3 Tips on How to Avoid Overspending

How to avoid overspending is a problem that many of us have to deal with in certain periods of our lives. If it occurs occasionally, consequences may be imperceptible, but if overspending becomes a constant habit, then we really need to find ways to stop it. Overspending does not only damage our budget, but makes us filled up with things that we don’t really need.

Getting rid of this compulsive habit might seem impossible, especially at those moments when we find ourselves with a wallet that’s been emptied in a flash. However, with one small effort and just a little willingness to try, everything can be done.

Take a look at the following tips and find out how to avoid overspending!

1. Never Go Shopping When Depressed or With an Empty Stomach

Overspending is just like overeating. We often do it to fill up inner emptiness or to suppress dissatisfactions, even though we know that these momentary consolations are absolutely false and incomplete.

Therefore, rule number one is to never go shopping when depressed! You will only risk buying a whole lot of unnecessary little things or spending huge amount of money on expensive accessories that you will never use. If you really cannot avoid buying something, go to a store only after you have determined the amount of money you can spend and bring with you. Definitely try to avoid going window shopping with your wallet in your purse and never keep company to a friend while she’s trying on clothes or selecting items in a shop.

Going grocery shopping on an empty stomach may also be extremely devastating for your budget. Feeling hungry will make you fill up your grocery cart with all sorts of unhealthy concoctions, unnecessary sauces, pre-made meals and frozen products. Is all that really indispensable in your kitchen? Of course it isn’t.

2. Find Amazing New Clothes Without Spending a Cent

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Organize gatherings with friends where each of you will bring accessories and clothes that you don’t wear anymore or other home objects, which you no longer use. Transform your house into a store for one whole afternoon and have fun trying on new clothes and scarves and exploring all other types of different things. You will end up with beautiful new dresses, sweaters and fabulous bags, without spending a cent!

If you are a plant lover, instead of buying many cheap or ultra expensive plants, try taking cuttings from a friend or ask your neighbors if you can pinch some from their gardens. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to watch them grow and soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by flowers without having spent anything for them.

Furthermore, you can always have a pleasure of reading something, just by exchanging old books and magazines with friends instead of overspending in bookstores.

3. Explore Flea Markets and Second Hand Shops – They are Fun and Cheap!

Flea markets and second hand shops are great low-cost options and fabulous places to renew your wardrobe, refurnish your house and satisfy your need of buying new things, without overspending.

You will find nice used and cheap furniture and have fun repainting it. You will discover superb cloths that you wouldn’t be able to find even in shops and they will not cost much. And above all, you will fill up your bags with plenty of interesting things without completely emptying your pocket!

Second hand shops are also a great option to make some extra money and get rid of all those things that you don’t need anymore. Many of these stores will buy your old clothes and objects, offering a descent amount of money or allowing you to exchange them for other things.

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