Top 9 Greatest Commercials Of All Time

Some commercials go down in history for their effectiveness in communicating a message whether through beauty, imagery, or wow factor. Here are some of the best commercials of all time.

We’ve all watched that one commercial that made us stop and think, maybe even cry. Others have had us in stitches. Yet others have made us marvel at their sexiness. Commercials, throughout the years, have enticed people to buy products and to help causes. I’ve gathered some of the best ones for you.


Ever feared a loved one would smell the unpleasant scent of your poop, after a visit to the bathroom? Even worse, ever feared a potential lover would smell it before you’ve seduced him?

If you have, you’re not alone. And with those horrid “en-suite” bathrooms, no one goes safe these days. You practically have to bring your own air freshener to protect yourself. And that’s where Poo-Pourri comes into the picture. They created an air freshener that guarantees to eliminate the poop smell. Before your lover has a chance to smell it.

Smell Like a Man, Man – Old Spice

It’s hard to resist this commercial. Whilst targeted to men who want to be the prince in someone’s life, it’s written as though it was targeted to women. Possibly because they wanted the women to buy their men Old Spice products (like shampoos) to smell, like, well, men. In a word, this series of commercial is hilarious.

’Twas the Night Before Christmas…

…and West Jet decided to hand out presents to all their passengers. Before people boarded, they told Santa what they most wanted for Christmas. When they went to pick up their luggage at arrivals, they got their presents… If that’s not an ingenious marketing stunt, what is?

PC vs. Mac

Apple grew their market share by 42% when they launched this campaign. Need I say more? Apart from, I’m a Mac.


Whilst on the topic of Apple – they also had an epic commercial launched at the Super Bowl called “1984,” just like a certain George Orwell book. And whilst it could be argued that Apple is part of the progress of technology that makes us all scared of the scenario of surveillance found in 1984, Apple still refuse hacking their own phones in order to help the FBI. Their argument? Once that technology exists, no one is safe.

Nescafé Gold

Back in 1987 Nescafé screened their first commercial in the UK about Tony and Sharon, who fall in love over coffee. You followed the couple as they met (as neighbors), confused each other’s friends for being lovers (oh the jealousy!) and so forth. Each commercial ended with a cliff hanger.

People who grew up in the 90’s may just have had an obsession with this series of commercials. Ahem. (And I wasn’t alone – there’s even a Wikipedia page about it)

Gevalia – When You Get an Unexpected Visitor

Being Swedish has its advantages – not only was I practically raised to drink coffee, I also had the Gevalia commercials to help draw me into the world of coffee.

Because who can resist the temptation of unexpected visitors who always turn out to be rather charming? Not I. So I got the coffee brewing. Though admittedly, there are better coffees than Gevalia, but rarely have I seen better commercials. They became a Swedish sensation. And lucky for you, they don’t require translation.

Shockingly Effective UK Commercials

Not all commercials are fun and games, as some of the commercials in the UK have shown us. Some commercials are created, not to advertise a product, but to ensure that people check their smoke alarms and thereby prevent fires that can kill people. Other commercials are created to ensure people learn first aid, so as to help people survive accidents. The commercials gathered in this video are particularly effective…and sometimes scary.

Coca-Cola – the Interactive Commercial

Coca-Cola has created some of the most epic commercials of all time. From their Christmas commercials centered around family values that touch most hearts, to their 007 commercials that made people in Britain run around like spies. Literally. You see, Coca-Cola had its drink machines hand people challenges to solve in 70 seconds. They then filmed the people solving the challenged. The results were…astounding. You won’t believe what people will put themselves through to win a ticket to see Bond, James Bond…

Humor, sex appeal, doing crazy things in public, funny love stories and truly touching commercials are the ones that seem to win our hearts. And minds.

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