The Most Creative Romantic Christmas Gifts

Looking for a romantic gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this season? Look no further.

You want to give someone something special, but you’ve run out of ideas or you aren’t a millionaire so the ideas you have don’t match your budget.

It’s quite tempting to think that the most romantic gift of all would be to fly someone to Paris to walk around the Christmas markets while sipping hot wine, then spend the night in some little chateau or a hotel especially designed for sensory delights (yes, one such hotel does exist in Paris). And it would. It would be terribly romantic—so romantic, you’d potentially swoon. While saving up money for Paris though, there are plenty of other things you can do.

In fact, I got so frustrated by people’s lack of ideas for romantic gifts that are personal that I set up an entire business around it. It’s called Magique, but as our gifts won’t be ready until Valentine’s, let me share some secrets with you about how to create great gifts.

Rule Number One: Make a Gift Personal

They told you that in their letter to Santa this year that they asked for a toaster because they need a toaster. A toaster, unfortunately, is about as personal as…nothing—nor is it very romantic. Even if they asked for something romantic, it might not be personal. So, let’s have a look at how to make it both romantic and personal.

How to Make a Gift Personal


Let’s have a look at the example with the toaster.

First of all, what colors do they like? What kind of style do they like? Make sure to find a toaster in a color and style they like.

You could, alternatively, opt for a toaster that comes with personalized notes. That’s to say: it burns notes into your toast. You write whatever note you fancy that day and it will toast your bread so that it ends up with the note inscribed into the toast.

There are also some prototypes for image and scanner toasters that print everything on your toast from the weather report to a relevant image from Google news of the day. Other existing toasters already on the market include ones that print specific images like Darth Vader, for instance.

If you’re on a budget and do not want to fork out for a Star Wars toaster, you can personalize it in other ways.

  • Add your “secret” toast recipe whether it’s what to put on the toast or a recipe to bake bread to toast.
  • Write a rhyme about your gift that’s both funny and romantic.
  • Put 365 romantic notes in a jar—one to read each morning while eating the toast.
  • Add a personalized mug for their coffee/tea and some speciality coffee/tea to go with it.
  • Add a personalized plate to serve their toast on.
  • Wrap it up romantically: there are a ton of ideas for how to wrap gifts on Pinterest.
  • Deliver it with a romantic card.

The same applies if they ask for socks, tickets to a baseball game, or a hammer—think about creative ways of personalizing it.

Small Romantic Gifts


You’re broke and it’s Christmas. Perfect. How do you put together a romantic gift on a budget?

Always start with their personality in mind and what they love. If they love astronomy, a little poem about the stars, together with a trip to the observatory followed by a picnic under the stars is a great idea.

You can also make mini gift baskets. Say they love coffee. You buy them one or two small packages of speciality coffee, a personalized/unique cup, chocolate to pair with the coffee and, like with the toaster, you can make a jar with notes, so they can enjoy one with each cup of coffee. Simple.

A bottle of massage oil, a bunch of naughty or nice love cheques (IOUs) and a candle can work well too. After all, wouldn’t they love a massage from you?

Bigger Romantic Gifts

This is really the same as the smaller ones: you put together things you know your partner would love—things especially tailored to their personality—only now you can spend a lot more money doing so.

Romantic Christmas Dates

Dates don’t have to cost the world, in fact, a lot of them can be super cheap, and it’s always a gift to spend time with someone you love—possibly the best gift of all.

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