fix that by rushing out and buying as many of his books as you can find. He’s an author that every woman should read and has been churning out book after fabulous book for years, warming our hearts and inevitably causing our tears.

He’s written eleven number one New York Times bestsellers and been an international hit, selling millions of copies of his books around the globe. You’ve probably heard of movies, if not seen them, such as The Notebook and Safe Haven which also started out life as books of his.

He’s an author I cannot recommend highly enough to women everywhere.

If you want to start 2014 on a high then read The Longest Ride. It’s passionate, inspiring, heartwarming and heartbreaking. We can’t promise there won’t be tears (there probably will be!) but we can promise this book will hold a special place in your heart for years to come. If you haven’t already, you’ll no doubt be spending endless nights lost in all of Sparks’ other books once you’ve read this one too.


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