The Bowen Technique: Best Of Holistic Healing

When it comes to pressure point healing, the first thing that comes to mind is- acupuncture. And the needles! If you want the same results without all the poking we suggest you try the Bowen Technique!

Have you heard about Bowen technique? It’s a holistic healing technique consisting of gentle thumb or forefinger pressure that resembles a massage. It’s widely known as a Bowen massage, even though it is not really a massage.

The technique is unique because it is characterized by two minute pauses between moves during which the therapist leaves the room. It is said that these periods of absence make the Bowen Technique so beneficial, because the whole technique takes effect during those two minutes. A lot of people who have tried it say that it’s been really helpful.

Here are top 4 benefits of Bowen Technique:

1. No More Back Pain

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Most people turn to Bowen Technique for back pain. We all sit for too long and exercise too little, which results in back pain. We suffer consequences of back injuries throughout our whole life. Regardless of the origin of your back pain, the Bowen Technique is said to help a lot.

You need to follow certain instructions that apply to every type of Bowen Technique, such as to take a 15 to 20 minute walk after each session and not to undergo any other treatment at the same time. People have reported that even after the first treatment their back pain was significantly reduced and that continuous therapy has released them from pain altogether. This is not just regarding back pains, but all types of temporal or chronic pains caused by sports injuries, or any other muscle or bone injuries.

2. Alternative Acupuncture

If you think you could benefit from acupuncture but you’re afraid of needles, try the Bowen Technique. It stimulates the meridians on your body and circulation of energy in certain acupuncture spots. It could help you the same way acupuncture does, just without the needles.

People reported that Bowen Technique helped them with their allergies, ear infections, menstrual pain, headaches and even some complications during pregnancy. It is also said to be helpful with panic attacks, bed wetting in children and adults alike, and fibromyalgia, among other things. So, if you’re not into acupuncture but you’re into benefits it gives, the Bowen Technique is the right thing for you.

3. Stress Relief

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Maybe the biggest benefit of the Bowen Technique is stress relief. We are all under a lot of stress between our jobs, our home and family and we really do need something to reduce that stress. Well, the Bowen Technique gives wonderful results.

You will enjoy a gentle touch of the therapist performing the Bowen Technique. During the session, you will wear light clothes and no oils will be applied to your skin. Those who have undergone the Bowen therapy said that they felt completely relaxed and charged with positive energy after the treatment. So, you feel stressed? The Bowen Technique could help.

4. Immediate Results

The Bowen Technique gives immediate results. You usually feel better even after the first treatment and need only 2-3 treatments. The whole point of the treatment is that it is supposed to help your body learn how to heal itself, so you don’t need many repeated therapies.

However, you need to follow certain rules in order for your treatment to work and that’s the so called Three Ws – Walk, Water, and Wait. Take a 15-20 minute walk after every treatment and every day until the next treatment. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day and wait at least one week before you start doing any heavy lifting or before you have any type of physical work.

So, if you want to be pain free, relaxed and you want results right away – try the Bowen Technique. It might be just what you were looking for.

If you’ve already tried it, please share your experience.

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